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Description of Traffic Run!: Driving Game

Wanna go for a drive and enjoy a traffic game? Navigate your vehicle on the road to avoid traffic without crashing any cars and reach the goal. There is traffic in front of you, but you must run and drive through the traffic. If you drive carefully, you will level up easily. This game is 3D graphic so you feel like you are driving for real.

Drive all kinds of vehicles with your skill: trucks, station wagons, vans, jeeps, limousines, sports cars, and more by earning coins and level up! You can also change the car’s color to your favorite one! Vehicles cross the street at fast and furious speeds and race down asphalt roads, highways, railroad crossings and roundabouts. The object of this game is to cross the street without crashing into other cars. Drive on the asphalt carefully, but don’t be too cautious! You won’t be able to reach the goal if you hesitate. But beware of traffic lights, roundabouts and railroad crossings... And, of course, the police!

Cops and police are everywhere, especially during rush hour. You may be pulled over by the cops or police, but don’t worry! Keep driving and drifting! This is an ultimate hyper-action casual game, created by a Japanese hypercasual studio, Geisha Tokyo.

Pick me up, or I can pick you up for a drive!

Please share on your social media, such as Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok and let us know of your progress! Take screenshots and share with your friends. Enjoy the ride and compete with your friends! If you enjoy playing games such as level up, police or cop, drift, or car parking games then you will love and enjoy Traffic Run!

How to Play:

Traffic Run! is super easy to control and navigate! Use your instinct! Tap and hold to drive forward. Simply let go to make your vehicle stop. Earn coins placed on the road. No need to manually turn on curves. Super simple and intuitive controlling system available for all types of devices!

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More Information Of Traffic Run!: Driving Game

lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.0.4 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Geisha Tokyo, Inc.

User Reviews


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Katherine Chase 2019-04-27

Love this App! I like the graphics and levels and wish it had an add free purchase option, because it would definitely be worth it to cut down in the adds to enjoy moregameplay!!! I love going up through the levels and occasionally staging crashes just for fun! I also like that there is no penalty for crashing other than starting the level over! makes it quite entertaining!
Venomous Spyro 2019-05-02

Ads Ads and more Ads. I\'ve played the game 5 minutes and you probably shown more ads than most apps after 2 hours. Every few levels? You get an Ad. Every Death? You get an Ad. To unlock cars? You guessed it. More Ads. The game itself isn\'t awful but the levels are too easy. No challenge at all. The idea of the game has potential but this game in it\'s current state is a money grab. Nothing more. EA level of greed.
Storm Reach 2019-06-05

good time waster, try to beat your high score after you unlock all of the cars. sometimes if the level is designed just so, you can end up leaving the road and the game can softlock, for example jumping across a river and then heading straight into a T intetsection the car can bounce over the intersection. other than that quirk it\'s a fun little game.
Emily Weisiger 2020-11-16

I love it it has amazing cars and it is super awesome on the levels because the levels dont stay the same like being easy every level gets harder so that is one reason why I love this game. The cars I have unlocked look kind of look like real cars. And I am not a baby I am an teen and i love this game. And there is a lot of ads but what you can fo to fix that is turn off your wifi on your phone and then there will be no more ads.😁😁
Jack Freyer 2019-07-30

This game not only looks fun, when you play it also really is fun. It\'s a hard game, but yeah if you see the ad, you are bound to think this is easy, but it is much harder than it looks. If you are someone who likes challenges, then this game is for you. The target audience, I personly would recomend, 9-12 years of age. It is a really fun game, trust me. Ask anyone who has played it and they will agree with me, with no doubt. Once you get on this game, you can\'t stop. Play this game, it\'s awesom
Riddler Returns 2020-10-03

A good game that my 4 year old boy really loves, ruined by the sheer volume of advertising. I don\'t normally write reviews. Yet felt compelled to let others know. It\'s all the time, every click another advert, he spends more time trying to get past adverts then playing the game. Greedy produces have ruined the gaming experience. Shame on you
Yevia Rancourt 2019-10-01

I\'m not usually one to complain about ads, but seriously they\'re obnoxiously bad in this. The levels take only a few seconds, but you get an ad at the end of every level. And the ads are literally longer than the level. Seriously, you\'ll spend more time watching add than playing the game, unless you feel compelled to fork up $3 to go ad free. Personally, I don\'t like being forced to purchase the ad free version in order to make a game playable.
Justin Santos 2019-12-23

My 3 year old boy completely loves this games, he is very good it at to so I like the fact that it\'s teaching him at the same time.... Different cars, colours, stage layouts, etc.... Very cool and we are now passed level 700 so that in itself attest to how worthy this game is..... Well done guys! The only reason I have given 4 and not 5 stars is that once we have purchased all the cars, there\'s is no more progression other than the actual stages....... Great game especially considering it\'s free
Val Hendrick 2019-06-20

This game has been so fun!! A little challenging at times, but I like challenging games. The game has been smooth and easy to complete, untill level 78. I don\'t know if it\'s just my phone, but at 37/38 % through the game, it won\'t let me jump over one of the riveres, so my car just falls in the water. Again, up untill level 78, this game was super fun to play. plese if someone is at or farther than level 78, tell me if this level was good or bad.
Dakota gollon hayes 2019-04-23

game glitches every 2 seconds. tons of ads. you can tell this was a cash grab with how little effort was put in, and how many ads appear. not worth your time as levels never get harder. it looks like a endless game but really it\'s just levels where you skip through traffic like frogger. half of your car disappears, or the game briefly freezes all the time. Don\'t play this game, as it just is awful.