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Description of Translate All, Text & Voice Translator - Tranit

Tranit is a powerful translate app supporting hindi translate and 100+ other local language translation. No need to pay for one hour translation tranit sever as an all-in-one online translate app.

It is an essential translator for everyone traveling, business, and learning with rich translation features including screen translation, voice translation, file translation, web page translation, etc.

Stunning Features

★ All Language Supported

Tranit is expert in india's local language transaltion which enables you to translate English into Hindi (hindi ko english me translate karna hai), translate English to Malayalam, translate English to Punjabi text, translate from English to Marathit, English to Tegulu spelling translation and translation from english to tamil. Meanwhile other global language is also supported, including Japanese to English translation, English to Turkish translation, translation English to Korean, etc.

★ Voice Translator: Speak & Voice Translate

The translate app allows users to speak and translate voice to text (voice typing). Then the automatic voice translator will quickly and accurately recognize the voice input by the user, translate directly into the language you set, and read the translation result aloud through the text-to-voice feature.

Voice translator all language supports Hindi to English voice translation, English to Urdu voice translation, Hindi to Kannada voice translation, Hindi to Telugu voice translation, English to Hindi voice translator, Hindi to Malayalam voice translator and all other language translation to help you talk freely with foreign speakers and break down language barriers

★ Screen translator/Floating Ball Translation

Drag the translation floating ball onto any text you want to translate on any apps or web page, and target translation will be displayed in one second. Double click on the floating ball to activate “Translate All" feature on automatic screen translator and enjoy fluent page translation.

★Camera Tranlator/Image Text Translator

With smart OCR feature, any text could be translated directly using your mobile camera without need of text input. Any text in all formats of files and images could be auto detected and translated.

★ Text Translator/Chat Translator

When you're chatting with your friends using a variety of social apps, Tranit enables you to quickly translate the text of the speech bubbles and input boxes, making your communication with foreign language friends smooth.

>>Bubble Text Translator: Drag the floating ball to the chat bubbles content or a paragraph of text.

>>Input Box Translation: Drag and drop the floating ball to the text in the input box, it would be translated.

>>Clipboard Text Translation: Copy the text, and click the floating ball to translate

★ Screen Translator

Whether you are using social networking to chat with others, or you are accessing a page on browser, Tranit helps you instantly translate foreign languages into your target language without switching out to translation apps.

★File Tanslator

All formats of files are supported including doc, pdf& txt word file and other files format like xls, rtf, etc.

★ Collection of translation results

Add your translation results to favorites, and review them anytime, anywhere.

In this way you could try to pick up a foreign language and use tranit as your online dictrionary.

Tranit smartly detects your source language and will automatically translate text and words into the language you need.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-11-16 Developer:Tranit Team

User Reviews


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Destination Of Life 2020-03-21

really It\'s awesome apps. Specially i like it very much. It\'s a helpful apps for our generation. Here is no bad effect. It will be always help us for our speak in other friends.
Nancy Bedi 2020-05-23

I never thought that there\'d be an \'app\' which will be so accurate with the translation of and from any language ...it is still so unrealistic ...Many of .y freinds who had earlier felt it uneasy in expressing themselves in English language now take pride in their new found ability to work in a language which was not very long ago felt like a ghost language...Thanks All because of this wonderful app.😊🥰
Mershack Tugah 2020-06-30

Wow, i just love this app it my first time seeing something like such and its really a true translator, it very good in translating any kind of letters to any other language of your choice, what i really appreciate more about this app is the way it record your voice and translate it to text i think is really amazing, wow i love this app, it can even take picture of any text and translate it. You can share a text with any other media wow. I thank the developers for such a wonderful app done.
Riakau Iraita 2020-04-09

Perfect app but it will be more enjoyable and understandable if you it could be running without internet (offline )
Yezy Cherry 2020-05-21

This translator is definitely one of my top 5 apps. The user interface is modern and easy to understand with no bloating of ads. The translating is top notch, very fast and efficient. High five to the dev team on creating such an amazing app which makes Google Translate look even worse. Will recommend to others! 5 stars.
Merselino Liguori 2020-04-04

This is very helpful! I\'m working much better with this and and communicating is going faster and easy now.
abid khan 2020-03-03

Ad free, Works Perfectly, Beautiful UI. What do you want more??? Just Awesome Developer And His/Her Excellent app. (I Like it)
UB 2020-06-10

It\'s a good app but giving 3 stars because of annoying issue. I clicked on \"Off\" button to off the app but still after some time the translation icon appears on my phone. When I open the app then the app is still \"Off\". The translation button on side of my phone should not come when I have app in \"Off\" mode. But it does. Need to fix it otherwise I have to uninstall because even when it is \"Off\", the button appears on my phone after some time automatically without \"On\".
Healing Wound 2020-03-24

It cannot copy the text in the telegram or change the language at the time of the translation until we get to its menu... Although it another translation apps
DJ BLUE 2020-03-03

I was happy when I used it for the 1st time but after Useing for 3 4 time I found that I leave Some IMG on Screen and To get Rid of it you need to Reboot your phone 😌😟😏😡