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Description of Truebill Budget & Bill Tracker

Join over 3.4 million members who trust Truebill to save more, spend less & see everything in the #1 all-in-one personal finance app.

Forbes: "This App Will Save You Hundreds"

Fortune: "There's Now a Startup to Help You Cancel All Those Subscriptions"


💰 Track and grow your net worth (New!)

🚫 Manage and cancel unwanted subscriptions

🤑 Lower your bills and let Truebill negotiate on your behalf

👀 Keep track of your monthly bills and avoid overdrafts

🗒️ Create unlimited custom budgets (e.g. side projects, NFTs, etc.)

📈 Monitor your credit score

💸 Put your savings goals on autopilot

🔒 Bank-level security and privacy

Save more, spend less, see everything, and take back control of your financial life.


Truebill is your primary financial control center. The app automatically tracks different accounts and helps you navigate your finances each month in order to provide a clear picture of your income and expenses. Truebill finds recurring subscriptions and cancels them for you. The app also tracks all your bills and notifies you when they're soon to be due. Truebill can even negotiate bills on your behalf to get you a much lower rate than what you're currently paying.

Use Truebill as a spending tracker to see where your money goes and how your net worth changes. Connect your investment and retirement accounts to view how your holdings have grown. You can also use Truebill to monitor your credit score and credit report and start thinking about your long-term financial goals. The app tracks all your bank, credit, and investment accounts so you don’t have to – just link them once and let the app handle the rest.

"10/10 recommend this app for anyone trying to budget and control your expenses all in one place!" - Josgr


Managing your subscriptions has never been easier. With Truebill, see a clear picture of all recurring services, including forgotten subscriptions. By consolidating your subscriptions into one hub, actively and easily monitor, manage and cancel your ongoing subscriptions from within the app. Truebill will notify you when an existing subscription goes up in price. Truebill helps you track your current Free Trials and and reminds you when you they're about to end. Truebill can get you a refund for subscriptions retroactively. Stop spending on subscriptions you no longer use and start tracking where your money goes.

"Hands down, THE BEST FINANCIAL APP I DISCOVERED. In my first week, I opened up $187 in UNUSED recurring subscriptions." -Beccalauren08


Stop overpaying and start saving for what truly matters. Let us lower your bills. Easily connect your bill either by logging in or snapping a photo of it. Our expert negotiators get to work immediately to find hidden discounts and promo rates. We lower your bills by either negotiating a better rate, or by getting 1-time credits applied to your account. Once the negotiation is complete you'll receive an email letting you know how much you'll be saving.

"In seconds I saved $660 for the year on my DirecTV bill. Saved $120 for the year on my SiriusXM bill. Saved $840 a year on car insurance." - Cisco12121212


Are you interested in discovering your net worth? Now you can easily monitor your assets and debt with Truebill. Simply select your assets—like NFTs, jewelry, fine art, cars, and homes—and let the app calculate the rest. Whether you need a pulse on your financial health for a loan or you’re just curious, figuring out your net worth has never been easier.

Privacy Policy: https://www.truebill.com/privacy

Terms of Service: https://www.truebill.com/terms

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User Reviews


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Karina Nicole 2020-12-31

This is a great app! BUT recently I got charged a $2.00 fee which would be fine if they had informed me that there would be a charge. However, I do not appreciate the fact that the fee was not disclosed to me before I used the Smart Savings feature (non premium member). After looking up what the charge was for, I also noticed a few other ways they will charge you fees that weren\'t disclosed through use of the free app. I understand apps can be expensive to maintain, but I want honesty about it.
Mike Ohlson 2021-02-06

Wanted to try this out, but it did not link with several of my accounts, rendering it useless. I deleted this within one day, only to find a charge several days later for a premium subscription. There is no easy way to cancel, and more than likely this is done on purpose to make it difficult to get out of. In my book that makes them SCAMMERS!!!! Dont give these guys your banking info!!!!!
Meghan Engelhardt 2020-07-23

If I could rate less than one star I would. This is an app that I am paying for to help better manage my money. Within 1week of downloading I decided to enable the \'savings\' feature. Two days later, the app withdrew $ from my checking account and overdrafted my account by $200. This would have been bad enough. It was worsened by the fact that there is no contact phone # anywhere on their app. I sent a multiple messages via the chat feature and after 48 hours, I have not received a response.
Siara Neiderhiser 2019-08-27

This app is very misleading when first starting up. I thought I had to pay a fee to just use the basics...stupid me. I should have backed out that second because now I cant get my premium subscription canceled. You can press the cancellation button all day long but in the end it does nothing but make you talk to an operator. Now I have another overdraft fee and my bank account is even more in the hole. This app just did the opposite of what it was meant to accomplish. Thanks a lot!
Liz Jackson 2019-12-17

App was great at first; then it wouldn\'t even open. It just keeps sending an error message. Now, it is randomly charging my bank account $1.00 whenever it randomly feels like it. No reply from customer service. No way to log in to un-link the accounts. Frustrating to say the least!
S Johnson 2020-06-22

I liked this app because it provided a forecast of bills and expenses but for a month now it loses connection with my bank and makes me re-validate my bank account. Now it is saying my bank isn\'t set up for internet use. I went to my old app, Mint, and reconnected it to my bank without issue. Very disappointed. I have a premium account and have chatted numerous times about this. The last time I was told to uninstall and reinstall which would cause me to lose my details. Unacceptable.
Ronald Lieb 2020-12-18

Ok so this is my second review and I still stand by what I said before. DONT get this app, they literally want you to start a free trial and then before you know it you have yet another pesky \"like they call it \" unwanted monthly bill. Its a bunch of lies, you can use the free app and do absolutely nothing with it unless you pay. Useless and all lies. I wanted to give it no stars but you can\'t.
Elizabeth 2019-08-11

I only wanted to leave a review in hopes that they will fix what they said they would. I traveled out of state this week and this week apparently their app had a glitch. it took a total of 100 out of my account. I had this money put aside to afford what i need until next paycheck. Now the app refuses to refund what it took. I messaged them they told me next day I could pull the money, still cant touch it. This has officially messed with my life and ability to afford my needs.
jkneeland1126 2021-01-29

There should be a free trial. You definitely need to spend money before seeing what the app can do. It\'s ok for having finances organized in one place, but if you want to change the transaction type of something recurring, you can\'t change them all at once, you need to go through months of transactions and change them individually. I thought the desktop site would be easier, but it is lacking unless you\'re looking for an enlarged version of the most basic rundown of your bills.
Miss Amy 2020-06-13

Used this app for about a month as a premium subscriber. All is well if you don\'t mind paying 40% of the \"savings\" they are getting you when they are negotiating your contracts with your cable company, phone company, etc, all without your knowledge that\'s how they are, again, \"saving\" you money. So when they say they are saving you $300+ on a bill, they mean $20 to $30 a month, and they want their $130 for doing so up front. I don\'t have enough letters for the rest, but expect the reps to argue.