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Description of TODAI: Easy Japanese News

TODAI Reader - Easy Japanese - Easy Life

This app lets you read, listen, watch daily news and JLPT reading practice free with NHK NEWS WEB EASY, CNN, MBC, etc in a very simple Japanese.

News provided by NHK NEWS WEB EASY, CNN, MBC, etc always updated so you do not miss anything.

A huge database of 31076 Japanese articles, 173386 vocabularies, 6355 kanji, 169736 examples, and over 2000 grammar will help you master Japanese.

Main features:

- Reading Japanese news with full add-ons: hide the furigana, highlight important words in the article, underline the vocabulary by JLPT level N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1; analyze the grammar structure of the article, change the font size.

- Listen audio: adjust audio speed, change the reading voice.

- Watch the video: practice listening and learning Japanese culture.

- Translate article: you can practice the translation of the article yourself or refer to other user's translations.

- Listen and repeat practice listening and pronunciation skills.

- Words review: see the list of words in the article, practice with the flashcard.

- Dictionary: look up any vocabulary in the article.

- Difficult news: challenge yourself with advanced articles.

- JLPT: take the test with full level, standard test with the structure like a real exam.

- Music video: learn Japanese with music.

- Offline mode: Learn Japanese offline, you can read news events no have a network. So you will reduce the cost of the 3G/4G connection.

Best Japanese learning apps reading, listening, speaking skills.

It will suit JLPT N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1 levels.

Let's download and share it with your friends.

Thank you.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:3.8.7 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Mobile Learning

User Reviews


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Nalu 2020-12-27

This app is absolutely amazing. It helps me to better remember and read on my level. And if you\'re stuck on something, you can always click to see what it means, with examples. The articles are short, so not too overwhelming, and there\'s hiragana above the kanji, as far as I can tell on my level, that allows the reader to actually read the kanji if they dont already know it. All in all, amzong app. 5/5, would definitely reccomend if you\'re learning Japanese, and learn about Japan,what\'s going on
Brandi Cook 2021-02-12

PERFECT If you\'re not sure whether or not to get this app,,, get it! Trust me! It has so many features perfect for learning and practicing your Japanese. Best of all, you can use everything in the app for free! It makes me want to buy premium just to support the creators of this app. The UI is very easy to use and appealing, the Kanji lookup is easy (and even has N5-N1 levels underlined), and there\'s AUDIO for the articles. Update: I bought Premium. It\'s 50% off and I use this app a lot. I wish there was a desktop app like this too <3 I love it so much thank you guys.
Nikolay Egov 2021-01-28

This is such an amazing and useful app! I abosuletly love it. It\'s designed nicely and works great. It offers a variety of settings for all levels. Articles are useful and well presented. The dictionary is awesome. Ads are unobtrusive and not expensive to get rid of completely. It\'s a great help for a beginner learner such as myself. Thank you so much
Nicole BY 2021-01-04

I ❤❤❤ everything about this app: it\'s very easy to use, packed with useful features and perfect for self-study. The selection of news topics is interesting as well and the app is updated with new features being added on a regular basis. I also love that the dev(s) is (are) very responsive and always helpful --any issue, no matter how small, is addressed quickly.
Jonas Herseth 2020-10-01

Good app for reading japanese, but lacks some functionality. First and foremost creating vocab lists while reading cant be done. You have to go to a pane with a list of all the words in the article, and favorite the words from there. You can export the whole word list but not a selection of words. The exported format is nonstandard, with Word first then reading in brackets and a colon separating the meaning. Would benefit from a more standard format like csv.
F. C. 2019-08-13

I’ve been living in Japan for a few years now and hold an N2 certificate but, since I was mainly looking for an app that would help me practicing reading (i.e. improve speed) and keeping updated with the news at the same time, I set the app for N3 level. However, I’m pretty sure I got the intent of this application wrong, for what we get aren’t news in easy Japanese, but more like short news in regular Japanese. I’m pretty sure many of the underlined words aren’t N3 level and actually many of the words and expressions which are not underlined (and therefore cannot be looked up) are way beyond N3 level too. This app is packed with other ‘study features’ that, to be honest, I don’t really care about and think only make the app heavier. It spams you with ‘news’, it takes time to load, it has loads of ads and there’s always the same hint that pops-up whenever you’re actually trying to pick an article. As I said, on top of that the news themselves are quite short and repetitive and can hardly serve as a reference, which is why I will be uninstalling this. I know this app is reviewed as excellent by hundreds of people but, in my opinion, it’s failing to fulfill its main goal.
Karla Hay 2021-01-27

The last time I used this app was over 4 years ago, and it was good, but sort of frustrating to use and I ended up reading Japanese through other means. I wanted to brush up on Japanese this year and decided to give it another try and WOW! this is a completely different experience! For anyone on the fence, download it and give it a try! This is one of the best designed apps I\'ve ever used; amazing QoL additions and wonderful little surprises I didn\'t even know I wanted until I used them! 💯
bird 2020-08-24

The latest version now introduces a limit to the amount of articles you can read when it used to be unlimited. It is quite disappointing because the thing I loved the most about the application was being able to read and learn as much as I wanted to. Other than that it is a good application to practise your reading skills.
JoJo TheModern 2021-02-28

So! Many! Features! In addition to the news articles (which are filled with helpful hints), there are videos with transcripts, a dictionary loaded with sample sentences and grammar instruction, scads of audio files, a flash card function- so much good stuff. I went for life premium during a half-off sale, but honestly it\'s worth full price. This app isn\'t just about the language learning- it turns the grind of memorizing vocabulary and rules into a vivid, powerful experience. 大好き!
Jundi Shalahuddin 2021-03-03

Perfect app for practicing your japanese. They help you enhance your reading comprehension, enrich your vocabulary, improves your listening, even they have speaking exercise. You don\'t need to worry about opening dictionary because you can access each words dictionary in a single tap. You can choose what level of kanji that have their furigana shown. The only thing I need improvement is to keep the news actually up-to-date instead of about a week behind.