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Description of Trove

Share your photos with AI projects and get paid.

Trove is a new marketplace for the fair exchange of data, where you can share photos which help AI projects training computers to learn what they contain.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Find projects you like, send your photos and get paid if your photos are useful to a project.

IS THIS SAFE? We do not resell photos, only work with trusted partners and help you license your photos with your full control.

WHAT DO I GET? You'll get paid for each photo that is useful in an AI project. You'll need to connect a PayPal account to get paid.

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More Information Of Trove

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.0.69999 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Microsoft Corporation

User Reviews


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Das Güs 2020-11-11

Get paid for your work and maintain your artistic integrity at the same time! This app makes crowd sourcing your content easy. The terms of usage are clear. You know who and how your work will be used in future projects. The UI is also straight forward. It makes it easy to keep track of your projects and profits ;) Slick, simple and refined. Everything you need to get started with making money on your images ASAP!
M L 2020-12-01

There aren\'t many projects available, but the idea is good. If they add more projects I\'ll update my rating. The app is promising since it comes from a company as prominent and trusted as Microsoft, so that\'s a plus. At the moment though, there isn\'t much to do on it.
Karan Rajpal 2020-10-13

The app doesn\'t work anymore. I was able to access the projects before but now it just says that the app is not available in my region even though I\'m in the US. Weird.
Chad C 2021-03-17

Not worth it. Why do I have to pay PayPal fees to receive payment for pictures? I don\'t when I receive payment from Facebook Viewpoints.
MOAAD Ehneesh 2020-10-15

The app is not available in libya.
Tye wor 2020-12-18

Very disappointing. I figure that because this is a MICROSOFT project/app that things would be managed proper and a timely manner. Wrong! Submitted project over 2 week and havent gotten approved or rejected. App isnt well thought out and lack features that other apps in the same category has. Had to search through the website for basic FAQ that should be included in the app.
John M Hightower 2020-11-10

May have value for some, but didn\'t for me.
The Wolf 2020-10-25

It isn\'t available in Pakistan that\'s not so cool
Audi C 2021-02-15

Trove will be able to read, create, update and delete \"all\" OneDrive files that you can access. Sorry but no thank you. Uninstalled.
Black Star 2021-03-19

same ;) ✓