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Description of Trade Island

Your adventure on a lost island in The Tribez universe begins here! Become the mayor of a small tropical town and come up with the best strategy for development. You will have to farm, build, and produce goods to lead your people to prosperity and happiness in this island simulation with beautiful graphics.

Build houses for residents, farm and harvest crops, manufacture and trade goods, grant wishes of your people, and discover uncharted lands. The island holds many secrets and unique artifacts, so you can be sure that this adventure will keep you glued to the screen for months to come!

Unlike other farm games, Trade Island offers immersive gameplay that focuses on characters and their personalities instead of just making you merely build, farm and trade all the time. Experience a new type of city-building game – one that effortlessly combines adventure, strategy, town development and even interpersonal relations with your island residents!

• A living world in your game! The residents of the city have their own independent lives; they like to socialize, work, and have fun. Build homes, expand lands – your island never sleeps!

• A realistic market economy! Farm the lands, harvest crops, get raw materials, produce goods, and strike the best deals. Trading with your citizens never gets old!

• Charming characters! Make friends with the cute town residents. Grant their wishes, and take part in their amazing life stories!

• Unbelievable adventure! The island is full of mysteries that only you can solve. Search for pirate treasure, investigate strange anomalies, or examine a village of a long-lost civilization!

• Cars! Make the city streets livelier with transportation. Organize the traffic in the city, and assemble a unique collection of vintage automobiles!

• Cozy Caribbean landscapes! Find yourself on an island with pristine beaches, elegant palm trees, and gentle surf.

Build the island of your dreams! Start your fabulous adventure and get rich!

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:3.10.9 Publish Date:2021-12-09 Developer:Game Insight

User Reviews


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Jo VanWagenen 2019-04-01

it\'s with a heavy heart I will be deleting the game, I\'ve tried and tried for well over a year. it is getting virtually impossible to complete any buildings or expand. And the new ocean area you can\'t get anything to complete the expansions. Unless you spend a ton of money. That seems to be the name of the game lately with them it\'s turned into a cash cow. it\'s the same event over and over again. I give up
bridgett simpson 2020-04-05

I like the game but every time I\'m not playing a game if I click on the game or my game pop up and then there\'s just sales going on and I end up pushing a button and I am getting charged for something that I did not want to purchase with gems so I end up losing gems that\'s what I don\'t like b cus when I\'m not playing the game at that time oops is not liked at all ok u should return people money when ur item r so high n cost every game I played is costing a lot n gems that not fair ok
Josslynn Morison 2020-08-28

I love this app. It\'s so fun & involved. Suggestions: I cannot add friends using the code. The game doesn\'t allow me to type or copy/paste. The ability to move decorations back into inventory. The ability to move all buildings. More axes. They seem hard to come by. More max energy. Hire more builders.
Claire Landry 2020-09-15

I love this game! So much fun! Can\'t get enough of it, addictive! Update 9/14/20 the game hasn\'t updated in such a long time, there\'s nothing more to do. It\'s the same old quests over and over now! Boring! I\'m going to delete and move on. Shame, cause it really was such a great game!
Carl Meehan 2020-06-28

From 5 to 3 stars as there is a serious lack of hammers rewarded in comparison to other tools and yet hammers are the most needed and there have been times when trading items at the small airport where it has gave me absolutely nothing (happened three times) - must be a glitch that\'s gone under the radar. There\'s also a few unavailable locations on a map that I now can\'t progress any further on.
Racheal Leon 2020-08-12

Not enough room to put new buildings on! Takes hour\'s to wait for builders to finish up grade. Can\'t settle Keylani or Ruby star into a house because there requirements are too hard to complete. Haven\'t been able to accomplish plant growing challenges! 3x ...Or caught the panda bear challenge. Or the dinosaur...Need more room in the game for building\'s wish you had more control on how you want your city to be built. Practically Trade island cities Look all the same... It is set in sequence.
cc 2020-04-13

Great little game, still needs work though, ability to store shops and buildings, the gold income from houses is an absolute joke, too many buildings are fixed (cannot be moved) and practically every single prize present requires gems to open it. Games controls is rubbish (scrolling up & down v left & right). Happy to invest with real money, in time to play. The TribeZ is much better and don\'t even bother looking at TribeZ Beta.
Lisa Hawk 2020-04-02

I love this game! Graphics are beautiful, to say the least. Folks who made this game deserve a huge THANK YOU! Truly, deserving of a 10 star rating, if were possible. Quite easy to obtain land (compared to other games). Everything runs smoothly. Always something to do on my island... Always Fun! Thank you again!
arlene julaton 2020-11-05

I really enjoy this game because of the adventure and planting, profits, building projects and quest and adventure. Very exciting but sometimes I do not know I can\'t open it even I have a good internet connection. Now why I cannot upgrade city hall to the next level. And there\'s no more option to unlock new territory ☹️. Plus for adventures it says island available soon but how many months already. I think it you need to update the game.
Mr King Gujarati 2020-11-01

Absolutely stunning game.. Very addictive...No words to say.. Excellent graphics animation, but area is very congested instead of putting those extra map of sail you could have expanded the main city map.. Very sad to see less space.y you cannot rotate any objects, house nor fence etc..and I literally hate that fire keeps catching house in every 2 minutes very irritating..