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Description of Top Farm

Build the land you’ve always wanted. Make it your own. Invite your dearest friends and help it grow!

Your story awaits in Top Farm, a place away from the noise and stress of modern life. Here you can explore the peace and prosperity of a land in tune with nature, experience the thrill of an honest day’s work, and meet new friends who share in every celebration.

With just a touch of magic around every corner, Top Farm offers surprises, adventure and the satisfaction only found in a place of your very own.


- Grow and harvest the most delicious organic crops

- Complete tasks using planes, trains and automobiles

- Meet a huge cast of lovable characters

- Invite friends and visit their farms

- Power your crafting machines with 100% clean energy

- Build, decorate and expand your farm

- Sign in with Facebook to save your progress across multiple devices


This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.

View our privacy policy at http://www.mpforce.com/en/#politic_modal

View our terms of service at http://www.mpforce.com/en/#/tyc_modal

Our Channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/topfarm

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/topfarmgame

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/topfarmgame

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More Information Of Top Farm

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:50.0.5045-ETC Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:MP Force

User Reviews


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John Baker 2017-07-22

I once had a higher rating when I had motivation to fill every order but over time i have realised this game deserves 2 stars. Every event is the same, the updates are weak and at some point it just feels like a waste of time instead of a time killer, better games out there.
Megan Gibbens 2017-10-11

When are you guys going to do a bloody update? OVER WAITING! Not that you reply to your customers! Ive emailed you several times on issues and also rated quiet a few times ive decided to keep adding, so other people can see how little you actually care. I refuse to pay another dime one this game. Considering ive been playing for over a year now and have completed everything, still no reply. But why do you care? Don\'t waste your time. This game is fun but the down side is MP Force can\'t be bothered to get back to there players. I have emailed you four times. I have also rated this game for the 5th time. The rewards are worse from the beginning. If your new you wouldn\'t know the difference. We used to get 15 diamonds for a loaded train now you get 7. It takes to long to up grade anything as they never drop enough tools to be able to do this in a timely manner. The carnival theme is now beyond annoying. I\'m frustrated. I have had well and truly over 100 diamonds disappear. I STILL HAVE HAD NO REPLY! If I don\'t get a reply back soon I will be uninstalling and telling my friends to do the same. Ridiculous.
Bonnie Moody 2017-07-22

i love the game but you need to fix it so we can remove the rocks and stuff off our own farms cause some people dont like to help others. thank you for the game
A Google user 2019-03-19

this game is.👌 👌 👌 please download the game. Actually I hated this game but my bro told to play,from that day is was just sitting and playing this.The best game in the world👍 👍
Jemelle Dana Tusi 2019-08-15

I downloaded it twice cause i was having a problem in starting the app. I have internet connection but the app cannot detect it so i re-installed but error was still the same. I don\'t know if it\'s the app or just my device mulfunctioning but other games and apps on my phone are working well. Im so dissappointed \'cause I wanna try this app.
Andrew30000 2018-06-04

Good Game. But could it be updated again because i have a discovered a couple of bugs: 1. it Crashes while playing. 2.The market truck wheels don\'t spin when sent to sell products. 3.The delivery trucks don\'t honk when they return from making deliveries. 4.Could Frank please be moved off the road permanently and placed on to the farm grounds as well please. So could I kindly ask when you have the time that these bugs be fixed in the next update please.
Patricia James 2019-01-31

Still new to the game. Having alot of fun playing it. Hard to stop and put down. Thank you for a great game...,.?
Jenny Wrenn 2019-09-03

I really like this fame. Unique friendly the only 2 issues is that the cropping is too sensitive like wen u going round farm far too easy to pick Up cropsand we. Need more than one animal feeder machine or make it cheaper to get xtra slots. Otherwise it seems quite fun : ) thanks
S ah 2018-04-27

Waiting for da island to be unlocked for da last 2 years. n also for da update.
Victonda Trent 2020-10-23

UNINSTALLED!!!!!! 😡😡I DON\'T RECOMMEND THIS GAME This is a money hungry game.It takes so many coins to buy items then it takes so long for them to open. I had to save up 35,000 coins to open up land to get pigs then it takes 5,000 more coins to open the pigpen plus upgrade tools. It\'s hard to fill truck orders and you have to use gems to send it off if you don\'t fill them.