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Description of Trivia Crack 2

🧠 Sharpen your mind with Trivia Crack 2, the brain game now FULL OF TOPICS!

Test your knowledge on your favorite TV shows, movies, books, artists and more! And the brain test continues: answer fun general questions in classic categories: Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sport and Geography. Ready to become a trivia star?

Challenge your friends and family to a trivia competition and prove how smart you are! What are you waiting for? Show off your smarts in this brain test.


- Mystery Doors will blow your mind! Can you answer challenging questions correctly and be the last player standing? Lots of CROWNS await!

- Tower Duel is full of adrenaline! Snatch categories from your opponent and stack them! Whoever builds the highest tower wins… will that be you? Let's go!

🎁 PLAY AND PICK A PRIZE. How lucky are you?

Time to get a lot of prizes with this brain game! Unlock hidden rewards and take all the accumulated prizes. Be careful! If you pick the wrong token you'll lose everything you got.

👑 RANK AND FAST. Prove you are a trivia star and reach the top!

Collect as many crowns as you can during the week to achieve the best possible position on theranking. The league will offer incredible prizes for the top 20 players!


Are you a true collector? Get them all! All you have to do is play to get chests. They will provide you with different pieces you'll need to unlock new wheels. And best of all: you can set them as an avatar frame to show off to your fellow players!


You are not alone during this brain test. Teams can have up to 50 members. You can create your own too! What's the point? Send or request lives to other members and play Tower Duel together against other teams!


➤Tic-Tac-5: answer questions in classic mode and get crowns and gold bars.

➤Rescue Rush: show you are a trivia star who can save our game's characters!

➤Pirate Battle: answer questions, bring down your opponent's ships and win gold bars.

➤Lucky Spin: get different prizes randomly such as PowerUps, lives, gold bars or a chest with amazing rewards!

➤Missions: complete them and claim your special prizes.

➤Collections: obtain crowns in the different game modes and win characters to collect.

➤Chat: communicate with other members of the same team through the chat.

➤Trivia Pass: do you want better prizes? You can get the VIP Membership and acquire the Trivia Pass.

What are you waiting for? Download the game now and become the smartest in town!


For more information, visit https://www.triviacrack2.com

Have questions? Find help at triviacrack2.help.etermax.com or write to us triviacrack2.help@etermax.com

Join our community!

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/triviacrack

- Twitter: @triviacrack

- Instagram: https://instagram.com/triviacrack

- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-TLaR04Abrd7jIoN9k0Fzw

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More Information Of Trivia Crack 2

lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:1.118.0 Publish Date:2021-11-01 Developer:etermax

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

nadia 2019-05-25

I love this game! No regrets whatsoever. A great way to have fun and sharpen tour mind. You can play against random opponents or friends you know and answer questions in all sorts of categories fron geography to entertainment. I 💯% recommend this game!!! 😋
Terri Foster 2019-06-01

Way too many ads. Every time I answer a question I have to view an annoying ad. Sometimes the ad freezes the game. I\'ve lost tower duels because the ads have frozen my game and caused me to force close and when I come back the timer is up. Not to mention its ridiculous to have so many ads in a timed game. I\'d pay a one time fee to remove ads so I could actually enjoy the game but that\'s not an option.
Courtney Dammann 2018-10-26

Fun game with lots of great updates, but bad layout for how to earn lives. 30 minute timer to earn each one, or ask for 5 lives every 3 hours from your team. You end up only being able to play maybe five rounds in any sitting.
Its_Mags 2019-08-12

I love this game. It really teaches me so many new things, showing me the right answer so I can at least learn when I get it wrong. And I can play with friends! Great game. I really reccomend it for any age, but there are some questions that maybe 8 and under wouldnt know? But thanks for Trivia Crack 2! I rate 5 stars! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Camden Welch-Mitchel 2020-03-12

I only have one problem and one problem only with this game; the ads. It is saturated in ads. Every time you press a button, an ad comes up. I love the game itself and i know i can pay for the ads to go away, yet why SO MANY? After every question, after the lose, sometimes even before the round. Its overbearing and if it doesn\'t get under control I\'m deleting this app.
Nikolai Wiltjer 2019-09-29

Very very very awesome game! Love learning these small things I didn\'t know and playing against friends, better than playing games that do not benefit you in any way like most and they make it pretty fun as long as you control your ego and don\'t think your too smart cause this game will surprise you when you mess up on a common knowledge question.
Abby Karlson 2019-12-07

This game is fun because you can learn new things and be praised for knowing things too! Very fun to play with family members and very diverse topics. 👍it can be a little too hard to get all 4 awnsers correct in one go but it feels pretty good when you do prove your knowledge.
Dakota Perry 2019-05-12

This is the slowest loading app on my phone. I\'m going to make the WILD assumption that its due to the animated advertisement ribbon at the top at all times and the 2-3 ads that display everytime I answer wrong on a question. It is almost unplayable due to the large amount of lagging. I don\'t want to watch paint dry, I want to play a game.
Gordon Freeman 2019-06-29

It could have been a good game but unfortunately, greed is more important. The game might as well be called Trivia Ads. Sports questions are insane and US only. You don\'t know which player scored at 32 minutes in 1964 in Texas? Too bad. But the worst part is that you genuinely spend more time watching ads than playing.
Mr. KevinBerry 2020-01-10

Too many ads (I know, I know, it\'s a free game and they gotta make money and normally I would agree but) it really is excessive, every single question you answer theres an ad, on top of the constant ads it plays in the background while you\'re playing. Again, I get ads are going to be part of a free game but there is a point where it just gets ridiculous. Still a generally fun game besides that.