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Description of Toggl Track - Time Tracking

Toggl Track is a simple (& powerful) time tracker that helps you learn how much your time is worth. With this time tracking app you'll be able to start tracking your hours and manage your hours with just one click - filling timesheets has never been this easy!

With a simple tap start tracking your hours and see where are you spending your time and use that data to go through your reports and break down your hours by projects, clients and tasks - find out what’s making you money, and what’s holding you back.

We also have you covered across all of your devices! Start tracking your hours in a browser, then stop it later on your phone - all of your tracked time is safely synced between your phone, desktop, web & a browser extension.

Our time-saving features:

◼ Reports

See how you spend your time with daily, weekly or monthly reports and graphs. Look them in the app or export them to send that data to your clients (or to analyze it further with through business intelligence and see to where your hours are going).

◼ Calendar

Toggl Track integrates with your Calendar! With this feature, you can now easily add your events from your calendar as time entries, through the Calendar View!

◼ Pomodoro Mode

Enjoy better focus and productivity by trying out the Pomodoro technique, thanks to our built-in Pomodoro mode.

The idea behind the Pomodoro technique is that you can work more effectively when you work in timed, 25-minute increments (with breaks in between). Our Pomodoro timer automatically tracks your time in 25-minute increments, with notifications, a full screen mode, and countdown timer to really help you stay focused and on task.

◼ Favorites

Favorites allows you to create shortcuts to frequently used time entries. Start tracking time on a favorite time entry with one tap.

◼ Suggestions

Based on your most used entries, the app will give you suggestions on what you could track. (We are also working on making this feature a bit smarter in the future)

◼ Notifications

Enable notifications so that you always know if & what are you tracking (or if you're not tracking anything!), and always be aware where does your time go.

◼ Customize your time entries with projects, clients and tags

Organize and add more details to your time entries by adding projects, clients and tags. Clearly see where your work hours go and adjust your precious time & routines accordingly.

◼ Shortcuts

By using @ and #, you can quickly add those projects and tags much faster and get back to work right away!

◼ Sync

Your time is safe with us - phone, desktop or web, your time is seamlessly synced and kept safe between all of your devices.

◼ Manual Mode

Want more control? Add and edit all of your time manually and make sure that every second of your time is accounted for. This feature is optional and it's accessible from the Settings menu.

◽ But what if I'm offline?

No problem! You can still track your time through the app, and once you're back online, it will sync with your account (and the rest of your devices) - your time (and money!) is not going anywhere.

◽ Is the app free?

Yes, Toggl Track for Android is completely free for you to use. Not only that, there are no ads at all - ever!

◽ Can I send you some feedback?

You betcha (and we'd love to hear from you)! You can send us feedback directly from the app - look for the 'Submit Feedback' in the Settings menu.

And that's Toggl Track - a time tracker so simple that you'll actually use it and get things done! Track important tasks, use reports to see how you spend your time and boost your productivity. Whether you are at an office, in commute, stuck on a space mission to Mars or just want to see how much time you're wasting on projects that aren't bringing you money - track your time anywhere you go!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:4.5.1 Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:Toggl.com

User Reviews


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Michael Dougherty 2020-08-18

This is a professional-grade app for tracking your time and they do not resort to selling your data (I read through the privacy policy) to make money, or to plastering ads everywhere. The free account leaves out nothing a casual user would want. The business model seems to be \"offer a great product and treat the customer with respect and integrity, and they may become a paying customer\". I\'ve been dissapointed with companies lately, but not Toggl. I\'m going to upgrade just to support them.
xunil76 2019-05-16

This app USED TO BE very good....however, ever since the forced upgrade to the newer version of the app, it SUCKS. constant crashes, failure of the app screen to refresh, forcing me to have to kill the app & restart MANY MULTIPLE times a day. i really wish developers would stop focusing on trying to make things look \"pretty\", and focus more on making sure the product actually WORKS.
Jasmine DK Shepard 2020-09-11

This app has turned around my work life as an engineer at a consultant firm. Complaining timesheets, is so much easier. I also find it very useful in my personal life to gauge how much time I\'m spending on certain tasks or even scheduled leisure. In regards to the recent update, I personally love pink. But I do think that a color change option would be nice. Something a bit more neutral.
Chevelle Hibberd 2020-12-07

I\'ve used this for 5 years, dipping out of it occasionally to try new products. I always come back. It\'s intuitive, simple yet flexible, and caters well to someone like me with multiple ongoing projects, clients and hobbies. I work across many devices (PC, Mac, Android) and it\'s seamless for me. 😊
Marian Stoica 2020-09-09

App is pink/purple now, with the latest update (on mobile and desktop) without the option to change theme/set colors. If you don\'t offer the option to change theme, at least don\'t make it pink/purple. That\'s very opinionated! Just have Light/Dark modes (white, black, shades of gray)
Ilya Abramovich 2020-09-12

I like the new design, but I can see how people would react aggressively - pink is really nieche and has strong feminine associations. Kinda hope you guys will give people an option to change color. But if you do, I\'ll stick with pink, since it\'s refreshing. Five stars since this is still the best time-tracker out there.
Bruno Abasse 2020-08-19

So far I am loving this app. It is very useful to me for working from home. My workday has a lot of interruptions, and also when working on multiple projects it is not easy to track how much time was spent on each project. Another upside is the ability to operate from my phone, windows 10 app or the website. Another aspect that I love is the user interface, I really like the aesthetics. An app needs to be useful and beautiful, and this app is both
Jordan Slater 2020-01-22

I like using toggl, and I tolerate the app because there are few other options that have the same features. Yet the design of this app is terrible. For example, when typing a task name the app has a delay based on the internet connection and sometimes doesn\'t keep all letters. Another example is that the buttons move around with network updates so you have to wait about a second for each press which sucks because there are many actions in the app that could be done with half the button presses.
maksim 2020-04-18

Toggl - is an excellent service. and now the mobile app is good enough too. At least - it is not slow anymore on my phone;) old review (outdated): Though the app form Android is awful. It is very slow. Probably the slowest app in my phone. And, as always, the synchronisation doesn\'t work - I reload the app 2-22 times to sync the entries..
Chris Kempson 2020-09-09

Now available in hideous pink with no option to change the colour scheme back to the previous one. I understand the need to rebrand but when you introduce a non-customer focused change that only panders to your business goals, it\'s nice to give your users a choice. Especially when such a change is a regression that results in an ugly UI.