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Description of Tomb of the Mask: Color

This time the mystic mask and your passion for adventure led you into a new kind of maze.

Moving from wall to wall, you need to paint over every corner of the labyrinth to make your way to the next one. But beware: some of them are not as safe as they seem to be...

We Love You. Enjoy.

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.0.22 Publish Date:2021-08-19 Developer:Playgendary Limited

User Reviews


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Philips Fam 2019-10-25

I love it so much if i compare the color one to the ongairy one............this is so much fun.......i complete ALL the level so........I had to delete it.......im telling you this game is free and fun so make sure u tell your freinds about the new one and dowlond the new game your self.And comment about how u think about this game...But I had some problems like loading soooooooooo long so watch out..hahaha......sooooooooooooooo also i am giving a give away their will be l.o.ls so stay toon....
trix 2019-11-25

This game is great and for those who are complaining about the ads turn off your wifi or mobile data while you play and you get no ads and the new colors since the new update have made the game more enjoyable in most if not all aspects overall if you are looking for a relaxing game to play every so often this is a great choice.
Просто Лёха 2020-07-25

What you see in advertisment: draw your own level and then complete it. What you actually get: just another tomb of mask game with just a little different gameplay. Fans of the game will love it, but the guys like me who saw the ad and then had got only half of the ad in game... Wouldn\'t be so sure. They could\'ve at least add a few levels where you can draw without paying. Sorry if they have, I\'ve played really few levels.
Chris de jong 2019-11-05

This game would be pretty simple and good... if it weren\'t for the ads that you get every time you complete a level or fail. the early levels take about 20-30 seconds to play, and when I get an ad that is 30 seconds long directly after that the game is not fun to play anymore. When I try to load the game without a wi-fi connection it just won\'t load, which is also weird considering the game takes over 200mb on my phone.
Ambrosia Naramore-Winfrey 2020-08-18

This game is only playable if you purchase no ads. It was enjoyable until level 242. Once you get to level 242, they make it completely impossible to beat unless you watch an ad. I thought that was really gross and unethical so I uninstalled it. If you\'re not willing to watch ads, don\'t bother getting it because for every 5 seconds of gameplay you watch 30 seconds of ads.
•Strxwberry Mxlk• 2020-08-04

Wow, this game is totally awesome! I played everyday and I feel very relaxing. This game make my day more clear and good. I found different characters on the level and some of it is creepy and not creepy! This game is very frickin awesome! I never felt so better when I played this game before! Thanks for making this game and fixing the bugs!
Christian J Brooks 2020-03-07

If you\'re a fan of the original, a lot of this will feel familiar. However, there are flaws: 1) There\'s no sense of achievement in the game. Levels do not get harder as you go. The bats and monkeys you avoid in Level 1 are the same bats and monkeys at Level 350. 2) No ability to go back to older levels. If you skip a level and want to try to beat it in the future... tough noogies. 3) Levels repeat with frequency. 4) As mentioned by others, Level 242 is broken.
Boi i 2020-06-29

Terrible game and design. Needs more work and polish. Has potential. Too many ads. You can\'t skip half of the ads. Sound is way too annoying. Not laggy though which is a good thing. Fix your game. If I could rate below 1 star I would but this game is so bad that I wouldn\'t even bother. The original TOTM is the same way.
DaBurgerBandit 2020-04-01

It\'s ok as a time waster, or something quick to whip out while waiting for a load screen or something, but I have two major problems. 1) Level 1 is just as hard as level 300. It doesn\'t get more complex as you progress, giving no sense of progress. It\'s also seemingly infinite, as it reuses levels after a while. 2) This game also has 3 unsolvable levels I\'ve seen (ive only seen up to level 536), which is pretty inexcusable. Overall, not worth your time.
Olivia Fauber 2020-08-19

It\'s also SOoOoOoOo addictive. Keep up the awesome work. I feel like there should be different characters and bonus levels. There should also be a coin count at the top so you know how many coins there are. That\'s why I\'m rating it 3 stars. Hopefully you could add thos ethings to make the game even better!