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Description of Triple Fantasy Premium

Unlock hundreds of legendary Heroes and battle enemies in Triple Fantasy, an unique RPG card battle game.

Save the kingdom from enemies using different card combinations to power up your attack. Unlock quests, upgrade cards, build your strategy and become the hero you were meant to be! Start your journey in the fantastical world of Triple Fantasy!


• Add friends to help you in the battle.

• Plan unique strategies with your cards, use mages, warriors, archers and much more.

• Make powerful combos and surprise your enemies with attacks 100x stronger!

• Card collecting game with a fantastical RPG medieval adventure.

• Easy to play: intuitive gameplay leads you right in for the battle!


• Wherever you are, you can start a battle and pause it to finish later.

• Free to play with no loading time.

• Play with just one hand!

An unique RPG adventure awaits you in Triple Fantasy! Download today and build your legacy in the ultimate turn-based RPG card battle game!

Internet connectivity required to play. In-app purchase options are available.

Join our community:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TripleFantasyGlobal

Having problems? Please contact us in-game under Settings > Customer Center

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More Information Of Triple Fantasy Premium

lable: Card - Games Current Version:6.11.3 Publish Date:2021-06-02 Developer:Gameplete

User Reviews


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Jeremy Smith 2021-01-08

When booted up, this game performs a scan on your phone looking for third party game manipulation apps. It does this without the user\'s permission or notification if you don\'t have these apps. If they\'ll violate your privacy without your permission for that, I wonder what else they\'re violating without informing the user. The app is being reported. Edit: Do you even read the reviews before posting a reply? No further inquiry is needed whenever you blatantly violate privacy.
Austin Hundley 2020-04-19

\"Premium\" version of the game costs money, yet still has ads and in-app purchases. These types of games need to die already. Not worth it at all, play something else. It\'s just your ordinary gacha game with overpriced items and low % rates to get good items, and there\'s an energy limit that slows down game play. It\'s like they took the worst parts of a handful of other games and put them together into another pay to win model.
SButcher ZomBe 2020-07-09

Notorious for stinginess, p2w. The worst is they\'re not only stingy for rewards, also for customer service. That so-called 1:1 inquiry can only handle common issues using useless mechanized templates (e.g. responses for reviews here) and you\'ll be intentionally ignored when you need help for a real problem. Don\'t get deceived by those cute-looking characters, people who behind them are horrible, short-sighted and ungrateful. Happily quitted and not to spend another thousands here.
Xxfinalfantasyx 2020-07-21

If you are going to charge, remove the ads/microtransactions and stamina. This game is a scam.
Kelley Bjarnason 2020-03-11

Updates regularly, works every time I want to play (daily), satisfies my grinding needs. Only issue is that I need to use my glasses to play but that\'s on me. 😉 You can play just for fun or you can invest in strategy. You can even play without spending money.
Robert Junhong Cao 2020-04-29

Overall I\'ve been playing this game for about 3 years now and it\'s been enjoyable. The two things that captured my interest was the mechanics of the game and the pixel art style. Now, downside is that there is not much difference between the free vs \"premium\" as it only gives you a temporary package and YOU STILL HAVE ADS ON BOTH. And I made that realization once I completed the purchase. To the developers, please consider removing the ads for the premium version and I\'ll give it 5 stars!
Zeki Kah 2020-12-30

I love the way cards scale into later stages of this game, it gives you reason to also upgrade cards you don\'t use. Also the ads are not obnoxious at all and give you an extra option to earn some extra rewards. Great game play, nice \"co-op\" like raid bosses you can do with friends. Overal good game!
mike p 2019-08-18

if I could give no stars I would this game won\'t work I get as far as gameplate logo and force close over and over
Michael Figueroa 2020-07-14

Really fun game I used to play, now everytime I start it, the game crashes. Please help me solve this problem. (Phone I use is Samsung galaxy note 10) Thank you for your time if you read this! Much appreciated!!!
selera net 2021-01-11

Fun. Easy to draw legendary for beginners. But getting harder after a week played. The gameplay is good. Strategic card game, with many combos. But in certain areas need some premium currency just to enter is not good for me. Premium currency is very hard to get, and limited too. So Pay2Play on particular modes is the big downside.