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Description of Tomorrow Mobile Banking

Get a sustainable checking account that is fun and that you can be proud of. Unlike with conventional banks, your money is not invested in weapons, coal or other environmentally harmful industries, but entirely in sustainable projects. Tomorrow offers the comfort of digital banking - without compromising your values.

Our accounts:

Now: Now offers everything you expect from mobile banking and the money in your bank account drives positive change - without you having to do anything for it.

Change: Change makes the difference, every day - for you and the climate. With extra comfort, flexibility and smart features it’s your everyday account.

Zero: Zero is the premium account for everybody who wants more. More banking. More climate protection. You'll get all our smart features, offset 11.17 tons of carbon each year and fund social projects in the global south. And a wooden debit card on top.

Key features and facts at a glance:

• Payments and withdrawals worldwide with our VISA debit cards as well as convenient payments on the move with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

• Smart banking: real-time payments between friends, push notifications for every account movement, and a convenient IBAN scanner.

• With Tomorrow Insights, you'll better understand what you're spending your money on. And with our Pockets, you can create individual savings goals.

• Our smart Footprint feature, which analyzes transactions for their CO₂ emissions and displays them transparently.

• Full security ensured by an intelligent app and the latest security standards. You can easily block your card and change your PIN in the app. Plus, all accounts are insured up to €100,000 by the German deposit insurance.

Value-based banking:

• Do good with every payment: every time you use your Tomorrow card, you actively support climate protection.

• Sustainable investment of your deposits: we solely finance sustainable projects. We do not invest a cent in environmentally harmful industries.

• Know where your money is having an impact: on the Impact Board you will see in real time what impact your money is having in Green and Social Bonds.

• Transparency promise: our product plan is open to everyone and in our community forum we are in constant exchange about your ideas and wishes.

• Certified B Corp: we balance purpose and profit and meet high standards for social value and environmental sustainability.

Want to learn more? We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards from St. Pauli,

Your team at Tomorrow

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.82.1 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:Tomorrow GmbH

User Reviews


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Leon Ferro 2019-05-02

It should be very clear that this app is only for EU Citizens. The whole onboarding flow is useless, you reach a stage where you\'re being asked for your Citizenship and if you\'re from a EU country, you can\'t open the bank account, even if you live in Germany.
, 2021-01-26

Impossible to carry out ID check. I tried a few times during the day, on two different days, no dice. Contacted tomorrow.one support, and they suggested trying after 8 in the evening. Well, I left it on \'please wait, you are being connected..\' screen for two hours, no \'identification expert\' appeared. Either app is broken, or they are being ripped off by IDnow. Waste of time.
Marcus Mangelsdorf 2020-02-19

Finally a sustainable account that is free of charge! Now there is no reason not to try it, anymore :) I\'ve been using it for almost a year now and I couldn\'t be happier. With the integration of Google Pay I don\'t even have to bring my card anymore (which is kind of a pity because it looks so good ☺️). Thank you so much for this amazing app and service! 💚
Ibrahim Hajdari 2020-11-18

Been using it for just some days and can clearly say that it is the best mobile banking app ever, really beautiful material design and it works like it should. Hopefully we will see you as an Independent Bank one day.
Kevin Read 2019-03-31

Awesome idea, neat execution. Some banking features are still in development (same as with other mobile banks like Revolut or N26) but the pace is quite rapid. Would love to see FinTS integration with Banking4 and Google pay without having to use PayPal.
Hermann Schueler 2021-01-19

the Customer Service is BAD How to contact them via email.or... their chat bot is pretty useless My app is frozen since ordered a new debit card, but there was no sufficent fund now it shows me only the card order page, if i press on the X botton in top right corner to close that page , to go to home page it completly logs me out and i have to log in back again just to arrive on the same page for ordering my card. I have send the money for purchasing the card but the app always shows no sufficent funds. I have also reinstalled 2 times the app till now, ALso no chanvce as there is no web login. Only via the faulty app.
Stefan Fiedler 2020-04-21

Managing bank account and money transfer is easy with this app. Additionally, the bank is outstanding. Philosophy and service are both great.
Luis 2020-11-17

It lacks a browser interface. The competitors can be accessible via either browser or mobile phone application. However, this one I cannot access unless I use the mobile phone. It can be very inconvenient to make certain operations if I have to use the computer and the mobile at the same time. Let alone typing the IBAN numbers on the mobile. I could just copy and paste from one window to another. Or just look at my finances and add it to a spreadsheet. The Just mobile phone interface isn\'t attractive to me, so much so that I am considering the competitors. (Like the one which exports my data to a CSV file or PDF)
Andreas Eppler 2020-12-20

Very good app so far and I love the concept behind the social impact of this app. However, it would be great if you could add security options with specific purposes such as card usage in foreign countries, online transactions, card usage in general, etc.
Sérgio Pimentel 2020-07-07

I had trouble registering with my address but after contacting support they were able to adjust it, but the following step was the worst. IDnow is awfull I showed them my Portuguese ID card and they said it wasn\'t valid and ended the call straight away, very rude. On a second attempt they said they wouldn\'t accept Portuguese ID\'S, as an European citizen I was offended. Until they resolve this issue and I won\'t be a costumer.