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Description of TriPeaks Solitaire

If you are looking for a new mobile game, you should check out TriPeaks Solitaire. This card game gives a unique twist to classic card games, creating a unique experience for the player. You should consider acquiring this application if you are a fan of card games or would like to start exploring the gaming category. Moreover, you will find TriPeaks to be refreshing and mentally stimulating if you are no longer challenged by standard card games.

Blend of Classic Games

TriPeaks Solitaire is essentially a game that combines the exciting aspects of classic card games. You will notice some interesting nuances of common games such as Spider solitaire and FreeCell. These are combined with the design of TriPeaks

solitaire, making a game that is both fresh and stimulating. Basically, the stack cards in the game are dealt atop, and these are given alongside a pile of cards and a turn card. Like other TriPeaks solitaire games, your goal is to match the cards in order. You can match in any order in either direction of the turn card. For example, you can arrange the cards from king to queen back to king and then to ace and so on.


The TriPeaks Solitaire game is user-friendly, so you will be playing it efficiently without any technical problems. As mentioned earlier, your objective is to organize the cards in order. When you have a consistent streak during the game, you will be awarded some bonus coins. If you manage to complete a game without finishing the cards from the pile, these will be also awarded as bonus coins. There are other ways to earn coins like connecting to social media. The collected coins can be used to play rounds or you can get more cards if you fail to complete a game.

Multimedia Features

When you are playing TriPeaks solitaire, you will enjoy the multimedia features that have been incorporated to make the gaming experience richer. The game has 3D graphics which are appealing and animations have been incorporated to create visual interest. For instance, if you tilt the device, you will see cool parallax effects. Cool music is also played in the background to create the perfect environment for the game. The score played as the default is a tropical casual rhythm.

With this free card game, you will be engaged in a cool game which will relax and kindle your competitive streak. You can play TriPeaks Solitaire for as long as you desire since there are hundreds of fresh and challenging levels to tackle.

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More Information Of TriPeaks Solitaire

lable: Card - Games Current Version:2.0.9 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:mahjong connect

User Reviews


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Ric TheSeagull 2017-04-15

A top game that is well worth downloading if you enjoy solitaire but dispite it\'s fantastic looks and game play, it has a few issues that badly let it down. 1st, the life method is a bad idea as I want to play the game- not wait until I can play. 2nd, the cards are beyond random. Instead of giving you a random full pack, all the individual cards are random- I counted 6 or 7 cards the same and non of some others, this means if you have a greater chance of failing. If not sorted I\'ll install and play another version, as thankfully this isn\'t the only game of this style available!
LOGASH BALAJI 2020-08-04

It\'s one of the worst game I have played because it often hanging and I can\'t able to move after level 34.
Deb G 2020-07-15

Really liked the game until I got to level 29. Played it all day and no way to win it, too few cards and most do not match cards on board. Will uninstall game.
Cynthia Malland 2017-03-24

Glitching out. Sent email to developer to correct the issue. Will re-rate once app is corrected. Will not let me get past level 40 because of the glitch.
Timothy Vaughn 2020-07-27

So far I like the game, but honestly you are asking for a rating way to early. I really cannot give it a true rating this early in the game.
sherri sellers 2020-10-18

The game is great. So far. The ads after every level, win or lose, seems excessive and unnecessary. They really detract from the overall game play. Also, I think a tip or suggestion now and then would make all the ads a little less annoying.
Tina Peddie 2017-03-23

I have cleared the board of level 156 at least 5 times. Cleared all the gold cards at least 10 times but it keeps telling me to try again. I think I\'ll uninstall this game if i can\'t continue to the next level
Denise Atwood 2020-11-21

Ilike this one really good it little better the other i\'ve played.
Dan Coroi 2019-11-21

It\'s a good game,too bad u guys went crazy with the ads.Is it really necessary to have ads after each level? Nobody will want to play the game after a few levels.
Nyana Duck 2016-10-11

It\'s good to keep busy with ,