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Description of Tower Defense Realm King Hero

★ Nominee for best visuals by Reboot InfoGamer 🏆

Explore levels, destroy monsters and collect rewards in this epic tower defense game! Tower Defense Realm King is a free epic tower defense game with rewarding challenges. Your support is helping us make better tower defense fantasy game, happy playing :D


What's inside:

★ Beautiful graphics and animations.

★ 150 maps with various themes.

★ 200+ different collection items.

★ NEW! Take command of legendary Hero Viking!

★ Optimized for Android Phones and Tablets!

★ Play offline!


If you like tower defense and offline strategy games in general, this one is for you :)

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:3.3.2 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Daedalus Game

User Reviews


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Romi Tušek 2020-07-28

This is a well balanced, challenging and fun tower defense game I\'ve played. Levels are interesting and there are quite a few ways to advance based on your preferred strategy.
Thomas McCarthy 2020-05-11

This is one of the better TD games. It could use a speedup button, and the passive upgrades in the world map are laughably expensive, but the levels are well designed and the game feels balanced
Wihan Meintjes 2020-11-15

Love this game! Just hard enough to make me want to plan and strategize without losing interest. Just wish there was an endless mode...?
Edgar Gonzalez 2020-06-05

Upgrades are terribly expensive. I can only upgrade 2 towers and the archer tower upgrade is just to sell and get more money. Not even an upgrade. Uninstalling!
Irena Rakic 2019-11-26

I saw this game on Infogamer and it was super fun! Bf and I dowbloaded it at home and kept playing since, works flawlessly.
Thomas Webb 2020-02-08

It\'s fun but I dont understand the collections or rewards for combining them. I\'ve done it like 5 times and it tells me nothing and dont notice any advantage it gives you for doing it. Other than that it is okay.
mindy kaczorowski 2021-01-05

It\'s a good game don\'t listen to the bad review\'s love that thier is a woping 250 levels to make you play the game more ... But wish thier was more towers but that is all
Ellen Currie 2020-11-10

Good and challenging game but there should be greater rewards for winning a level. Not require you to spend so much money.
Achint Rubina 2019-01-04

Totally Spam game, don\'t waste your valuable time. The game is full of Advertisement. uou cant cross level 1 befire watching too too much ads.
Steven Dotson 2021-01-30

Not bad for an old school TD game. Graphics are rustic but I the sound effects are cool. I have a feeling this game will grow on you. Not overwhelmed with Ads or Pay for Upgrades. Might hit me later though. :-)