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Do you like tower defense games and castle defense?

Towerlands is an exciting strategy game that combines the Tower Defense (TD) genre with strategy mechanics and role-playing games (RPG) elements. Feel like a lord in a huge fantasy world where you have to defend your fortress from enemies and capture new lands. Only those who can combine proper defense and striking strategies will win this tower war!


Build military structures in the city to train your army and provide it with high-quality weapons. Boost the gold mine and build the Tower reinforcement. Upgrade the Tower and its fortress to defend the castle from robber raids and monster attacks.


Hire and train new warriors to create a powerful army and take a leading position in the ranking. Plan your fighting strategy carefully and capture cities, castles and caravans of enemies and then you will overflow with wealth! The more gold you earn, the better opportunities in battles with enemies you have!


Create or join a Clan to play with friends and fight other Clans together and get more gold and resources. Weekly Tower Battles in Clan Battles will keep you and your friends busy. Only if you work together can you become stronger and more powerful. Many large-scale PVP battles and tempting prizes are waiting for you!


Towerlands is not just a Tower Defense fun game! This is a whole strategy universe that unites great heroes. It's time to smash your hated enemies in this tower war!


⭐️ Fight with other players in real-time in PvP multiplayer;

⭐️ More than 8000 waves of enemies you have to protect your City from;

⭐️ 50 different characters with 3 levels of evolution;

⭐️ More than 30 types of Towers and 40 unique combat modules;

⭐️ 4 enemy races: bandits, orcs, undead, and goblins;

⭐️ Large World Map with various points of interest;

⭐️Team up with friends and fight epic battles;

⭐️ You can play Towerlands (TD & Castle Defense) without an internet connection.


Take a leading position in 3 world rankings: ‘Clan Ranking’, ‘Player Ranking’, and ‘PvP Rating’. There are 6 different structures to build in the city, which influence your Tower and army power, as well as the resources extraction. Increase your game efficiency through crafting artifacts and military achievements. Take a unique approach to every battle: combine different heroes, Towers types and modules to successfully fight against other players or hordes of monsters. You will never get bored!

Defend your Castle and build your own Empire. Let`s start this tower war!

If you have any problems with this strategy game, please, contact us:

- support@blackbears.mobi

- facebook.com/blackbearsgames

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:2.5.1 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Black Bears

User Reviews


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Chad Shine 2020-05-01

Honestly a really fun game, would totally be a 5/5 but it is a 100% watch ads or you cant play kinda game. You get 20x the mission reward simply by watching ads, but everything has bad rewards, so you have to watch an ad to get anything useful out of the game. Over half my game time is spent on ads. I would be more than happy to pay for the game if it didnt have ads, what a shame. At least yall got some money out of me with the ads i watched!
Rolf Tjalsma 2020-05-06

Super expensive game to be able to enjoy optimally. Even when you go for the monthly subscription of 11 euros you\'re bombarded with other stuff that costs a gazillion, giving me the idea that I have to pay for this stuff to be able to enjoy the game. The game mechanics are super fun and other than all the money they want from you it is a really nice game. But this goes beyond pay to win. It\'s just pay to pay and pay some more.
Shawn Crackel 2020-04-01

\"Grindfest 2020\" the game, of course unless you want to pay a subscription... that\'s right, not a one time purchase of $9.99, but a monthly subscription. Move along, there are far better similar games that are better and dont cost as much (if anything). Could have been a decent game if I didnt have to wait for literally everything. not strong enough, wait till you are.... need to power up a unit, hope you like waiting... oh investing money to get more money... so I have to wait... to wait!
Jake M 2020-05-15

It\'s an addicting game and I\'ve even put a few bucks into it, but the glitches that occur can be pretty annoying. To train a unit to go to the next \"tier\" (level 49 to 50, and 99 to 100) takes hours of waiting. Multiple times I\'ll complete that training, go put the unit on the castle, and then the unit will be in the training again with the timer restarted for at least 4 more hours of waiting. Edit: Changing score to 1 star because $10 for a character is ridiculous.
Nick Myers 2020-06-06

WARNING do not let your children play this game. It is a scam. They have the buttons rotate when you upgrade things so you accidentally hit the pay upgrade. This game also has the worse pay wall I have ever seen. Every other second they are shoving something in your face to buy. And it\'s ridiculously priced. 10 dollars for one character. Don\'t waste time with this garbage
Jordan Lamb 2020-06-09

Not a bad game. No forced ads. Though watching ads gives bonuses so it\'s often worth it to progress more quickly. No pay to win. It\'s a bit repetitive but so are most games. The balance seems there and I haven\'t had any glitches yet (lvl 105.) You have to be willing to do a grind every now and again for a boss level but each unit has something they bring to the table so it seems there\'s always a way to handle the hard parts. Overall it\'s good. Only real complaint is the pro version being $10/mo.
Ryan Scott 2020-05-08

Really fun game ruined by obscene greed. Premium currency is pretty much impossible to come by without paying and even if you do pay the currency is not very valuable. To actually turn this game into an idle game (the genre this qualifies as) you have to pay $10. $10 gets you all the features this game should have for free so that isn\'t terrible, except it is a subscription. YOU PAY $10 A MONTH TO PLAY AN IDLE GAME. I have trouble imagining this game isn\'t a way for someone to launder money.
Philippe Lavoie 2020-06-10

The game in itself is fun. Building your tower, levelling your units and beating waves and waves of enemies. The problem, in my opinion, resides in the over monetization of the game. You can get bonuses by watching ads, but the bonuses are so high it\'s kind of silly to not watch the ads. You can opt out of the ads by *subscribing* for 13 USD/month.... I mean, it sounds like what WoW players used to subscribe for back in the day. It\'s not the same quality nor scale of game at all... It doesn\'t stop there, of course. You can buy exclusive units with real money. Too expensive in my opinion. You have in-game currency that you can buy too. Autoplay and game speed are monetized as well.... Had they set a reasonable fixed price to remove the ads I would likely have paid it. The pricing model is very ambitious (greedy) and insidious in my opinion and that makes it a turn off.
Steven Wigg 2020-05-16

The core game is good. But beware, the payment models are a scam. Unfortunately, they will try to trick you into buying things by moving icons around when you are rapidly tapping upgrades. And the premium tier is ever present within the game. It\'s a dreadful offering with monthly charge, following the trend with other f2p games charging obscene amounts. You can get Netflix for less.
jerry melendez 2020-04-08

I don\'t understand these type of games that have ads. 10 minutes into the game and is trying to sell me packages, which is fine. The only issue is that it glitches and kicks me out of the game consistently. Why does a developer allow this to happen? Don\'t they test the game before release? How is it you want my money but don\'t seem to care you are creating a good product for me, especially if you are trying to sell me in game items........2 stars.