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From the creator of rymdkapsel comes a puzzler you've never seen before.

twofold inc. is a humble puzzle game with stunning looks and mesmerizing mechanics.

Scroll the playfield to unravel the tiles, then make a path to clear them away.

The minimalist visuals hide a depth that will keep challenging and surprising as you master it.

* Endless challenge

* Two game modes, Standard and Master

* A wonderful acoustic soundtrack

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:4.0.0 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:grapefrukt games

User Reviews


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Sean Mills 2016-04-30

Great dev, great games Talked to the dev at PAX Prime 2013 about Rymdkapsel and bought that when I got home (though I still need to buy the steam version). When I saw he had another game out I was happy to support him and buy it. I\'m happy I did buy it because it\'s a great little puzzle game with no ads or microtransactions.
John Davies 2016-02-12

Lovely graphics and audio, but luck plays too big a part to get me hooked...
A Google user 2016-05-31

Love the bleeps and bloops and the basic design. One of my favorite games on the play store! I think some of the rules need to be better explained, such as how extra turns are given. I\'m always, always running on a shortage of yellow squares, and I can\'t tell if that\'s intentional or weird luck.
James Siggins 2016-04-19

Beautiful game I love their first game and now I\'m enjoying this one. The soundtrack is really nice and the sound effects are \'cute\'.
Salih Onur Koksal 2016-02-12

Total addiction!!
Dylan Martin 2016-04-29

Everything I look for in a puzzle game
Lech Deregowski 2016-08-25

Unforgiving order logic It\'s quite the challenge when it plays nice. However often the game gives orders to fill which have no corresponding tiles on the board. It\'s compounded by clearing large swaths of tiles only to watch the game give you one or bone of the tiles needed. This usually results switching from a fun challenge to forced suicide.
Kyle 2016-01-31

Great Game The only problem is that I always end up with a while screen of the same color that i can\'t match. Could something be done to fix this?
vicviper 001 2019-08-21

You are constantly given orders you can\'t fill, because the game always gives you too much of a color you don\'t need. there is no \"real\" strategy or puzzle here. You are entirely dependent on luck and you\'ll fail because you\'ve been given an entire screen of one color, with only two squares of the color you need.
Zack Geragosian 2016-02-17

Best puzzler This is so simple yet complex that I keep coming back for more. I love that the tutorial leaves out some of the strategy because it forces you to find what works and what doesn\'t. Been really enjoying it. And it\'s so fast and smooth.