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Description of Todorant

Productivity systems fail. Todorant doesn't. Carefully crafted set of limitations and praise teaches the primitive part of the brain to crave productivity like we crave sugar. While other apps focus on storing, organizing and automating endless lists of to-dos, Todorant focuses on what matters: completing tasks.

— No more "projects": this concept never works in the long term (we all have "sport", "self-improvement", "someday maybe" lists that we never open)

— No more dangling to-dos: every task has a date or a month assigned to it

— Focus on what matters: you only see and work on one task at a time after you finish planning

— Benefit from willpower depletion: mark unpleasant tasks as "frogs" and Todorant will make you do them in the morning when you are most likely to complete them

— Be aware: you always know what to do now and when every task will be completed

— Remember *everything*: no more thinking "Did I forget that thing that my spouse told me to do?", "Should I do taxes now or wait until later?", "What's that thing I had to do for work?"

— Learn to be productive: Todorant gives you the list of rules and constantly reminds you about them

Why does it work?

I've read and tried over 20 books and productivity methodologies. I'm sure you tried a few yourselves. Unfortunately, they never helped me: they were either lacking features or were too overcomplicated. So I combined them all and simplified the result. I took away everything that doesn't help or hurts productivity and left what helps.

The reason Todorant works is that it does not overwhelm your "smart" brain, appeals to your "primitive" brain and never gives you anxiety about undone tasks. Try it today, don't delay the positive change in your life!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.0.112 Publish Date:2021-07-20 Developer:Todorant

User Reviews


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Marzieh Naghdi 2020-04-23

This chatbot is intresting, but i wish it had a free version. I\'m very intrested in chatbots n i\'m researching in this field. I live in iran n inflation is very high n we don\'t have paypal or anything else to pay. I wish we could use it.
Aphotic 2020-04-22

sadly i cant buy it, i live in iran, no international banks nor paypal, hyper-inflation over 300%, cant afford... T_T but seems like a decent app compared to other in the market.
Ershad Zolfi 2020-04-22

I\'m in iran Niki, how do i buy this? We dont have paypal or ... ! Make it 2 versions with limitaion, one free, one pro. No trial.
Андрій Гринів 2020-04-24

Very useful app with simple and intuitive interface. Has only those features which are needed without useless buttons, switchers and else staff
Sergey Olegovich 2020-04-03

Зачем ещё одно такое же приложенние в сторе? Есть десятки намного более удобных приложений с таким функционалом. 73мб весит приложенние, вы серьезно????
Adam Evans 2020-10-01

App has option to login via Telegram. That\'s enough to get 5 stars.
Barbaring0 2020-10-01

Simple yet powerful tool for managing your time. The only tool that really helps you. Better to try for month than read about it. Worth enough to pay 5$ per month.
Антон Великов 2020-04-02

Only for 30 days
Vlad 2020-04-23

Отличное приложение - простой интерфейс позволяет сосредотачиваться на зачадах, а не на функциях приложения. Рекомендую!
Gus 2020-10-15

The only productivity application that actually function, unfortunately, it\'s only for 30 days, I live in terrible country, we are struggling to get a global credit card. Todorant earns easily the 5 stars.