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Description of Trivia Time : Multiple Choice Quiz

★ Trivia Time : Multiple Choice Quiz ★

Love to compete with friends? Challenge your friends and see how many fun trivia questions you can answer correctly. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your score will be. This multiple-choice quiz is fun, addictive, and challenging!

Fun for the whole Family!

Play Trivia Time with your entire family! Answer multiple choice images & questions about topics from all over the world. Test your knowledge and unlock levels as you go along in the game. The questions cover topics from Brands, Celebrities, People, Music, Places, Sports, and a lot more.

Your progress in Trivia Time: Multiple Choice Game is synced with Facebook and Google Plus, so you can play on your phone or tablet and compete with your friends for the highest score!

Trivia Time Features:

★ Multiple choice options for every question

★ Helpful clues! Hints are awarded to help you figure out the answer!

★ Login with Facebook or Google Plus to sync your score and compete with your friends!

★ Ask your Facebook friends for help when stuck!

★ Fun, multiple choice, trivia game to stimulate your brain!

★ Scoreboard where you can compare your ranking with friends.

★ Progress is synced with Facebook and Google Plus, so you can play on your phone or tablet.

★ Choose from your favorite trivia categories and test your knowledge

★ Captivating multiple choice trivia for hours of fun!

★ Great logo, word, and multiple choice trivia game for the whole family!

★ Fun logo multiple choice trivia quiz to stimulate your brain and help with memory!

★ Offline Mode allows you to download levels to play when not connected to Wi-Fi!

★ High-quality graphics.

★ Timely updates: new levels are added frequently.

★ Play this Trivia Game for free!

Offline Game

Have to travel and want to play a game on the go? No problem! Our Trivia Time game has an offline mode so you can download levels for offline play when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi!

Have any questions or concerns? Email us for support!


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Trivia-Time-Multiple-Choice-Quiz-1868812803437432


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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:2.2.2 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Guess It Apps

User Reviews


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Katie O\'H 2020-05-13

My friend recommended this game for me and I love it it gives you a fun way to learn new things good job on the game you did good btw I love all the different categories I played with my little cousin who is 3 and she was so happy with herself because she got more than me on a round
judith Cohen 2020-01-18

Highly educational! You will definitely enjoy this game. You can even share your questions on facebook to challenge your friends. They will want to play too. There are comments and of course you can comment on the questions. There is even a brief explaination of what you are learning. Try this game and be enriched!
Luyando Sibbs 2020-04-25

I think this game is perfect because it shows you things you have never seen. I highly recommend it. 😄.it is amazing for school purposes so I recommend if your school has iPad please install it,
Te 2020-01-23

WAY too many adds, most of the longer questions/clues you can\'t see entirely, half of the questions are completely wrong, it was so loud and the questions are either too hard or too easy would not recommend this game to anyone
Pam Scott 2019-10-15

Would be good game if it showed the whole question. It only shows part of it thus getting wrong answer. Will rate higher once it\'s fixed.
Cheryl Vera 2020-08-25

This game is one of my favorites. I\'ve learned alot from it, I won the Tournament getting 56 questions correct in one game. Thanks to you and this app. I\'ve learned alot. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sincerely Ms. Cheryl Vera
Ann Jones 2019-09-30

Good memory booster and association with images of things I don\'t see every day but recall and it\'s good practice to be aware of the details in everyday life. Great pictures and clues are challenging everyone can enjoy testing your knowledge and learning more.
Tracy Tracee 2020-05-14

This is the best game to challenge you and is also fun because you end up learning a lot of things out of this game. I love this game because it keeps you going in wanting to solve the quiz and discovering new things .
Victoria Hostnick 2019-03-31

save your time & don\'t even bother. I\'ve installed, uninstalled & installed again. B\'cuz it\'s great for the first 4/5 questions, then, it won\'t show you any of the pics that go with the questions. very frustrating!
Shannon Lyons 2020-06-10

The game isn\'t bad and I\'d give it 5 stars if there wasn\'t so many redundant questions. For example in the sports category I did 3 levels for football and in each level there was the question \"who is tom brady?\"