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Description of Translate voice - Translator

📧 You can hold a conversation in any language , with the help of voice translator, translating different texts and use the button to talk application.

📚 Learn languages quickly and easily, speaks your language to translate from written or spoken in the language of your choice , more than 80 languages in text as Spanish English, French, German Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and 44 languages spoken as those mentioned above and many others like Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Indonesian, Turkish and Vietnamese.

📝 Also corrects spelling, word suggestion, preserves the history with your latest translations, share texts directly to IM , social networking, mail, search engine, notes and other applications you have installed.

Talkao translate voice is able to translate voice into several language. you can use the voice recognition system and listen your translation as well. Talkao translate voice has word suggestion and spelling correction, spanish and english dictionary.

You can check all your translations in search history, get synonyms using the dictionary. Share text and audios to other apps.

📱 Translate in voice - Language Translator may contain advertising.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:337.0 Publish Date:2022-05-11 Developer:Talkao - Talk & Translate

User Reviews


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John Akuzzi 2019-08-07

This is a very wonderful App, an indispensable tool in global business. I had problems communicating with my cluebts in Istanbul and Ukraine, with this App all my worries are gone i can send and receive messages and translate them in voice and text in real time.
Pizza TheHut 2019-05-15

useless if after every word an add appears. can\'t translate anything . not paying a dime unless it works. it won\'t work unless you type the foreign words. if I knew how to text the words, I wouldn\'t need an app now would I? garbage
Agnieszka Kata 2019-03-30

VERY helpful and user friendly!! Love it!!! But.... is there an option to slow down the spoken translation?... sometimes it comes so fast that it is hard to make out the actual sound of the translated text in order to repeat it properly... maybe this option is there but I just missed it?...
Joe Black 2019-08-04

Can\'t even fully try the app before buying because if the massive amount of ads. Plus it\'s just another subscription service designed to take your money forever. I would have bought it for a once off payment.
Brandie P 2020-05-01

This app is not worth paying for when there are hundreds for free it does nothing special it\'s no more advanced doesn\'t have any more features than all the free ones if anything it has less features it only has like three or four to choose from. Don\'t waste your time go to a free one!
arefe n 2019-06-07

Really great! It correctly recognize my voice and translate it exactly right! The only problem is that it does not write Chinese pinyin for all texts. Can you please fix it? Thanks a lot!!
Andrew Tyler 2020-06-30

Constantly pushing to make you pay, and it\'s way too much money. The thing is full of ads to begin with and asks you to rate after every single translation. I\'ve never wanted to not learn a second language so badly... Just Sad. It translates decently, no better than Google, I\'m sure it just makes an api call to Google translate to do the work anyway, I could write a better free version of this ad in a week. Guess I found my next little project lol
Cyndy Vue 2020-06-19

Good at translation from English to another language when using voice, but not the other way around. I tried my native language in hopes it could translate it to English and it failed.
Pete Nik 2021-01-02

Very good app however every time I translate a certain language I cannot hear again unless I repeat my self. Be much better if there was a certain butto to press, so everyone can just listen and learn how to speak it.
Darcy Marie Ritter 2020-07-27

Don\'t do it, its a SCAM. Bought the 1 year membership and after 30 days I amazingly don\'t have a subscription. Google said yep you paid but its after 30 days too bad, contact developers. So I did twice, and received no response. DO NOT BUY THIS APP...IT IS A SCAM. ONLY WORKS FOR 30DAY THEN THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY.