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Description of Tower Clash

Welcome to Tower Clash! A real-time strategy game. Now start to expand your territory and compete with hundreds of thousands of online players!

Experience the addicting tower battle! From the creators of Art of War: legions, Tower Clash is a real-time strategy game centered on Troops and Towers. It's easy to get started, and you can continuously improve your battle strategy and the tactic of tower attack timing along with your game journey. In the game, you can increase the Arena Level by competing with other players, and finally compete with the world's best Tower Clash players in the Champion League and fight for your own glory!

Form your strategies, take your troops, choose the best marching route, and takeover the Master Tower!

Main features:

✔Lords from all over the world are here for 1v1 real-time tower battles.

✔Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top.

✔Join Alliance to communicate with players and become the top Alliance together!

✔Face new challenges in the Campaign Mode, defeat the Inferno Dragon!

✔More than 120 maps are waiting for you to discover

✔A rich variety of Troops and unique skills.

✔Smooth animation and splendid graphic design

Contact us:

We are glad to hear any suggestions from players.

Our email address: towerclash@boooea.com

Follow us: https://discord.gg/HDDAexPa8U

Our goal is to deliver the best gaming experience, so we will constantly work on making Tower Clash more interesting and positive.

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More Information Of Tower Clash

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:2.1.8 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Fastone Games HK

User Reviews


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Russell Kaplan 2020-12-19

This is another update.I was finally connected to my prior account. But , it wont let me connect to Facebook for some reason. I did not get a purchase.This is an update. I\'m very disappointed with the update. When I updated all my info was lost and you started me over. I emailed ya\'ll and received not even one response. Please correct ya\'lls mistake. Thank you Glad this was recomended. Really liked the expeditions in Art of War. Can\'t wait to try this and see how much I can get done.
bryan oglesbee 2021-02-26

Much better now. Back to being fun. Have clans now
Jessie Gonzalez 2021-01-06

Cheating game. starts fun but then you hit levels where you can\'t win; some levels opponents will amass armies of more than 2000 while attacking lossing units other games to you can empty 2 or 3 towers attacking 1 and it has no effect( yes over 100 units) wont effect an un-upgraded tower with less than 30 units. Either you have it set so players get cheated for not buying upgrades or your game is hacked and you don\'t have control over it.
Ahmad Alsebai 2021-01-04

Until now it is simple (not like other game from company) and need to develop your strategy. Each card has own unique skill and you can choose the best card to make plan and attack enemy. I hope that will develop more efficient strategy to send troops sometimes I move my finger to attack enemy from one building but there is friendly building before enemy building so I can not avoid not to choose it. In general, it is deserve 5 stars.
Mathew Larsen 2021-02-04

I\'m a p2p player, and have spent a lot of money on this game. It\'s nearly impossible to progress without paying for upgrades. Even paying, most games are impossible to win because you\'re matched with much higher level opponents. You\'re almost always matched with bots that have max level troops that are able to move troops in ways it\'s physically impossible to match without cheating.
Walter Borrmann 2020-12-02

I like the game so far. I see more updates being made. I suggest adding a story mode where you can move through levels without taking on other players. Maybe win some coin or gems as you go along. That way you can work on your strategy and some people wont get bored with losing in battles. My win percentage is pretty good but I can see people lose interest pretty quick if the6 arent winning battles.
Ben Lee 2020-12-13

Loved Archipelago and AoW expeditions so love the premise. This is ok. Not sure why you need to wait 6 hours to open a chest to get your reward for a win. Random battle ok, but there\'s some hack/trick I haven\'t figured out (could just be my bad) where ppl move their troops around constantly and end up with loads of troops. That\'s too annoying so uninstalled. Started well, stopped being fun quite quickly.
DC Customs 2021-03-06

This game was so fun. But now the servers lag so bad you can\'t move for minutes. I have lost so many trophies because my opponents don\'t suffer from the lag for some reason. It\'s really an unfair game if you can\'t move. Yes I\'ve checked my connection and all of that. The game never did it before. Now it\'s every match.
Rod Klimek 2021-01-11

Here\'s the real deal. Fun. Very fun. BUT, once you hit a certain level (around 4000) the matching algorithm pits you against people you CLEARLY shouldn\'t be against. 7000 and 6000 \"people\". So you just lose points and stay where you\'re at.. Unless you pay. Which I did. Even then, I\'m obviously fighting bots built in to make you spend more. I\'ve seen people moving around the board BEFORE the match even opens up for play. I\'m all about spending money on fun. This is just a waste of it.
Mikhail Krivenko 2021-01-26

To clarify while to rank in top 10 it is definitely pay to win, but to get to top 20 and go above 5k rank it is not (level up your troops via daily events and random battle). However, there is just not enough players at high rank and you get pitted against bots that have level 13 troops and are not fun at all. Suggestion: you need to show card levels Before the match starts and allow people to decline so that lower ranks don\'t lose points for no reason.