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Description of Tutor on Wyzant

Manage Your Tutoring Business Like a Pro

Get the free Tutor on Wyzant app today. Our app makes it easy to quickly grow your tutoring business, stay in touch with students, and get paid faster.

• Easily keep in touch with students anytime, anywhere

• Apply to jobs right from your phone

• Schedule lessons on the go

• Submit lessons from your phone to get paid faster

• Quickly access student info to send texts, make calls, or get directions

Requirements: To use the app, you must currently be listed as a tutor on Wyzant. Haven’t signed up yet? Get started by visiting https://www.wyzant.com/tutorsignupstart

Are you a parent or student looking for a tutor? Visit http://www.wyzant.com/

Privacy Police here: https://support.wyzant.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023028492

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:3.4.1 Publish Date:2021-10-29 Developer:Wyzant Tutoring

User Reviews


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James Semper 2020-10-26

Frustrating. I had to uninstall and reinstall to get popup notifications again. But for years I\'ve had issues with messages not wanting to load. I\'d have to reopen the app a dozen times to be able to read the messages. I understand android being harder to code for since there are hundreds of androids on the market, but I\'m using a galaxy phone which are some of the most common upper end android. I shouldn\'t have these issues for more than a few months. It\'s been years. You can do this.
Chul 2020-11-11

The app itself is very slow especially when you go to message inbox. And this is not about app, but more for the site itself. They take away 25 percent from the tutors fee which is a huge chunk since we have to report it as freelance work which means I also have to pay another 1/3 as tax so at the end of the day what you actually make is just half of the tutoring fee. I appreciate the app and site, but 25 is too much.
Capital Advantage Tutoring 2018-04-13

My title on my profile is one way and if I search it shows up differently and has no relevance to what I teach I dont understand how I can have 2 different titles depending on whether I look at it or its searched based on the top tutors function I have repeatedly updated my title and it won\'t reflect. So my rating goes down because it directly impacts students searching for help
Mephistopholuss 2020-12-15

This app has a delay time Between when you receive a message and it appears on your phone. That delay causes a lose in students. Also the app sucks with messaging in general. I have to wait 5 to 10 mins for the messages to load even after the app tells me I have new student request. The app needs searious improvents!
Pull Pop 2020-04-01

So far I\'ve been on the platform for about a month and I keep receiving people who have plenty of questions but don\'t seem to want to pay for actual lessons. they seem to always be waiting for a microphone, Don\'t have the updated books or some other excuse while still asking plenty of relevant questions and getting expertise for free. I\'ve been repeatedly asked for my personal phone number even though it is blatantly inappropriate and there is no way to report this. I will no longer be using.
Josh Uhalt 2020-11-18

This app is now at a point that it is virtually unusable for communication with students. Logging on through my browser is a better experience than this because the messages take quite some time to load and the replies don\'t send right away. The web platform is stuffing some issues of it\'s own though...
Jonathan Hockman 2015-12-05

Calendar upgrade please! Would love to be able to add personal (non-lesson) appointments to the calendar... maybe allow the tutor to be entered as a \"student\" .... To block out conflicts and avoid requiring use of multiple calendar schedule apps.
Terra Bruns 2020-07-16

There are many functions that don\'t appear on the app like auto-fill when applying for available tutoring jobs, and it would be ESPECIALLY nice to not have to retype everything when on my phone as opposed to sitting at the computer. The app itself is clunky- some things are accessible, some are not, so I usually just end up going to the desktop to do anything. The time converter is also way out of whack, depending on what time zones the student and you are in, when you go to schedule lessons.
Brianne Yarger 2020-05-04

It\'s been lagging and now other platforms are so much easier for every one to use. The touch capabilities of wyzant do not work well for me or any student that attempts it, especially if they only have a mouse. Particularly, I do not like it for chemistry or math. I can\'t see my students working out the problems nor are they watching me work out the problems.
Derek Tokar 2020-10-20

I can\'t even upload a jpeg or image of notes from my phone for my students.... app is more hassle than it\'s worth. Only reason to have it is for message notifications... But now needing to sign in everyday or more often.