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Description of Tower Defense: Infinite War

In game, you will defense with alien of war to protect your kingdom. You can use more your strategy to build one base with many ways. Let's become a talented strategist.


*More than 40 levels battle.

*Have 3 mode: normal, hard and very hard.

* Amazing lighting and special effects

* Support Leader board.

*Updated new weapons decisive in the fight, bringing the difference to the tower defense game (TD).


* Build defensive towers

*Upgrade tower to stronger

*Use special item to defense with strong enemies.

-*Invite friends to play with for more fun.

Let's play and enjoy it.

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:0.1.7 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:TopGameCenter

User Reviews


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Colby Schwindt 2020-10-05

No pause button, which is super annoying when tower placement is crucial but difficult. There\'s no grid or snaps, so you have to carefully place each one and for some reason they don\'t always go down. Also, lots of ads, but that\'s to be expected. No sign-in rewards after the first 15 days. It just stops. It\'s like they forgot to tell it to refresh. No bigger bonus for playing on hard instead of easy, it\'s all the same (and it tells you an inaccurate number). Bad English throughout.
Steve Webster 2020-07-07

You have to grind on this game to get coins to upgrade your weapons. They give you a video to watch which will give you 200 coins every hr. But that\'s just a drop in the bucket compared to what you need. Replaying levels only give you 255 for 5 stars. Give more coins and I\'ll change my ratings.
Mark Forcello 2020-01-10

It\'s a fun game but like others as you move to higher levels, you should be able to upgrade your weapons. Enemies are getting stronger each level and you start out each level with low level weapons. You should be able to use game credits to upgrade your weapons
s oac 2020-04-12

Addictive as Hell! Pity the daily reward runs out after 15 days..... ;( Still, I like it a lot though,65 days later!! Update : Reduced my 5* rating to 2, as of thismorning my coin count gas dropped by nearly 60,000!!??? WT actual F!!!!. Spent ages building these up!!!!!!!
Mike Brogdon 2020-08-09

Definitely a PTP game or grind away on levels until you can amass enough resources to purchase \"items.\" Level 5 is ridiculously hard even on normal. Played the game several times and hoping they could make some changes, but deleted it again.
frank mass 2020-11-25

Not cool how they keep you stuck on one board then the rest is too easy. Bs game play it messes up and the screen won\'t keep up to speed when it matters. OK to pass time but I have seen better. I\'d erase and go play something else but I want to see what was so interesting you need 500,000 gold coins to beat. Not to mention you only get 255 max per board at 27- 30 boards b4 it gets rediculous so you have to keep playing the same board 100 or more times if you won\'t spend real money on upgrades
John Mean or 2020-12-18

Good game. Good graphics. Placing your towers in the right spot and upgrading them at the right moment makes you think. Which i like in games. If you are a C&C game fan. You\'ll like this game i hope as much as me
Jon Basa 2020-06-16

Nice game to while away the time. Just wish graphics were better. But still, a really good free-to-win game! Good job devs!
Jason Lauritsen 2021-01-07

Lots of potential, however gets old quick, and has only 15 days worth of login bonuses. Needs to have a missions list with things like \"get 10,000 kills with machine guns, or kill 10,000 light tanks\", have an unlimited rounds level that you get progressively better one time usage weapons, or coin for getting to higher benchmarks. Like I said it is a pretty good game, it just needs a bit more added to it.
Sneaky_Man _Jack 2020-03-30

I purchased the starter pack because I wanted coins and no ads and I still have ads and no coins.. what\'s up with this?? If im not gonna get what I paid for can I just get my money back?