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Description of TwitPanePlus

TwitPane is a light weight and powerful Twitter app

Timeline in chronological order, easy to read!

Also supports tweeting & displaying tweets exceeding 140 characters!

- Supports uploading video!

- Supports HTTP/2.0(10% faster than the other app to communicate.)

- Customizable tabs

- Customizable design

- Multiple twitter accounts support(free:3 accounts, after ad-free bought:5 accounts)

- Account switching at the tweet compose dialog

- Share photo with Twitter(multiple photo and gif support!)

- Thumbnail photos and rapid image viewer

- Reply to multi-tweets

- Color labeling

- Search and trends

- Saved search

- Drafts of new tweets

- Conversation

- Lists (tabs)

- List editing(Create/Edit/Add Member/Delete/etc...)

- Profile and edit

- Retweet

- Follow/Unfollow

- Filtering (User/Word/App)

- Design tweet and import

- Config Export/Import

- Auto pagination

- And more features!

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More Information Of TwitPanePlus

lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:13.9.0 Publish Date:2021-08-03 Developer:Panecraft, Inc.

User Reviews


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Raven Works 2020-12-06

This app does it all. It keeps your position, and can load hundreds of tweets to catch you up so you don\'t miss any overnight. It supports multiple accounts, and can perform Likes and RTs from any of them no matter which timeline you\'re reading. It\'s the only third-party twitter client I\'ve seen that can display polls (although you still need to vote outside the app). It\'s all very customizable. It even has a free version so you can make sure it does what you need before upgrading.
Sudos 2020-05-10

Still the best paid app for Twitter of you don\'t want to use the bloaty mobile app. Absolutely the best. However, I would like it more if the media timeline wasn\'t mixed with the retweets of media tweets from others. Having a separate tab for this would be very useful so I don\'t have to endlessly scroll past the tweets of others to get to the tweet I\'m looking for. It used to be this way but changed in recent versions and I\'m perplexed as to why this happened.
Ed Buzzi 2020-02-08

Pleasant surprise. Switched from another app that I liked but developers lost interest a long time ago. When it quit working altogether, I searched for a replacement and found TwitPanePlus. This app has many more features. Better yet, the app developers are alive and well so are both paying attention and continuously improving the app. Bottom line...Twitter is fun again.
MaheshBabu Jagadeesan 2021-01-27

Nice UISTill need to work onLive tweet cant be used. AAPI Limit issue needs to be fixed. If possiblehelp introducing document upload feature. That would be great. 👉👌👍✌️🙌💝❤️✌️💪💢🌞😚Follower request control feature also would do great. 👉
Vanesa Boullosa 2019-01-04

Change my review afteer they fixed the fixed trending line for a week. Still a very good app, but all the improvements or fixing bugs are a bit slow.
Adam T 2021-01-01

Just installed, good so far. Came from Talon which was a frustrating waste of cash. One issue: when viewing conversations, some tweets will show no replies in this app, but will show many replies when the same tweet is opened in external browser. Seems to be random, but more so for some users. Am I missing something?
Malcolm X 2020-12-24

Wow, this is the best Twitter application I have ever seen, but I want you, please, to add the \"Arabic language\" in the application .. And please add \"Top\" & \"Latest\" options in Trends. Thank you ☺️
Iron Spring 2020-08-30

Regular updates & bug fixes. One of the best Twitter apps on Google. Loaded with options. Great job author & keep up the good work.
Paul Biba 2020-08-22

Absolutely the best and most comprehensive Twitter app on Android. It is indespensible for my library-oriented stream. Tried all the other big names and this tops them all.
Ted Engel 2016-11-29

A remarkable Twitter app This is the best Twitter app I\'ve found after using many, many others. The options are breathtaking and the interface is nothing short of amazing.