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Description of Toyota

Toyota app was Created to provide a more convenient way to manage your vehicle, the Toyota app gives you even more ways to stay connected to your vehicle.

Companion Wear OS App provides convenient way to operate Remote Services. (1)(2)

Featuring our range of Connected Services(1) (on select 2010 or newer, for Hawaii customers, 2018 or newer capable vehicles), simply sign up to activate, or manage your vehicle’s own Connected Services and you could soon be enjoying great features like:

• Remotely start/stop your vehicle(2).

Start your vehicle and even warm or cool the interior based on the last climate-control settings.

• Lock/Unlock your doors

Not sure if you remembered to lock your vehicle? Not anymore. Remotely lock and unlock your doors and receive confirmation once the action is complete.

• Find your parked vehicle

Forgotten where you parked? Use the Last Parked Location feature in your app to guide you to your vehicle's last known parked location.

• Guest Drivers Alerts and Notifications

Set predetermined driver privileges by activating the Guest Driver Profile in your app and get notified if limits are exceeded.

• Vehicle maintenance alerts and health reports

Check your maintenance alerts and see your vehicle’s health status in just a few taps.

• Drive Pulse

Use Drive Pulse to monitor how you drive and learn how to become an even more efficient driver!

With select 2022 vehicles, experience a range of new Connected Services features designed to help you get the most out of your vehicle and assist you every day. Some of the new features you can enjoy include:

• Last Mile Navigation

Get directions sent from your vehicle to your smartphone via the Toyota app to get you the final steps of the way.

• My Destinations

Set up to 20 destinations like home and work that can be saved and sent to your vehicle making it easy to reach your destination.

• Integrated Streaming

Access your favorite audio streaming service and control it straight from the head unit without having to plug in or pair your mobile device.

• User Profile

Customize your profile by creating a profile name and adding a personal image.

Downloading the Toyota app also gives you access to other great features:

• Owner’s Manual & Warranty Guides

Access your owner’s manual and warranty guides instantly.

• Dealer Locator

Login to the app and search for the closest Toyota Dealer and save your preferred dealer for future reference.

• Service Scheduling

Let the app assist you when it’s time to schedule your next service appointment.

• Roadside Assistance

In the event you need Roadside Assistance, login to the app for Roadside Assistance contact information.

(1) Available services vary by vehicle and subscription type.

(2) Remote services: Be aware of vehicle surroundings. Operate when legal and safe (e.g., do not start engine in enclosed space or if occupied by a child). See Owner’s Manual for limitations.

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lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:1.2.2 Publish Date:2021-11-23 Developer:Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

User Reviews


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Robert Romero 2020-10-18

I had trouble with it until I removed an insurance tracking device from my OBD II port. Now it works fine. Love how it monitors location, fuel, tire pressure, mileage, etc. Edit: It\'s back to its flaky ways. Hasn\'t connected for over a week after working fine for 3 months. Update: I called Toyota about it, and they sent me to the dealer. The curious thing is that the app started working again the next morning, BEFORE I went to the dealer. They could find nothing wrong with the car, and told me it has the latest software. I don\'t know if my complaint prompted Toyota to get it to work, but it is working...for now. Update 9-2-2020: Was working 4 days ago (8-29/2020), but stopped working again. Have no idea why. Update: The dealer updated the firmware, and now it works. We\'ll see for how long. Update 10/17/20: The app has been working, EXCEPT it no longer does push notifications when I leave the door unlocked. I have to MANUALLY go into the app to check the status. Why the change??? Also, it now takes much longer to log in.
Rob Foglesong 2020-07-19

Always having to re-log in about every other session. Then it always stalls logging in, so i have to close out and relaunch it a second time after in, then it logs in. This is all the time. Needs an update. It has to be about switching Wi-Fi networks. Something is telling it the phone is somewhere new and for security it makes me log in again. But i want to be able to turn the car on quickly, not after fighting with an app for five minutes. Every. Time.
Alex Thorlton 2021-01-24

Takes forever to load, and fails to load half the time. It\'s not even close to the same as having a regular remote start. It\'s easier to just go outside and start the vehicle than to fight with this app. Toyota responded to this review to tell me to submit feedback through the app, but I\'m not going further out of my way to help them debug issues that they\'re clearly already aware of.
Chris Kibler 2020-02-16

It worked for two weeks, now I just get a spinning wheel whenever I open the app. Just bought a new 2020 RAV4 hybrid. I have a trial period to use this app then Toyota wants me to pay $80 a year for access to this app that obviously doesn\'t work. It\'s bad enough that Toyota wants to nickel and dime their customers for subscriptions to navigation and safety features on new vehicles, now they\'ve just proven these \"services\" don\'t work. No way am I paying for this. This is my first and last Toyota.
Daniel Subroski 2020-06-21

It would be useful to have an option to stay logged in or at least remember your user name. Having to input your name and password each time makes it frustrating. Especially if you want to just lock your doors or check gas. Another feature that could be improved is the recent trips panel. It only stores one trip that it picks at random. Also, when you touch the panel it shows a map that is basically zoomed out to orbit of the damn planet and does not show where you traveled. Not very useful.
Britni 2020-08-16

It worked great for the first month. Now it won\'t connect to my RAV4 XSE 2020 the majority of the time. It just stays trying to connect with a loading circle. It works when it wants (and perfectly fine when it does) but then won\'t reconnect again for days. I have tried logging out, clearing cache, uninstalling, hooking it up directly by cable to my vehicle, all with no success. Also, you can only view your tire pressures through the app, so since it won\'t update it\'s never current.
Darryl B 2020-07-29

I don\'t understand why I\'m getting logged out every single day, I checked the \"keep me logged in\" box. I sent an email for feedback, no response. I don\'t understand why this is an issue. This is 2020. The original app never logged me out.
Huntoo Hamling 2021-02-17

You\'d think after buying a $30,000 car from Toyota, they would give you something as simple as remote start and a map application complementary...but nope! $8 a month and you can have both those things! $8 is not much, but still quite ridiculous for something that should come already with the vehicle. Shame a multibillion dollar car company has to be so greedy.
David Kuzman 2021-02-08

This app worked for about a week after I bought my car in late 2019. So after over a year, I paid a monthly fee to give it another try, as having the remote start would be amazing during the winter months. Not shockingly it still does not work at all. I can\'t even link my car to the app at all now. So despite giving Toyota well over a year to fix this app, I see nothing has changed. Don\'t waste your time on this.
David Gibson 2021-01-31

Update to this App. It is worse now than it was a few months ago and yet there has been no update on the app store for it. (Have had 2 updates for my car though) The app crashes instantly or just goes to a black screen and sits there. My car wants me to use Etune, but Toyota canceled this app for the 2020 vehicles and wants you to use this Toyota app. But it does nothing, I may call the number Toyota provided if I ever get the time to do so. I work when they are open.