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Description of Total Wireless My Account

Manage your Total Wireless service anywhere, at any time. Download the Total Wireless My Account app today and never worry about how to refill again.

This app also measures the network quality during calls in your service area based on your location. This allows Total Wireless to continually work towards improving your call reception and network quality.

Additional Features:

• Purchase Service Plans

• Add a Service Plan with a PIN Card

• View Service End Date

• Manage your Reserve

• Enroll in Auto-Refill

• Use a Widget to track your Data Usage

• Chat with Customer Support

• Create an Account and log in

• Edit your Profile

• View Transaction history

• Manage credit cards, PayPal and Venmo

• Find nearby Retail locations based on your current location or zip code

• Enroll in Rewards, and get rewarded for every transaction.

Not a Total Wireless customer?

Join us today! Visit www.totalwireless.com to learn more.

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More Information Of Total Wireless My Account

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:R19.4.0 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Total Wireless

User Reviews


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Lisa Dunagan 2019-03-07

I would recommend this to all my friends and family and anybody else that would want to lower their wireless phone bill and plus sign up for the rewards program on the Total Wireless App and you can get even better deals and you can even bring your on phone and change it to Total Wireless. Believe me you will wonder why you didn\'t do it sooner when you can get a plan for as low as $23 dollars a month if you sign up for the automatic payment plan or do a family plan or 2 phones for $60 a month, less if you do auto pay .For the price\'s you can get with Total Wireless you can\'t beat it ,so come join the total wireless family and you will see that there is no one better than Total Wireless
Karen Harris 2019-02-17

Great idea but failure to deliver. The data provided in the app was inconsistent to data provided from the website. On my service end date, the app would say my services were inactive and wouldn\'t allow me to do anything, but my service was still very much active. Also, I would receive random push notifications saying my service was expired. If you click on the message the app would come up. However, it would just spin and you couldn\'t do anything. I finally deleted it off my phone.
Lisa DeDominicis 2019-10-28

The Total Wireless app stepped up a few notches when it recently began updating my account in real time after I sign in. Thanks for saving me time vs. dragging me through every item/program you want to sell before I get to my info.
gaby Diaz 2019-08-08

I\'ve never heard if this company until I got this phone and I\'ve never had a problem with signal or anything! :) Plus this app is super helpful with all your info of your account.
Carol McAbee 2019-05-01

I have had wonderful service from this co. I recommend it to everyone looking for cell service.
Zong Lee 2020-04-14

I don\'t need two accounts. The agent setup two devices under their own separate accounts under a shared service plan. I could access one but not the other. I had them fix this issue for over an hour. They finally took my secondary line and added to my main account with my main line. How this got set up wrong in the first place, I don\'t know. The app only showed one line and even my account online showed one line before the fix. Now one account shows two lines.
Shane Mccool 2020-03-26

Easy to use but when I did an update on my phone 2 my cloud (because the email is no longer currently available) it has deleted some of my contacts names. SO I had to remember the name of the contact with the text msgs. Îi>if I &hadn\'t remembered them from heart then they were all lost & it\'d been nice for it to save it up in the cloud for future reasons why they didn\'t want you to do that .
Mikayla Donaldson 2019-11-16

The app is incredibly glitchy and kicks me out constantly. The rewards section of the app requires your password again and then kicks you out before you get the chance to do anything. The home screen of the app has my husband and I in different \"groups\" for our phone service, which isnt different plans or anything. And my phone number never has accurate info displayed on my service page. It says inactive, with none of my current service plan info or transaction history of refills. Not helpful.
Taylor McClanahan-Kesman 2019-04-28

This app is total garbage. Everything you click on you get re routed to a page that says ERROR on literally everything you do. You can\'t enroll in auto refill, you can\'t earn points or even check your points. I have had several phones and have downloaded this app on many different devices and tablets and it has yet to not disappoint.
User User 2019-07-22

its good all around . strong reception every where i go and also surprises me with a clear phone call to my wife from areas that att and tmobile couldnt even make connection the total wireless allows me to make that clear call . thanks guys keep up the good work