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Description of Translr:Transgender Hookup & Crossdresser Dating

Translr is an online transgender dating app, designed specifically for transsexuals, transgender people, cross dressing men and their admirers to look for serious trans dating relationships and quick causal hookups. It is well known as an adult ladyboy dating app that is well welcomed by many adult hook up finders and is considered as a good place to find suitable hookups. As long as you are over 18 years old and interested in causal hookups, Translr is open to you.

Why Can Translr be an attractive trans dating app?

1. Larger user base

Translr is dedicated to helping transsexuals, transgender and crossdressers search for their suitable hook up dating relationships. It welcomes multiple kinds of people, including MTF, FTM, TS singles and transsexuals. In addition, these cisgender people who are interested in trans causal hookups can also join this local hookup app. And this good dating app is not only open to singles, but also married hookup finders. That is to say, no matter who you are, as long as transsexual hookups are what you are looking for, this attractive dating app can meet your needs. In a word, it is an interesting and friendly community to meet male-to-female, female-to-male,

pre-op male-to-female, post-op male-to-female, pre-op female-to-male, or post-op female-to-male, androgynous, intersexed male and intersexed female.

2. Richer features

In addition to the larger user base that can guarantee more chances for users to find amazing adult hookups, these richer features are another reason why it is one of these most popular online trans dating apps. While looking for their ideal causal hookups, users can also enjoy a lot of fun brought by this good dating app because of its rich features. 1. Spark function:Though looking for local adult hookup partner is a number game, Spark can enable users to enjoy the fun of looking for ideal dates. By swiping right and left, you can encounter your Mr.Right easily. 2. Filter function: By entering your requirements for your future suitable online hookup partner, all these people presented can meet your desires which can simplify and shorten the searching process. 3. Moments function: As the highlight of this online dating app, it provides a place for users to make new friends and get into a deep knowledge of their potential adult hookup dates.

3. Genuine user groups

To provide a healthy transgender dating atmosphere and pleasant user experience, it will try its best to offer genuine user groups and screen out scams. In order to ensure the authenticity of the user group, Translr takes several measures. Firstly, users are encouraged to upload verification photo to verify their identity. And these verified users will access more chances for causal trans hookups. Secondly, report and feedback functions are added. Users can take initiative to report these suspicious members and then the support team will look into it. Thirdly, Translr is equipped with a professional support team to monitor this environment. And these swindlers will be deleted and banned from this online hook up site.

Who is Translr open to?

Translr is dedicated to all kinds of transgender individuals such as transgender women & men, ladyboys, cross-dressers, panty boys, sissy boys, shemales, trannies and so on. And these males and females who show interest in online transgender dates are also allowed to join this adult dating app.

How to use Translr:

1. Create a new account with a real email address

2. Complete and enrich your profile with things important to you

3. Set your dating preference and requirements for future dates

4. Chat with these unique messaging system

5. Nearby and filter function help you meet trans people nearby

6. Plan an online or offline date night

Our commitments to you:

We pay more attention to review our member profiles and activities. To avoid fake profiles or scammers, we preview all profiles, photos and moments manually, so it is totally safe to place a profile here.

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More Information Of Translr:Transgender Hookup & Crossdresser Dating

lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:3.5.2 Publish Date:2021-08-21 Developer:XSwipin App

User Reviews


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Emerald Santana 2019-06-02

first off, let me say theres no way so many people gave this a 5 star review. If you are ok with having to pay a stupid price for this dating app that doesnt even let you swipe more then 5 times until you pay to become \"vip,\" then cool this app is for you. but you cant message, hardly see profiles, have only 5 swipes, cant really see who favorite you or liked you.. UNLESS you pay for \"VIP.\" This is a joke.. you better off giving your money to P.O.F or other dating apps that has more flexibility.
Ryan Legow 2019-04-16

So far this app is pretty pathetic. You can\'t even keep swiping without paying for the VIP service. Without paying you get only 5 \"likes\" a day. After 5 you\'re done for the day unless you pay. You can\'t search nearby without paying, can\'t chat without paying, and there just seems to be a lack of users. I will give this a few more days and then I\'m out.
Alec McFaul 2019-12-12

Even tinder let\'s you chat. This app charges a steep monthly fee to simply chat with someone. Just use tinder or grindr. It\'s a buggy, greedy app that needs alot of work. Lots of times swiping left doesnt remove the person from the feed or they just reappear after 1 or 2 more swipes. It\'s a broken, predatory app that needs to be fixed. If I could give 0 stars I would. Avoid this app.
Ron Zuber 2020-04-08

Definitely not free. You can look, but you can\'t even chat with anyone unless you buy their \"VIP\" which has as steep a price-tag as other money-hungry \'dating\' apps. Don\'t waste your money. 90% of the profiles are probably fakes. Tried again after several months. Everyone who chatted me was a scammer. You have to pay to chat. I hope it\'s worth it to them.. but it\'s probably the app owners scamming us.. uninstalling for good. Leaving this to remind me next time I decide to try this app again.
Yodamoo 2019-06-19

Unfortunately you can do little to nothing with this app unless you are willing to pay a subscription. There is absolutely no way that the rating for this app is real. After scrolling through many of the five star ratings, every single one of them seems to have the exact same poor English that is used in the \"About This App\" area. This app is entirely pay to use and the fact that every five star review seems like it was written by my Filipino roommate, it\'s obvious there padding their ratings!
FuchsiaShock 2019-05-24

The app functions, at a basic level, but everything, including talking to people you\'re matched with, is limited to subscription customers, and the cost of the subscription is ridiculous, especially given the fact trans people often suffer poverty.
silas goja 2020-11-06

I don’t why some people tell me this trans app was terrible. I cannot agree with them. Firstly, I love the green design. Then, I like the spark function ad most importantly, I can search the people nearby. As a man who likes trans girls, I can date with different interesting girls from this transgender dating app. But I also find that sometimes, after I change my location, the spark function cann’t be changed quickly. If this problem can be solved, I will love it more.
Chen Lozaga 2020-10-07

hookup partners in this trans app is really a good choice for the person like me who is really busy and don’t want to waste time going to bar . Not many people will accept me ,a trans girl. But in this trans app, I can say things go differently. Everyday, I can receive about three likes and I will choose a person to chat . I am happy in this app because I can use less time and find more partners,what is the most important is that I can just stay at home. A nice hookup app for our trans!
Scott Admins 2019-10-03

Horrible, full of bugs and lazy devs. Paid for a sub, wouldn\'t register, dev\'s wouldn\'t do anything and only suggested I cancel my sub, and couldn\'t refund. Takes days to respond and nothing done. Update* Sub expired and Developers/support has been unresponsive, filing a complaint with Google play store as this app appears to be abandoned and populated with fake profiles. Do not purchase, use another app!
Steven K 2020-02-09

After a bunch of issues with posting profile pic I decided to try 3 month membership. Waste of money mostly scam artists wanting Amazon gift cards or £€$. Certainly wouldn\'t recommend the app.. Fake female profiles luring you to buy upgrades or wanting something. Lots of people not from where they say using Google translate. I bought wasn\'t a lot of money but certainly not worth it so far.