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Description of Translate

Free Translator 🇺🇸 Translate all languages! 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 🇧🇷

Problems with communication? travel? studies? Download iGlot, one of the best tools of Google Play.

Now you can instantly translate to and from 100 different languages whenever you want, from your mobile device or tablet! Simply type the phrase you want to translate, select the source language and the language into which you want to do the translation and press the "Translate" button. In the box below the text, the translation will be displayed and ready to be copied to any other application, email, sms, whatsapp, facebook or whatever you want.

Moreover, so you have a better understanding of the translated language, we have a button that says the words with the original accent. Whether it's because you're learning languages or because you're traveling to a country where the language could be a barrier, this is perfect translator for you. You shouldn´t travel without this great application!

If you want to share your translations with your friends, you can easily publish directly to your facebook wall, send it through WhatsApp or facebook messenger, email, sms or any other application you have installed on your mobile device.

In case you can not write, or if you wish another person to speak to you in another language, you can use the voice recognition available in this translator and immediately the spoken words will happen to be readable and translatable in a text. Just press the microphone icon and go!

The use of this application is 100% free and open but you must have an internet connection (WiFi, 3G or LTE) to access the translation server.

100 different languages are available so you can translate without limits in the same application.

The languages offered by this translator are: Afrikaans (af), Albanian (sq), Amharic (am), Arabic (ar), Armenian (hy), Azerbaijani (az), Basque (eu), Belarusian (be), Bengali (bn), Bosnian (bs), Bulgarian (bg), Catalan (ca), Cebuano (ceb), Chichewa (ny), Chinese Simplified (zh-CN), Chinese Traditional (zh-TW), Corsican (co), Croatian (hr), Czech (cs), Danish (da), Dutch (nl), English (en), Esperanto (eo), Estonian (et), Filipino (tl), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Frisian (fry), Galician (gl), Georgian (ka), German (de), Greek (el), Gujarati (gu), Haitian Creole (ht), Hausa (ha), Hawaiian (haw), Hebrew (iw), Hindi (hi), Hmong (hmv), Hungarian (hu), Icelandic (is), Igbo (ig), Indonesian (id), Irish (ga), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Javanese (jv), Kannada (kn), Kazakh (kk), Khmer (km), Korean (ko), Kurdish (ku), Kyrgyz (ky), Lao (lo), Latin (la), Latvian (lv), Lithuanian (lt), Luxembourgish (lb), Macedonian (mk), Malagasy (mg), Malay (ms), Malayalam (ml), Maltese (mt), Maori (mi), Marathi (mr), Mongolian (mn), Myanmar (my), Nepali (ne), Norwegian (no), Pashto (ps), Persian (fa), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Punjabi (pa), Romanian (ro), Russian (ru), Samoan (sm), Scots Gaelic (gd), Serbian (sr), Sesotho (st), Shona (sn), Sindhi (sd), Sinhala (si), Slovak (sk), Slovenian (sl), Somali (so), Spanish (es), Sundanese (su), Swahili (sw), Swedish (sv), Tajik (tg), Tamil (ta), Telugu (te), Thai (th), Turkish (tr), Ukrainian (uk), Urdu (ur), Uzbek (uz), Vietnamese (vi), Welsh (cy), Xhosa (xh), Yiddish (yi), Yoruba (yo), Zulu (zu).

If the translator is to your liking, we thank you to qualify us positively to further improve. We appreciate very much your opinions

Thank you very much for using our translator!

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:Translator 11.0.9 Publish Date:2021-12-05 Developer:TRANSLATE

User Reviews


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the obediah project 2019-07-17

I\'ve had this on my phone for a long time but recently had started not been able to translate certain languages and I need this to work properly it works fine now but sometimes it\'s a little off now this new version might be better so we\'ll see how it goes I enjoy this this is a very good translator and I appreciate it
Randhir Singh 2020-05-31

I like this app very much.It\'s very helpful to me in translating many languages to the other.I don\'t need to think much now.It\'s very easy to convert languages by using this app.It also helps me to learn new languages and much about my orignal language.Thanks for this app.
DragonAgeBabe 2020-11-21

The best translation app I have ever found! There are a large variety of languages to choose from, and the design and layout is super simple to use. There are some ads, but you can translate several things before you get an ad, and the longest ad I have ever gotten is only 5 seconds, so no trouble at all! The translations are all very accurate too. I\'ve tested some bizarre phrases and checked with my many international friends and they haven\'t found a single error with translations. A must have!
Liberty Sionil 2020-05-18

response well and very fast, even though not exactly gave the right phrases you\'ve wanted but it seem easy to understand and add what some term in yourself to complete the translation. I was glad that i got a chance to go in this Translate and it makes my work easy and it help me a lot. Thank you.
Ajay Kumar sah 2020-10-03

Very good give the right meaning of everything and in all languages. Yes! 😋 some ads come in between but still it\'s the right app you want for any translating or meaning problem. Keep the work like this only. Please try and install this app right now. 🙂😃
Jesus Nazareth 2019-08-23

This App is not working and will not translate the whole sentence or paragraph. I have uninstalled this app.
CS MK Khan 2019-03-31

This Application is totally waste. it does not translate the sentences but only few words plus this application trying to oversmart but putting unnecessary things in translation...like when you say \"The Developer is mad guy....Applications replies that \"PLEASE LEAVE THE APP.\" you can try yourself saying some negative things about applicaiton and the application responds very strangely.
Pramod Sharma 2020-09-24

This is the best app because it give us appropriate meaning and it doesn\'t give us only hindi to english translater this app has so many language french , spanish,chinese and more it is an amazing app. Yes, it has too many ads but still it is good .. I suggest you please install this app it is easy to use too
atmanarayan cbse 2019-12-02

This is very useful app please download it, it works very fast, and type very correct sentence at a time. Highly recommended please download it .it is user friendly and easy to access. I am very happy with this.
Sonam Jain 2020-11-26

It is a very helpful and good app I think it\'s the best but the negative point is if we translate it in tough language it doesn\'t pronounce it . But if u know the language u can easily read it But it\'s the best translator app