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Description of Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart. Smart life, smart living

• Remotely control home appliances from anywhere

• Add and control multiple devices at once with one App

• Voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home

• Interworking of multiple smart devices. Devices automatically start/stop working based on temperature, location and time.

• Easily share devices among family members

• Receive real-time alerts to ensure safety

• Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart App to devices

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More Information Of Tuya Smart

lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:3.34.5 Publish Date:2021-12-30 Developer:Tuya Inc.

User Reviews


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Andy R 2020-09-05

I used to love this app, however now it is asking me to agree to a updated privacy policy, but won\'t show me what that policy is actually is (there is a link to click but nothing happens when I do) As I refuse to blindly agree to an update without being able to read it I guess I\'m looking for an alternative app.
Paul Freedman 2020-09-07

Was good, but new privacy policy update is unacceptable. App opens and asks you to approve or decline the latest changes to privacy policy. There is a link to click but this didn\'t open the privacy policy, so the app is now completely useless unless you\'re happy to blindly accept whatever the policy is.
cant process 2019-07-03

give me one good reason why you need my name, location, phone number just to use a lightbulb. All others work just fine without having to setup an account nor do they have a b.s. gimmick of a \"subscription\" that pesters you with phone calls and text messages telling you that the app is working. I\'m switching off of this brand for it\'s nothing what it was over a year ago I\'m throwing them in the trash. I\'ll make sure to let people know to steer clear of this adware of a \"smart app\"
Brad Carmichael 2019-09-28

In call volume bug is going to make me throw away all 7 cameras. It is absolutely the most annoying bug I ever encountered. When I open a camera with voice and sound it auto plays and gives no option to control that otherwise, and use in call volume for sound for some lame reason and problem is when you close it, the app, force close, clear cache, clear data any of the above does not work. You have to restart device to gain back control of media volume. The most annoying bug I swear to god please
John Albert 2020-11-06

Latest update screwed everything, app is now useless. I have one smart camera and I cam only connect to it once after I remove it and re-pair it. After that it will sit at \"Establishing Encrypted Channel\" forever and I don\'t mean \"it just takes a long time.\" I left the app open overnight and it was still on \"Establishing Encrypted Channel\".
Roland Pinches 2021-02-03

Very disappointed. Bought lights, motion sensor and Bluetooth hub. Setup a rule to turn on lights when motion detected, and stay on for 15 mins, and it works tbe first time. After that the lights go on and off at random if you stay in the room and eventually stop working, even if you\'re standing infront of the motion sensor. Logged a support call and was eventually told it is expected behavior!
Kelsie Finck 2020-12-28

The lag in this app on the playback feature is aweful! It will only play for a few seconds before buffering for a few minutes then the whole playback feature will crash. It\'s pointless to even have it if I can\'t even see what caused my motion detector to go off. Not impressed. And the stream from my camera lags and freezes as well.
Jagdeshwar manipatruni 2020-04-13

Works great with the igenie vacuum only option missing is the home map. If we can map all the rooms and get the vacuum done each room as we wish. It would be great. Its a good buy. Vacuum picks 99% dust. Just little dust was left only once out of the 10 times we tried the vacuum. Mop is excellent. Its a good buy for its price.
Quantum SkillZ 2020-03-04

Very good. You learn to connect devices, then you can use features. Sound control, voice control. Alexa. On and off switch. Party mode. Brightness adaption day and night timer. Sense vibrations. Clapping. Everything and much more. Light hues dark hues colours
Paul Evans 2020-03-03

Lights were working amazingly now the software for it wont work keeps giving me network error , but tuya got it all sorted in just under 6 hours, quick response and very helpful