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Description of Typeshift

From the creator of SpellTower, comes a new and completely original word game!

Anagrams meets Word Search, with a sprinkle of Crosswords.

Typeshift is the modern anagram puzzle; re-imagined from the ground up, combining wordplay, modern game design, and a mobile-first approach.

In most anagram games, you search for new combinations within a single word, but in Typeshift, you search within three to five words stacked & scrambled up together.

Shift columns of letters up and down as you try to spell words in the center row. Play continues until you have used all letters in a puzzle at least once.

Special Clue Puzzles combine Crosswords with Anagrams as you match clever clues provided by Typeshift's various puzzle authors.

- Daily Word Game Play with Global Leaderboards -

Typeshift features a free daily challenge with global leaderboards. The easiest challenge for the week appears on Monday, and progressively more challenging puzzles build throughout the week.

Compare your fastest Typeshift daily solving times with players around the globe!


"Addictive and edifying, like popping a special kind of bubble wrap that expands your vocabulary.”

- The Verge

"Typeshift is a unmissable entry to the [word] genre." Gold Award.

- Pocket Gamer

"Typeshift is awesome"

- Giant Bombcast


Typeshift comes with over a hundred free puzzles, with more coming soon, plus new free daily puzzles every day.

Additional puzzle packs may be purchased in-app.

Purchasing any puzzle pack removes ads, and unlocks themes & detailed statistics.


Typeshift continues my quest to re-imagine classic newspaper games in the digital era.

Where SpellTower tackled word search and Really Bad Chess handled chess puzzles, Typeshift re-examines Anagrams and Crosswords.

Typeshift has been a joy to develop, and I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had making it.

As always, thanks so much for your support!


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More Information Of Typeshift

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.2.5 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Noodlecake Studios Inc

User Reviews


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highpalmtree 2018-01-13

Uses a lot of data (around 60mb in 10 mins) and keeps refocusing my camera for some reason. Annoying. Although, the game is fun, even if it gets kind of laggy and makes my phone hot like boiling water.
Che A 2019-01-30

great game, but holy cow, the ads! I get the need to make money and am ok with ads in general, but the ads pop up suddenly VERY LOUD (even with game volume turned off), and are impossible to close without closing out the app. ruins the game for me.
Gerry Knapp 2018-11-05

Puzzles vary between very easy to very hard depending on which puzzle pack you are solving. Ads are annoying, but buying a puzzle pack or two is worth it ($0.99 - $2.99 each) if you like the game and it will remove ads. Daily puzzles are free and vary difficult by week day - Monday easiest, Sunday hardest - which is a neat feature.
Mike Jones 2018-01-16

Loved Spelltower and this is just as good. Clean graphics, intuitive gameplay and a nice tactile feel. Packs are pricey. Two criticisms: the clue packs are a little too American in orientation, and my phone gets super hot and kills my battery for such a simple game.
Zac Litvinoff 2018-02-15

Some ads autoplay with sound, even when the app volume is turned off and phone is on do not disturb. That is unacceptable for any app, and takes away from what is otherwise decent game. The inability to save midway through a puzzle is a downside too - you have to complete the full puzzle in one session.
D B 2018-01-14

The clue list is often unresponsive to touch. I have to try pressing the clue 3 or 4 times before it checks off. It slows down the pace of the game and is frustrating to use. Also, create a pack to buy all current and future puzzles. I won\'t buy dlc piecemeal.
Julia NOYB 2018-10-05

Slang Australian, Scottish, British, Etc... words?? SERIOUSLY?? Not challenging AT ALL seeing how there are too many nonsense words that can be created. Why can\'t there be an \"American Only\" option?? \"British Only\"??, etc.... Needs a list of words that you\'ve already created. Absolutely fun concept! Just not good enough to earn more than 2 stars. Also, it force closes a LOT.
Saran Ekambaram 2020-07-05

Great game, but the UI is not scaled correct. The entire bottom row of the UI is cut off and and I can see parts of it but not all of it..I will change the review once they address this.
You know more than me, but, 2018-11-20

Nice concept, but the execution needs a lot of work. The player should be able, should they choose, to keep playing the level after they have finished the letter goal to see if they can find more words, and along with this I feel I should be able to access a list of the words I have found so far in each level. You could implement leaderboards with this change, if you wanted to. The browser that opens to show definitions is broken, and can\'t be exited from without considerable frustration, or by restarting the application. Tl;dr: Nice concept, fix it.
A Google user 2018-01-06

My New favourite word game- it\'s only the fourth word game I enjoy. Seriously fresh among a dozen of copies of the same cookie crossword concept (it\'s a good concept but I\'m tired of seeing so many copies of one word game concept). There are very few original word games but this one is it.. and dozens of packs to purchase at leisure.