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Description of TroveSkin - Get Clearer Skin

Get clearer, healthier skin with TroveSkin, your all-in-one social skincare app!

Don't know if your skincare products really work? Or are you wondering if other factors like stress, sleep, or your diet are triggering your skin?

Easily track your skincare products, lifestyle choices and habits with TroveSkin. Then, get personalised recommendations on improvements to make in order to achieve clearer and healthier skin!

With TroveSkin, you can:

- Get suitable skincare product recommendations for your skin type

- Get skincare routine recommendations

- Track your entire skincare product & beauty stash

- Track product expiry dates and receive reminders

- Connect, share knowledge with, and make friends with other skincare lovers!

- Track your skincare progress through powerful photo taking and selfie comparisons

- Identify your skin triggers

Skincare is much more than just the skincare products you use. Your skin is a reflection of what's going on in the inside.

Regain control over your skincare, confidence and well-being with TroveSkin now!

Read more about our terms and conditions here:

Terms of use: https://www.troveskin.com/terms-of-use

Privacy policy: https://www.troveskin.com/privacy-policy

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lable: Beauty - Apps Current Version:9.10.17 Publish Date:2021-11-08 Developer:Trove Technologies

User Reviews


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Claudette Bartolome 2019-05-07

While the app has a potential, I believe there are still bugs. My main concerns are the following: (1) My daily selfies after the very first one I took during the signup process aren\'t logged on the Skin Diary\'s Analysis tab and weren\'t given a score; (2) The AI camera is still inaccurate as it doesn\'t seem to detect my hyperpigmentation and most of my spots.
Christina Taulani 2020-06-23

This is honestly the best. I had no idea what to do with my skin care till I came upon this app!! It allows you to take a picture of your skin then it anylises it and tells you the biggest concern that is happening to your skin. You then also get to set a skin care goal and change as you please, overall this is a really great app! Great Job Troveskin!!
Linda C 2020-06-12

I\'m mind-boggled by the amount of good reviews! I made sure to try it over and over with the perfect lighting but it was consistently garbage and inaccurate! I had a huge sudden breakout of about 30 spots all concentrated around my chin and jaw, we\'re talking red, angry cystic spots that you can see from a mile away. The app repeatedly said \"very good skin\" barely identifying a single spot on my face! And the one imperfection it DID identify was my eyebrow, claiming it was a wrinkle! Horrible!
andreea m 2019-12-31

I expected to be able to use a calendar, where to track changes or issues in my skin. It only analyzes front photos, and i need to track my cheeks.. the issues are not visible in front photos. I wanted to be able to create and track my morning and evening routines.. to see what works and what doesn\'t.. Too bad I spent 20 min introducing the products I have.. I will ungortunately be uninstalling the app.
Eugenia Citta 2020-06-12

Used this a year ago, and recently have this installed again. The new features is great, lot of helpful improvements, especially with the skin diary and track-and-compare features. It\'s fun to use it and the interface is aesthetically pleasing. Could use some improvement in product recommendation area and \"My Skincare\". Instead of taking pictures of our skincare, I think it\'s better if the app could provide \"search product\" option. So we could pick tge products from the database.
Xuemin Lok 2019-08-27

Very useless apps, the skin analysis is even not accurate. I try two different faces with different skin types, but it shown that the oily and many pores one has higher gred than the normal one. Plus the problem stated is just repeat exact the same points for both faces. I will highly not recommend this apps and please dont download it as it just waste your time and also phone storage.
Karolina Havelkova 2018-12-01

I\'ve only been using this app for few days, but it\'s really good so far! It has a nice, simple design and is easy to use. The only problem I have is that the analysis feature isn\'t very accurate. It says I have no spots, and instead marks my acne as large pores. It might be because of my camera quality though, I\'ll try taking the photos in a different lighting and see if anything changes.
Louise Bollozos 2018-11-23

I was enthusiastic with trying this app but it seems that I can\'t use it without signing up using either Facebook or email, and whenever I try to encode a password to create my account the screen just returns to the log in using fb or email page. It\'s annoying.
Paris Johnston 2019-07-18

This really helped me come up with a night, day, and weekly skin routine. Its very clean and fun. You take some quizes and a picture everyday and you get tips, tricks and routines for your skin type. It even tells you what ingredients to look for or avoid for your type. Theres also articles, which is the reason i gave it 4 stars. A lot of them have good tips and tricks or reviews of skin products but others are half finnished and still published. Other than that its nice and really helpful.
Athena M 2020-06-18

I like the concept of this app! As someone whose skin is a constant change, it will be beneficial for me to track my skin and see what were items that worked and made my skin look better vs what didn\'t. It\'s fairly easy to gain points, but at this time no rewards are showing for me to redeem, so I\'m curious about that. Overall, it\'s been a good experience.