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Description of TurboTel Pro


. Turbo User Interface

. Lots of settings for filters(tabs)

. Sorting, Hiding, Turning off accounts

. Special contacts

. Showing contacts' changes

. Download Manager

. Bookmark messages

. Go to the first message in a chat

. Locking and Hiding chats

. Lock sending

. Changing background of a chat individually

. Forwarding messages without quoting

. Confirmation sending/forwarding stuff

. Confirmation making telegram calls

. Edit and repost (Forward with pre-editing)

. Painting option to send paint

. Option to convert photo to sticker

. Option to convert video to round video

. Voice changer

. Copy parts of a text message

. Supporting 10 accounts

. Lots of storage settings

. Getting toast notifications for contacts' activities

and many other extra features...

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More Information Of TurboTel Pro

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:8.7.4 Publish Date:2022-05-23 Developer:ellipi group

User Reviews


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S H 2020-07-30

The best app and social media platform on the planet with 2GB downloads and the entertainment possibilities are endless ❤
Moving Nutritiously 2020-08-04

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Finally no more ads, now it\'s the perfect telegram mod⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
reinaldo men 2021-01-17

The app is great. It would benefit from some features like arrange chats alphabetically or in any order you want, use external downloader like ADM, open several chats at the same time kinda like android apps, also please make an option add to folder for every chat.
matin tataloo 2021-02-02

The best, most complete, most advanced telegram in the world, completely safe Be sure to install great ✅🤩
Scar 2020-12-16

This is the far more best app ever. Not a paid review. The developer is quite a good guy and seriously get his job done very smoothly. Try this app.
اهریمن وحشی 2021-02-03

دوستان توربوآفت با توجه به بررسی های فایلش امن نیست و دیتابیس داخلی داره استفاده نکنید اگر امنیت براتون مهمه مثل سگ از اهریمن وحشی میترسن چون بدجور دستشونو رو کردم...اینم کانال اسناد توربوآفت @Turboafat با تلگرامی غیر از توربو وارد بشین چون توربومحدودیت گذاشته روی کانال و گروهم. هواستون باشه من اخطار لازم رو دادم.
Arkadev Dawn 2021-01-25

Please add the feature to customize the bottom tabs style & chat bubble style.... Add some ios telegram like features...
Arrijal Istighfarotudzdzilal 2021-02-03

there is an issue while dark option has enabled like black text on dark background. I hope you fix it soon and other improvement because this app is so powerful.
Athul 2021-01-22

The best telegram client I have used so far.. Best features without any compromise in speed compared to the original tg.. Awesome work devs keep it up
محمد مهدی 2020-10-13

What did you think of the nation that you do not have mercy on their honor, you made a hacking program ... it should be removed from the Play Store😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡