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Description of TouchNote: Gifts & Cards

TouchNote brings custom made postcards, greeting cards, and great gifts to your fingertips.

Make meaningful, real life connections today by pairing your favorite photos with 3000+ unique designs and incredible handpicked gifts.

Every moment, milestone or surprise hello is a way to show your care and spread kindness to everyone you love, no matter where in the world they are.

Ready to start sending? Let’s go!

1. Download the TouchNote app

2. Choose a sending plan or send one offs

3. Create cards with your favorite photos

4. Get generous with sweet gifts

5. Send straight from your phone to anywhere in the world

Join as a member, or send at your pace with one off, individual cards. Then tap into exclusive TouchNote features like:

- Exclusive photo cutouts

- Unique artwork

- Photo filters

- Travel stickers

- Location maps

- Customizable stamps

- Personalized messages

- Beautiful designs for everyday postcards, thank you cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, wedding cards and more!

- Stress free, worldwide delivery

Download the TouchNote app now to start sharing and sending your own unique, personalized photo cards.

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lable: Photography - Apps Current Version:13.6.1 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:TouchNote Ltd

User Reviews


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Kirsty Hardingham 2020-04-21

I signed up for the free trial and sent just one card, I use this app a while ago and I could just pay as went but this wanted me to select a membership. I cancelled my trial but have now been charged £47.99! I simply cannot afford this and don\'t understand why I have been charged. I have emailed with no response. I will not be using again and do not recommend, such a shame as I loved it a few years back when I used it!
Kansas Oz 2020-08-13

Finished products are amazing, but the app itself now sucks. I used to love it. But, now it\'s glitchy and doesn\'t work right. Don\'t waste your time w tech support--useless, not even sure why she gets paid. Will just tell you to log out and back in or uninstall reinstall and never fixes the prob (btw you lose your drafts). And expensive.
Bronwyn Grant 2020-04-13

Total trap. Although the app itself is a really great idea and easy to use, for people trying to cancel its totally ridiculous. The app clearly has a section to \'cancel membership\' which then tells you to open on the desktop site. So when you do that and go to log in it straight away just tells you to open the app with no other options so you\'re stuck in a loop going no where. In the small print at the bottom it then states to email them to cancel . Unnecessary and very deceitful for customers.
Kerry McAtkin 2020-03-30

Great great products, brilliant app. So why the poor feedback? Terrible experience when I wanted to leave them. I followed all of the steps in the app to cancel and they kept charging me. When I queried I was told I need to email as well to confirm I had left and that it was all in the small print. They undergo that I \"believed\" I had cancelled and refused to refund me the two months charges. Be very careful with this business. Disappointing as the product is great.
Helen Jayne Gustard 2020-05-03

Sent a card no problem. Trying to cancel my subscription is a nightmare. You can only do it through a computer, which is insane as this is an app I downloaded to my mobile phone. Then when I went into my computer apparently I don\'t exist even though they are going to charge me for using it. This is rubbish customer service. Would not recommend. Safe yourself some hassle and send a regular postcard or letter. It\'ll be faster and cheaper.
Kieran Rich 2020-05-20

While this is a very charming little app that makes it a breeze to send a card or post card to someone far away, I join on a trial membership with no intention of continuing. When it came time to cancel my membership, the nightmare began. First, I tried on my phone because it was a phone app and that was where I set up the account. Nope! \"Please use your computer and log on the Touch Note page to complete this task.\" Well, ok. So, onto my computer. I can join as a new customer but I CANNOT log on as an existing customer with and existing account that needs to be cancelled. And their directions on every platform from the app to the website to Facebook, make cancelling you account sound like a breeze. But it isn\'t They suggest clicking on tabs that are non-existent or visiting membership areas that aren\'t. It very much reminds me of canceling a membership on the old AOL- when you finally had to call them and listen to every promotion and deal they could throw at you. I wouldn\'t even mind that now but there is no number for Touch Note. So buyer beware, don\'t join unless you intend for you relationship with Touch Note to be FOREVER!
William Morgan 2020-06-01

The app is simple to use, and is handy for sending cards to relatives. Payment is difficult - it\'s not clear at the outset that after the trial period you are billed upfront for a whole year, with no refunds possible. Also, on the app, if you use up your monthly card allowance and then order further cards, you are of course billed, but are not told the amount before payment us taken! I will continue to use until the end of my year, but will leave after that.
Birute Pundziute 2020-04-30

Nice and simple idea but they make it very hard to cancel the membership. The cancellation can be done ONLY on computer/laptop or by emailing them. If you look into their terms and conditions, they take 24 hours to approve it and 5 working days to cancel the membership. So you have to cancel the membership pretty much straight away after subscribing.
Karen Spence 2020-05-24

Don\'t be fooled! Spent ages designing my \'free\' postcards for it to then say pay or sign up for free trial. Really wished I\'d have read reviews before downloading the app and wasting my time. Glad I decided to read the reviews before signing up for free trial as it looks like people have struggled to cancel. Don\'t be fooled by the advert on the tv like I nearly was!
Debbie Hadley 2020-04-20

Great concept of making and sending postcards but the pricing and membership is ridiculous. There is no standard option of paying for a one off card they con you into a yearly membership or have to buy credits. You also can\'t cancel on the app. They know exactly what they are doing when it comes to taking peoples money.