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Description of Tower Defense Zone

Tower Defense Zone – The best type defense zone on android ever! This game is realy cool and awesome in this Strategy game type!

Download and play this denfense game, Your mission in this TD game is using the number gold you earn - Building tower at true position and against waves enemies. This Tower Defense Zone game have many waves in each level from easy to hard waiting for you.

This Tower Denfense is one of best strategy games type TD you should try at least one time.

In playing time, maybe you try to build alot of tower to defense but there are 3 type of Boss tank, they could destroy you tower, so let's build many tower to kill the boss before they do it.

Coming with first serial game tower defense zone, we hope we could bring for you the relax, funny when you play this TD game!

Tower Denfense Zone is free for every one, they love this type of toy defense, tower defense type game.


+ Start game, you have free time to build the tower with you start gold.

+ Complete destroy each unit creep, You could earn some unit of gold

+ Use the gold you earn to continue build tower, update tower with more powerful to again next challenge of Creep.

+ Not easy to complete Level. Because after each wave, the creep will have more Health, move with more speed.


+ There are 11 Mission - Level for you Defense

+ 11 Map with difference line, that creep move follow

+ 6 type of Tower you could build for defense zone.

+ More than 20 type of Creep - Enemy unit with difference property to help you get funny

+ Play get relax and never get bored.

+ Great sounds, music, graphic

TIPS FOR Defense Zone game:

+ Let's carefully with first waves for Enemy, You could get gameover at this time.

+ Quickly your hand to update your tower.

+ Push - build tower at important position to kill more enemy.

Now, let's download Tower Defense Zone game to become a legend. Play with your enjoy and have fun! Thanks

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More Information Of Tower Defense Zone

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.6.05 Publish Date:2021-06-10 Developer:Jewel - Lazy Chick

User Reviews


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Anthony Travers 2018-03-08

To upgrade your weapons with the Gems you press what you want to upgrade & the word {yes}will appear for a second or 2, you than press {yes}; that\'s how to upgrade weapons using the gems: it took me a while to figure it out. I love this game & I\'ve tried more than 50. This one is a keeper.It gets progressively harder each level. I\'m on 13. Try it.
Eric Regalado 2018-02-16

Haven\'t seen the endless battle yet. Hopefully they have it and pressing the upgrade during battle play is hard.
Jeremy Moonen 2020-01-18

I played Level one for a few waves and utterly bored. I\'ve played alot of Tower Defense games and this is easily one of the worst. Typically I don\'t waste my time with reviews, but this was just so bad I couldn\'t stay silent
damien 2017-08-17

Honest review,boring gameplay,boring towers,no controllable heroes,very little to do during gameplay.not worth my time.
Jonathan Nix 2019-09-17

Game is in a death loop on level 32, won\'t seem to time out or otherwise progress. Developer doesn\'t respond to email, and website is worthless.
Lucaci Alexandru 2018-01-28

Adds after every level
A Google user 2017-09-01

Awesome game. I really like this tower defense game. I could play and can\'t stop. Thanks developer
Philip Shuman 2018-10-20

Simple and straight forward tower defense game. Progressive levels that can be quite challenging. I love that playing the game gives you the gems to get the bonuses. Not created to be a pay to win game. Great time killer.
Sr. Victoria Verhein 2020-04-09

I would give it a five but the upgrade buttons for the towers are not working and that makes it hard to play Still having a lot of trouble with the upgrade buttons
Dennis Combes 2019-11-07

Would love to give game a better rating as the concept and layout and towers are great. However, it is a bit laggish and the biggest concern is level 32 wave 37 after defeating all enemies then the game stops sending enemies and wont progress to final round. I can still sit there upgrading towers but nothing comes out after 30 minutes of waiting once still none. Sent email to developer and zero response. Fix these things and game would be much better.