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Description of Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2

Tower Defense: Alien War TD have ended but alien creatures have not been completely

destroyed. Alien creatures are hiding and gathering to prepare for stronger and more dangerous

attacks. Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2 is the next battle with more beautiful graphics, more

flexibility, more enjoyable experience for the defense game gamer.

The tactics in Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2 are raised to a new level and challenge the

strategic skills of gamers. Players will be supported by the new weapon system (items) to

overcome the challenge.

Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2 is an actractive game with flexible defense tactics, weapons

systems diverse; In addition to the familiar terrain, Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2 also has an

artificial terrain to player has a new experience and new challenge. Sudden attacks with large

numbers of enemies makes the gamer in trouble. So, gamer should have the right strategy to

prevent violent attacks from alien creatures.

Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2 will be one of the most attractive games in the tower defense

game in 2017. Diversity of defensive system and flexible attacks on each map make a new

experience. Tower Defense: Alien War TD with beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay that will

satisfy the gamers of the defense game - tower defense.


Various weapons, advanced system, enhanced tactics.

Diverse defense strategy system:

* LAA-2( Landmine Anti – Ailen 2): Landmines have multiple pieces of damage,

destroy large numbers of enemy troops in a large range

* BAA-2(Bombes Anti-Ailen-2): Bombs emit magnetism, destroy enemies in a

large range.

* IAA-2(Ice-Anti-Ailen-2): The weapon emits a cold air that freezes the formidable

creatures quickly.

* A/G-2(Air-to-Ground-2): The combination of five planes which carries the large

number of nuclear bombs, destroys large numbers of enemies.

* Flame Destroy-2: The weapon emit heat equivalent to heat of the sun, all

creatures are burned as they pass.

* Megagun-Nuclear artillery-2: Megagun with nuclear warhead. Destroy the large

number of enemies, unlimited range.

* Wheel reaper (W-R): The death wheel destroys the enemy with beautiful wheels.

* A-Bomb storm(A-B-S): Storm bombs, great destruction power, appropriate in

tactics to attack enemies fast.


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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.2.7 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:GCenter

User Reviews


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Rich Stone 2018-01-04

Good game play n controls good way to pass time
Robert Bowden 2018-04-16

So far so good
Fred Oleson 2018-11-15

Love to games , this one\'s probably one the best. It\'s hard, but when you get the right combo of weapons the feeling is great!!
Brent Siefer 2018-01-03

brandy rivera 2019-06-25

More like an expansion pack for the original than a sequel, but still an enjoyable improvement.
Rick Wood 2017-07-18

Great game
Simaholic63 2018-03-23

I\'m really enjoying this game. It\'s got a perfect combination of a standard TD, where the towers have to be placed only in designated areas, and a more freestyle game, where you create the path. I don\'t like the freestyle because I\'m not very good at it. But I do like the freedom of placing towers where I want to place them. That\'s why this game is perfect for me. I have the designated path, plus the tower placing freedom...yay! I like that I can upgrade the towers to max right from the start, instead of having to upgrade them outside of gameplay, or waiting until later levels when they\'re unlocked. I\'ve played both types, and I much prefer your type of TD game. Great job on this game!
Sam Meador 2017-09-28

Great defense game
luigi tijerina 2017-07-30

It a good game
Chance Agee 2018-04-21

Great game,