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Traders Plus | تریدرز پلاس‎



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Description of Traders Plus | تریدرز پلاس‎

TradersPlus provides access to more than 100 of Iran's Stock Brokers' online system for all stock market users. Just add the broker to your homepage and log in.

Access or view stock market and cryptocurrency data without needing to enter to an online platform.

TradersPlus has made it all easy.

TradersPlus Application Features :

Login and access to all brokers

Choose more than one broker for login

Using finger print to login to brokers online platform

Market info display

Gold and precious metals info display

Currency and Crypto currency info display

Create portfolio to watch the latest prices

Symbol info display

Change display settings

Market Map

News, market info, education and signal channels

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.12.0 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:ZoiTek

User Reviews


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Aaryaa Faraaz 2020-07-10

Can\'t Login because can\'t find my account, while I can login by the same username and password in the web browser!!!!!
Amir M 2020-07-07

Unable to login. Not even by the old username, like you suggested in the patch.
Saeid Salehi 2020-04-30

1.I cant login after update, 2.appear a message in my portfolio always(if i login)3,it work very slow than previous version(if i login)
Mehdi Abdi 2020-06-18

I had same problem, after updating to new version I couldn\'t login. I tried to install the old version but it doesn\'t work too. At last I uninstalled the old one and installed the last version again, now that\'s working fine.
Saeed Shiri 2020-04-08

No way can get it to work. I can\'t log on using my user and password. Donno what is wrong with it ! Plz hlp
Alireza Soroush 2020-04-07

When you sort your stocks in real time portfolio, you can see some stocks is not sorted. Please modify this drawback... thanks... In recent versions, there is many stock titles in real time portfolio, that I have sold previously. This issue has damaged my real time portfolio view.
Hosein Yousefifazl 2020-07-07

In order to install and use new version you should first uninstall the old version on your phone... then install from Google play or elsewhere
ahmadreza abdollahi 2020-03-09

Hi, i want to report a bug! When I click on options. It opens, but it\'s bigger than my phone\'s screen size! The program also crashes in split screen view when I\'m paying money. Thanks.
Rahman Hafezi 2020-11-03

After update, you can not login. It\'s terrible ! A.w.e.f.u.l !!!!!
Siamak Mshboobi 2019-06-29

Good, but sometimes it will not load