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Description of Twilight Pioneers


Twilight Pioneers is a first-person ARPG in VR by Netease. In this game, players are thrust into an Eastern-inspired fantasy world - a world they must save as the magic-casting and sword-wielding hero! Developed specifically for Google Daydream, Twilight Pioneers utilizes to the full the Daydream controller and headset, allowing players to navigate the game freely from a first player perspective. Developed on Unity, this game is one of the top recommended mobile VR games only on Daydream.

Born from the darkest power deep in the universe, the Dark Lord is collecting all of the greatest evils from every era in time. The magical being Longxia, despite being able to control the souls of dragons and to stop time, is unable to escape imprisonment by the Dark Lord when she realizes that the evil being is a time traveler. You, the hero, must rescue Longxia, gain the supreme power of summoning dragon souls, pursue the Dark Lord through ancient times and stop his evil plans!







● Move: Touch different areas of the touchpad to move around. Double click the touchpad to activiate teleport.

● Battle: Click the app button to switch between different skills and weapons. Hold down the app button to release your unique skill.


● It's recommended to play this game while sitting in a SWIVEL CHAIR or STANDING in an OPEN SPACE.

● Non-Bluetooth headphones are recommended for better experience.


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Official Website:http://tp.163.com/

© 2016 Hong Kong NetEase Interactive Entertainment Limited. All rights reserved.

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More Information Of Twilight Pioneers

lable: Action - Games Current Version:3.0.8 Publish Date:2021-09-03 Developer:NetEase Games

User Reviews


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AgentZero07 2018-12-01

I would give this game a full five stars if it had a save feature. this game is by far the coolest thing I\'ve ever played via VR. and I cannot stress enough how awesome it is that it\'s free. I would pay up to $15 plus for it, it\'s that good of a game. But not having a save future really makes it hard for me to want to jump back and do all the stuff all over again. Once again great job on the game, graphics are awesome, gameplay is awesome, controls are awesome. A save feature would be nice. That and there\'s a weird glitch when you go to the menu. You get stuck there
Brett Romero 2019-03-22

doesn\'t work on Note9...tried clearing cache, rebooting, and adjusting aspect ratio. if the devs reply, don\'t ask me \"why the low rating if I haven\'t played\"..this should be obvious.
Jaween Ediriweera 2019-03-15

I was surprised at how good this game is. The mechanics are simple, just maneuver around and swing your weapon, and coupled with the slow pace of the enemies, it made for a comfortable experience in VR. I played this through in non-swivel chair mode and had no problem. The narrative is pleasant (some translation issues but they honestly added to my experience). Voice acting was surprisingly good too. The visuals are very nice (the temple settings were fantastic). Best Daydream game I\'ve tried.⭐
Patrice Bergevin 2017-10-03

The movement and the sword controls are good but need some time to get used to. Some work needs to be done to clarify the goals, hp, which weapon type is selected, etc.. i often found myself turning around, trying to figure out where i needed to go . If you easily get motion sickness, try with a swivel chair :D Great experience and i will definitely get back to it.
Jesska 2018-01-04

I can\'t play because of weird sound quality problems! Sounds are fine on any other daydream app, only this app affected :( I do love it! No motion sickness, amazing presence and it\'s a glimpse into future gaming! But on my Pixel XL with Bluetooth headphones there\'s a sound problem - sounds are totally distorted and awful, I can kind of understand what has been said, but sound quality is so bad I can\'t play :(
firebreathing fish 2018-01-11

Great graphics and smooth gameplay, got a little dizzy and sick when i rushed the game without stopping for breaks. Great game plz add more chapters tho and multiplayer would be cool too!
Adam McVeigh 2016-12-26

Choppy Sound Played for about 30 seconds, restated my Bluetooth headphones, then the app and it still is choppy like it\'s frame by frame sound. Can\'t play it until it\'s fixed. Shame looks and sounds cool.
Jimmy Williams 2020-01-05

Just got done playing this and I have to say for a mobile VR game it was PHENOMENAL! I\'m excited to see the new content!!
Ronaldo Coeburnt 2018-05-08

I want to give c ongradz to all the developers of this crazy sick awesome game.. I haven\'t had that oooohhh aHh moment since I first tuned this VR set on. You guys have all my respect for a heel of a game please make more I will buy it...!! And also new projects keep me posted.. Again fantastic job team. I will be taking bout this one for a while till next time keep up the awesome work Blown Away I want more......
Haowen Tang 2016-11-13

The best daydream game so far!!! Why only few people play this game? This is the best on the daydream so far IMO. While there is only one chapter to play at this time, but I do see a future here. This kind of action games is what VR games should be like.