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Toman Online Payment Application

Paying with cash is always a hassle, especially when we are in a cab and don’t have the required amount. Not being able to use ATMs or bank cards to perform the transaction makes town trips a painful experience.

Toman application makes all that go away. You can easily charge and pay in a convenient, simple, and swift way.

Toman depicts a secure and unique payment solution. You can charge your wallet with your bank card and get various features such as taxi payment, store payment, mobile top up and etc.

We are at your service to hear out your suggestions. Toman support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call Support: 021-91007891

Email: info@tomanpay.net

Website: www.tomanpay.net

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.9.6 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:Toman Co

User Reviews


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Bobby Lawless 2019-09-25

Installed the app, entered my phone number, but didn\'t receive any verification code after couple of times of attempts. Maybe it\'s not their fault, maybe it\'s Telecom infrastructure problem and maybe not. For whatever reason, it didn\'t work for me!
mona k 2019-02-08

خیلی خوبه. هم پرداخت‌های تاکسی دیگه لنگ پول خرد و اذیتش نیستی، لازم نیست صبر کنی و حتی پول نقد همراهت باشه هم برای خرید شارژ هیچ ستاره و مربعی در کار نیست.
A Google user 2019-02-17

In the latest update, the pp doesn\'t run due to security issues! The support team says it\'s because my android is rooted! Stupid! I\'m downgrading, hope it doesn\'t force me to update!
ali hosseini 2019-04-30

Thanks from the creators for this very useful app... just a little bit slow at loading when you start the app
Eli Kh 2019-07-20

My account was erased suddenly and the app doesnt send verification code, eventhough i called them, they just cant solve your ptoblem
hanieh sadeghi 2020-06-30

It is very simple and useful app for paying fare and topping up.
Farhad 7777 2018-09-12

خداوکیلی دمتون گرم!! من دوبار اشتباها مبلغ پرداخت کردم زنگ زدم شماره پشتیبانیشون به محض اینکه موضوع گفتم خانومه چقدر در کمال ادب عذرخداهی کرد و گفت اصلاح میکنیم. خداوکیلی 10 دیقه نشد پول اومد تو حسابم و دباره زنگ زد اطلاع داد بهم!! شیر مادرتون حلالتون
Mehrdad Memarpour 2019-03-19

good app with a very polite and gentle support team
Behzad Mehrtash 2018-08-30

برنامه خیلی خوبیه، دوستاتونو که دعوت میکنید اعتبار هدیه میده
Mohammad Karami 2019-11-16

I love it , you can pay with easily