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Description of Twiq - Anonymous Chat

Twiq is the ultimate anonymous chat app. Explore other users via the surroundings list, via Twiq Live or in the feed. Meet new friends and write anonymously in private chat.

• Surroundings list

- Chat with active users from your area.

• Twiq Live

- Find users who are currently online on Twiq.

• Private Chat

- Send messages and photos in the private chat.

- Photos are automatically deleted 10 seconds after opening.

• Feed

- Chat publicly in the feed with other users. Create posts and comments.


Twiq VIP/Premium

• Thanks to Twiq VIP/Premium you get the additional features described in the app.

• Your subscription will automatically renew for the same price and period until you cancel it in your Google account at least 24 hours before expiration.

• A subscription that has already begun cannot be cancelled for the current term but only for the next term.

• If you do not want to get Twiq VIP/Premium or if you cancel it, you can still use Twiq for free.



Website of Twiq: https://www.livantis.ch/twiq

Privacy policy: https://www.livantis.ch/twiq-privacy-policy

Terms of use: https://www.livantis.ch/twiq-terms-of-use

Website of the Livantis GmbH: https://www.livantis.ch

Some of the icons used in the app: www.icons8.com

By using Twiq, you agree to the Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

© 2021 Livantis GmbH

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More Information Of Twiq - Anonymous Chat

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:4.5 Publish Date:2021-09-07 Developer:Livantis GmbH

User Reviews


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Slime Soup 2020-10-27

For an anonymous chatting app its surprisingly good. One suggestion though is instead of setting a chat request limit, allow users to watch ads or download apps etc for more requests. (It dosent have to be many) that way the app can stay ad free while also making a profit.
Do you regret ? 2020-11-17

You know what? I\'ve social anxiety, Thats why I look for those kinda apps. I talk with annoynomous. I feel like, \"No, I can talk too\" But at the same time, No replies and Decliens just making me more sad.
Steph A 2020-08-17

The app needs to allow users to identify which country they\'re in, as I kept getting messages in languages that weren\'t my own. The app also searches for others nearby, but doesn\'t let you identify where you are. You\'re also limited to 10 requests per day. I like the chat code concept, everyone is very polite, it\'s also easy to block anyone if needed, notifications are helpful, and the app is really easy to use.
AeyBee CeeDee 2020-12-18

it\'s a bit what i expected for this anonymous chatting app.. hopefully there would be some upgrades like the other messaging apps like you can reply on specific text, some reactions to the texts, etc..
Heckin Gecko 2020-11-03

Could be alot cooler but only able to send two requests at a time makes it kinda fruitless when its a small platform most people dont give alot of attention and im not paying for VIP Gtfo
Boblob Chippymig 2020-08-25

I like tge systems in place and see it\'s potential. Although, there is no reason for me to be an active user after my few invites are finished for the day. Though it does bring value to each chat, I would get off and become inactive till the next day when I take 30 seconds to spin the lotto and then I\'m inactive again. I hope you guys give us ways to keep chatting like ads for invites.
Sebastian sbas 2020-08-25

you need vip in order to get some matches.i do not recommend
Sallah Ahmed 2021-02-18

the messages is asynchronous, tends to mix up when sending. hopefully they work on that
Robert B 2020-11-11

What\'s the point of a chat app if no one wants to chat.... An entire week of sending chat requests and every single one declined
Pnd Daily dose 2020-10-13

Banned autonomously I was literally banned for no reason? But the app won\'t ban people/grown men who text underage girls tho? Make it make sense.