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Description of TopDecked MTG

TopDecked is the essential Magic app for brewers, collectors, traders, competitors, and fans. Simulate decks on a virtual battlefield, get recommended cards, test new ideas, and keep up with the latest decks and strategies. Run tournaments at home. We’re on your side of the battlefield - your portal for everything MTG.

Basic accounts are free to use, forever (Power-ups available.) — Your account syncs between devices, including our website.


- Easy to use intuitive design, with legality checking for popular formats.

- Get auto-recommendations and ideas to improve your decks

- Support for Commander, Oathbreaker, Brawl, and more.

- Cloud sync, share to friends or social networks.

- Deck charts help analyze CMC, colors, and mana curve.

- Move cards between main, sideboard, and maybe board.

- Quickly share, print, or send official DCI deck-sheets.

- Import, share, and export MTG Arena, MTGO, .dec, and text deck-lists

- See missing cards and cost to complete or buy decks.

- Tag, archive, and color code decks in your account


- Drag, drop and test on the go.

- Test on a real battlefield.

- Swipe between your hand, library and other zones.

- Tap to select and drag, or double-tap for menus.


- Quickly start games for up to 6 people

- Swipe open or closed to access the app in-game


- Advanced search - Quickly find any card, any types, any printing, any artist, any colors (and more filters available).

- Daily and weekly trends - for each set and printing (including promos!)

- Simple and fast card search, with images, text and rulings.

- Always up to date with latest sets and special products.


- Track the value of your cards with intuitive haves and wants lists.

- Quickly add and remove cards of any set or printing.

- Cloud sync, always available in app or website.


- Read the latest articles - always up to date.

- Browse local and national top-8 tournament results and deck lists.

- See a breakdown of the top cards & decks, by format.


- Up to date cards and prices.

- Select set, foil, and/or custom price by condition.

- Updates your collection at the push of a button.


- Run tournaments at home or on the go

- Set custom rounds, see standings & stats

- Automatically receive pairings & tables numbers at Grand Prix, Premier, and participating events when you enter your name & DCI number.


- Upgraded accounts (Spark, Powered, and Elite) are available for sale as Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions. Upgrades increase the features and storage capacity beyond basic free services - see "Power up" screen in-app for more details on individual features.

Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, and their logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC. © 1995-2021 Wizards. All rights reserved. TopDecked, LLC. is not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast LLC.

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:TopDecked Limited

User Reviews


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Scott D. 2019-05-14

If you expect me to pay $5 a month for the \"premium service\" you\'re crazy. Oh, and $50 a year is not a deal either. Maybe I could understand if it was a one time purchase. I get that you\'re proud and it is a good app for all it does, but you can\'t really expect people to shell out that much for an app that does what a couple different websites can do for free. If you lowered your prices I\'d recommend this to everyone, but as it is it\'s just a waste of time.
Zach Hilgendorf 2018-11-30

This is definitely the best MTG app I\'ve used. It\'s easy to navigate, the deck building function is really convenient, the collection \'binders\' with value are awesome for helping track of my high value cards and ones I want. Recently, I encountered a small glitch from an earlier update and, upon sending an email, the dev responded almost immediately and had a way to fix my problem. If I could give it 10/5 I would!
Alfonzo Cox 2019-11-22

Paywall for more than 300 cards? Booooooo. Makes the free version pointless. Don\'t care about deck simulators so I don\'t see a ton of value in paying the monthly fee.
Joseph Santos 2019-03-04

I love this app. I use it to build my decks. The Android app is better than the website since I like to use it to see what cards I still need for my decks. The app shows me what cards I don\'t have in my collection yet. Great app to find events and organize my decks. Great work. 10/10 I recommend it to everyone that I know. Things can really only go up for this application. It\'d be nice to have a life counter as well. But you can\'t have it all in one app! Great job.
James Murray 2018-11-13

So far a very exceptional app. I recommend going \"powered\" for the deck simulator. It is great for gold fishing. I would also like to see a functional multi card to bottom feature to simulate scrying 2 or more and ancient stirrings like effects. Thanks to the dev team
James C. 2019-10-04

This application contains absolutely everything you might want for tabulating a Magic collection. Its core features are completely free, and, if you want to go deep, it\'s subscription features are incredibly helpful for maintaining a large Magic collection. The fact that your decks and collections are stored on the cloud means that everything is automatically backed up, and you can access your information from another phone or computer. I absolutely recommend this to any Magic fan.
Tiernan McDermott 2019-10-24

Amazing app, perfect for my use in almost every way! I have a powered yearly membership, and I never pay for cards when playing with friends because I can just simulate all my decks for free (with my membership-50 USD). I can easily use decks from tournaments as well! It also has pricing on cards so I\'ll know what they cost! Highly recommended for any MTG player.
Michael Grady 2018-07-12

Lots of potential love the app highly recommend not sure why any one would rate so low the devs have great response time. I also use in conjunction to other apps. But I mostly use this for all my sharing and deck building.
Sean Piercy 2018-12-30

Excellent app and I\'ve only used it for about 30 seconds. The one thing I noticed almost immediately is that there\'s no way to view the cards full-screen. PLEASE update that and try to use HD images of cards. MTG is a great game and the art definitely deserves to be viewable in better detail. Thanks for the great work!
Alex Brink 2020-02-27

Its an amazing app!!!! I have been able to put some of my existing decks into it and improve them even more. The only issue i have is that it goes through TCG Player because they are so over priced. Other then that it has so many deck building tools. Thank you and i hope that this can be improved even more.