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Description of Two Birds

Take turns finding the best words and remove the letters from the board. Play smart and get the bonus points.

Join the League for touch competition. You get nine games each week that will determine if you move up or down in the league tree. Can you make it all the way to the top?

If you just want to have a fun, relaxed time with your friends it's the perfect game. Play, chat and enjoy a friendly match.

Every day a new single player puzzle available. You’ll be surprised how many ways there are to clear the board. Try to top the high score table!


* Fast and fun gameplay - pvp, player versus player

* Simple rules and lots of room for strategy

* Join the League for competition

* Challenge your friends, play and chat

* Uses the ENABLE dictionary

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More Information Of Two Birds

lable: Word - Games Current Version:2.0.11 Publish Date:2021-08-09 Developer:Raketspel

User Reviews


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Darlene Smith 2020-06-11

This game is awesome... have played for several years and paid for no ads... would give it five stars if the daily puzzle solution did not contain so many uncommon and arcane sounding words. Example of recent solution... Sinicized, Sypher, Demirep, Ret!!! Very frustrating to spend time trying to solve with a solution like this. Tends to make game less enjoyable.
LA 2020-08-28

Similar to others - enjoyed the game but unplayable due to the no network connection error, even though im connected to the net... Was only able to play the tutorial and daily before it broke
Lei 2020-02-18

Ever since I updated the app, it CRASHES EVERYTIME I attempt to play more than 1 league game and often cant even play one!! I\'ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still, crashes EVERY time!! VERY FRUSTRATING!! There are only a few days left for this one and Ive only been able to complete 3 games due to this. Tired of losing league rating due to this!!
J Britt Holbrook 2019-06-20

Haven\'t been able to log in since last update in May. Contacted help twice but received no response. I used to enjoy playing.
Shannon Kaufman 2019-01-12

Awesome game, I play it every day! Love the leagues. I have a suggestion, if you have a game that is waiting for you to take your turn, a little red circle notification with a number in it on the app icon would be great! Like Facebook and other apps do. Thanks for the best word game out there!
Rick Lindquist 2018-10-22

Let\'s be honest. This is the most sensible, easiest to understand and well balanced multi player/head to head game to date. The league play has you pitted against opponents of your skill without bias or advantage. The designers really thought it through. Also, it\'s myriad player base is cornerstone to Two Birds success.
Kim Lee 2020-04-26

Since last update I cannot get the game to load. This is on an android device. works fine on my iPad. uninstalled on phone. 😡 4/25/2020 New phone, installed app same issue. Horrible experience on Android.
Tablet Hayhurst 2019-07-29

it hasn\'t worked since the last update. ..I\'ve tried Uninstalling/reinstalling but it won\'t accept any type of login. ..neither Google Play, Facebook or email works
Sally Marsden 2016-04-07

Favourite game Love playing this game against like minded people. I\'ve made it to the Elite level in the leagues and now struggling to keep my place there but its a great way to keep your brain active! The chat app allows you to chat to opponents. I play my sister and its nice to chat to her each day when normally it wouldnt happen.
Barbara Franke 2020-12-19

Have played for years...now getting Network error, which sucks as I\'m connected...but I don\'t see it in my app store any more so assume since I\'m using my Amazon tablet that something changed. Disappointing and frustrated to lose one of the few games I truly enjoy. Love the game but it\'s useless now!