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Description of Total Launcher

* This app requires Device Admin privileges to implement the "screen lock" launcher action.

* This app uses Accessibility service for a few Launcher actions only if necessary.

Total launcher is the best customizable launcher in Android. Of course, it is still fast, light and easy to use.

Do you like a simple home? Use this.

Do you like a beautiful home? Use this.

Do you like a smart home? Use this.

Is there no home launcher you want? Make it with this.

Whatever you want for home, this is it.

I would like to tell you just one phrase.

"Press and hold it to edit it"

You can customize it, whatever it is.

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More Information Of Total Launcher

lable: Personalization - Apps Current Version:2.9.4 Publish Date:2022-05-23 Developer:ChYK the dev

User Reviews


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Jose Perez 2019-02-17

The new update is not good. Half of the time, i can\'t open all my apps. I get very small blue bottom. It use to be blue circle. Also i get random app pictures around my screen.
ワリ 2019-02-19

The most customizable launcher I\'ve ever used. It looks boring at first but once you play around with the edit mode enough you\'ll discover that you can do a lot of things on your screen as much as you like. The occasional nag to purchase the premium key is a bit annoying though.
Curtis Louw 2019-08-30

The latest update (Aug 2019)added intrusive ads!!!!! They appear at least twice a day as alarms that sound at seemingly random times. What were the devs thinking!? Uninstalled after almost a year of use. To the \"dev\" who responded: explain why they disappeared as soon as I uninstalled the app and why the ads had \"total launcher\" in its text?
William K 2019-06-14

TEN STARS- Please Read This. All apologies. It\'s been two years since I used this launcher. I searched on line to figure out what I wanted the launcher to perform. ChYk has always been quick to respond & fix any problems that occurred. I stuggled through a learning curve with the launcher. My new phone does some amazing things with Total Launcher. I hope to see more in the future. Thank you ChYK for all the amazing work you do.
Timothy Cairya 2020-07-16

I\'ve been using this launcher for over a year now. I must say that\'s one of the best, if not, launchers out there. Unfortunately, after the last update, the launcher is causing my phone to lag especially while watching videos and I actually confirmed it when I switched to default launcher. I don\'t know why this is happening but it is really frustrating. Any help would be appreciated!
Marius Kulikauskas 2020-03-14

It is amazing. The customization options are overwhelming. Best launcher i have ever seen. There is nothing this app cant do. I love it. But it takes quite some time to learn this. It could be more intuitive. Edit: For half a year I am happily using this launcher. I just have one request, please integrate \"gesture navigation\" from system navigation settings. I like minimalistic style, and wish to hide navigation buttons completely :) Your \"hide navigation bar\" doesnt suffice as buttons reapear
Alicia Sykes 2020-06-04

Seriously customizable! With this launcher, you can get your home screen to look and behave exactly how you want it, nothing is impossible! It did take me a little while to learn my way though all of the settings, and I probably spent 6 hours in total getting my home screens to look and behave exactly as I desired. So it\'s time-consuming to configure, but worth it if that\'s what your into I\'ve not had any problems with performance, it loads instantly every time, on my Pixel. Great work guys!!
MaRo MeeM 2020-07-19

it\'s amazing, customizable, fashionable, easy-to-use. really am impressed with it. I used to use another launcher for many years but suddenly it makes new updates n never be the same again. so I became sad cause I tried many bad launchers, all of them must have a problem in some issues. but finally I can say I fought my condition n I am sure I will not ever dispense it. it\'s even more powerful than my old one.
Barry Shrum 2020-10-10

TL is an awesome launcher. I\'ve always loved launchers that let you design and tweak every little aspect of your UI, and TL accomplishes that function with ease. I would give it 5 stars if it had a reliable backup system, but the way it works now seems to be pretty much hit or miss - usually you restore what I would call the framework of the themes, but you have to rebuild the tweaks and mods.m
Rahul Pathare 2020-11-17

1⭐ for Infinite customization. But, irritating as 2-3 second lag on icons refreshing from default to theme icons... for normal icon resolution... Not even high. That too, on Samsung S9+ with ample free memory and RAM. Only solution by developer is to remove app from Battery saver (already done but no improvement). Not observed on similar customizations for other Launcher. Had to dumb down graphics to lowest level... What\'s the point of such a combination.