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Description of Toy Story Drop!

The world of Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story comes to life in the only mobile game that’s fully themed in the Toy Story universe, including Toy Story 4! Help Woody, Buzz and beloved characters, classic and new, unlock their stories one scene at a time while you adventure across iconic locations like Andy’s Room, Pizza Planet and more. Overcome larger-than-life obstacles as you match, drop and clear hundreds of exciting match 3 puzzles. Enter imaginative worlds by collecting and assembling exclusive character-themed Playsets to unlock all-new Bonus Scene adventures. With the magic of Toy Story at your fingertips, you've got a friend in match 3!

Game features:

• Explore iconic locations from the Disney and Pixar Toy Story universe, including Toy Story 4

• Call the toys to your aid through themed boosts like The Claw to swap to game pieces, the Alien’s Saucers to zap away obstacles, and Etch A Sketch to shake up the board

• Tap and discover delightful Easter eggs on the interactive progression map

• Solve puzzles to collect Playset pieces for Sheriff Woody, Space Ranger Buzz, Cowgirl Jessie, and more

• Assemble Playsets to unlock Bonus Scenes like Woody vs. Evil Doctor Porkchop

• Help the toys get ready for Andy’s return from Cowboy Camp, save Hamm from being

left behind at Pizza Planet, and more

• Work with favorite characters to overcome larger than life obstacles in each puzzle

• Watch the story unfold as you progress through gameplay

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• Join us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ToyStoryDrop/

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• Relive the Moments on Twitter - https://twitter.com/toystorydrop

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© Disney/Pixar

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More Information Of Toy Story Drop!

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.20.0 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Big Fish Games

User Reviews


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Stuu x 2019-05-26

Started off great, then by the second world you start to realise what\'s happening. All the colours you need don\'t drop in order to try and make you spend money. I needed 70 blues and out of the entire board, not enough of the colour you need will drop making it impossible unless you continue to spend money on power ups and lives to make it quicker. And before the creator pops up, no, it happens on almost every level, the goals don\'t drop yet everything else does.
alesha Palacios 2019-05-27

I\'m addicted already. I like the look of it and very funny. it will stay in my list of every game I play daily. 😍 make sure to add the the bonus together....crazy I wasn\'t expecting that.🤣🤩😍 con: game ask me to rate them after I already posted a rating. I can\'t tell my Facebook gaming friends about the game. I hope they add where me and friends or other ppl can compeit for prize with other players. me and my arch-nemesis Jason always try to be #1 .
Gillian Hollingworth 2019-06-20

Well who cares, I am 62 years old, 63 in August and I just love Toy Story, probably because I have 5 grandchildren!!! So when I saw this game I downloaded it straight away. I love it!!! Love the graphics, just wish Andy and Jesse and all the other characters all spoke a bit more. Having fun.
Silent Speaks 2019-05-27

I absolutely love this game and my kids love it too. I pre-registered it and been waiting for it to come out. Now that it is out I can\'t stop playing it... love this game. keep up the great work guys..you and your team are doing amazing..The only thing you should do for this game is bring the prices down for the UFOs and the claw cuz 200 hundred coins for 3 is alot of coins and it takes a bit to build your coins back up to get more. but other then that I love the game and can\'t stop playing it.
Wade Haron 2019-05-24

OMG! I have only played this game for a out 15 minutes and absolutely love it! I am a huge Toy Story fan and this game is perfect for us fans! This is definitely different from other Match 3 games which I love! As a new game that just dropped, I haven\'t faced any issues yet and I hope and pray I don\'t as I move along otherwise their current 5 star rating will be lowered!
Michael Armstrong 2019-05-30

It was a 5 star review till I realised the game has a pay wall. You have to collect Batteries to progress during the game and you are asked to spend coins to get more or to play the same levels over and over till you have enough. You can get coins in game but you only get 8 after beating a level once and a bit more for the final time. Such a disappointment.
Jim Collins 2019-05-27

Great Game (with Amazing Graphics!), but Disney should stop doing these type of games (Frozen, Maleficent, Cinderella & Beauty and the Beast Free Fall, Emoji Blitz, Inside Out Thought Bubbles, Toy Story Drop...). I wish they thought of a more original game, rather than repeating the same pattern over and over again with different Disney movies.
Jer Tho 2020-02-29

Game used to be fair in my opinion and I rated 5 stars. Levels were challenging and none of them were impossible. You could pay money to speed up progress by buying boosters and coins, or you could repeat levels to earn more coins to progress. Point is, both ways were possible. Now that COINS ARE GONE? No ability to earn coins at all anymore drops this game off my reasonably fair list. Uninstalling! A shame too! It was one of the best ones out there. You\'ve been Toy Story Dropped!
Krista Steinhoff 2021-01-31

I previously would have rated 5 stars, and had loved this game. But since they removed the ability to earn coins I can\'t recommend it any more. I hate the greed. HATE it! They responded to my ask of why they did this, saying it is to \"improve the game experience \" Explain how this improves anything for us???? It only makes us need to spend money to buy coins. It\'s a shame. Oh well. All I can say is you lost a fan. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!!
Jonathan Le Gras 2021-01-26

There\'s some serious problems in the game logic. I shouldn\'t have to have 50 attempts to clear a level that\'s obviously impossible, just to wait for the game to suddenly allow me to complete a level.