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Description of U.S. Bank ReliaCard

Exclusively for use with your U.S. Bank ReliaCard®.

The U.S. Bank ReliaCard Mobile App delivers what mobile banking should be. Get more done with an enhanced experience, easier navigation, and help when you need it.

Fast and secure login.

• Simple log in using your unique username and password.

• Use your biometric info for a more convenient login experience.

• Don’t have a bank account? Enrolling is easy in the mobile banking app.

Simple account dashboard.

• Quickly view your card account balance.

• View recent transaction details with just a tap.

• Access commonly used features from the quick-action menu.

Helpful insights.

• Budgeting & spend tracking – review monthly statements and enhanced transaction details.

• Security & control – receive alerts on charges, low balances and real-time purchase notifications.

Secure card control.

• Activate your card, change your PIN, report a lost or stolen card or order a new card within the app.

• Get customized alerts on loads, purchases, new card mailings, and more.

Help when you need it.

• Explore the Help Center for answers to commonly asked questions.

The Fine Print:

U.S. Bank is committed to protecting your privacy and security. View our privacy pledge at usbank.com/privacy.

© 2020 U.S. Bank. Member FDIC.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:7.1.21 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:U.S. Bank Mobile

User Reviews


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Asia Burciago 2020-12-25

This app was great till the recent update.. Now I can\'t even log in or anything. It acts like my password is wrong after I changed my password. Sometimes it won\'t even process my username and password login so it\'ll just deleted my info I type, not even telling me if I got it incorrectly typed or anything. And when you do get to login, it\'s requesting for my phone number and when I get a code to verify, it doesn\'t allow me to input the code. It starts all over again! Sending multi useless codes
Derek Seely 2020-10-09

App is as basic and featureless as any I\'ve used but it serves it\'s purpose. The real problem is with their \"fraud protection\" attempts and the ability to make an account \"inactive\" until you jump through hoops to send in every government document/tax statement/utility bill and blood of first born to reactivate it. Even then it takes 5-10 business days!? You have all of that info when I signed up for the assistance, no? And the fact I can\'t just talk to a rep and clear it up is absurd.
Some Chick 2021-01-23

Update Made the App Unuseable. It reminds me of trying to get online using Windows 3.1 and a 28k hardware modem. Jump through a bunch of hoops repeatedly, get a connection, wait forever, page loads, and then the text-based browser (app in this case) gives me a vague error message: \"Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later.\" As others have stated, there\'s no point. I refuse to get charged for teller transactions because of this. Please fix this ASAP.
Me_TJ_&_MrB 2020-11-03

Has improved quite a bit since the last update. I used to have trouble logging in. It would say it didn\'t recognize my password or my username. I would just go online and log in that way, but then I had to wait on security codes. I got less and less where I would use my card and instead would just draw my money out and carry cash. Thankfully all those issues are gone now and there are even more helpful uses for the app. If you haven\'t used it in a while try it again. It\'s worth a 2nd look.
Mary McCord 2021-01-17

I agree with many of the users of this app. It sucks. Before they updated the app I had NO problems. Now I can\'t login with my appropriate info. Also, I get notifications in Spanish which I am not; I am English speaking. Also, you could see your balance without logging in. I even uninstalled the app and restarted my phone. 0 results. Very frustrating!!!
Robert Hepler 2020-12-20

Was easy to use up to the point of the last update. It deleted my finger print and saved password. I have tried 4 times to reset my password through email and using code provided... Once it asks for a new password and re- enter, i do so, they match and has needed characters, submit and comes up error. This happened 4 times in a row, using 4 requests and email codes. Very upset. This app made it easy to track balances. 😣
A. Shay SCOTT 2020-11-04

Easy to navigate. Simple and easy for anyone to use. They give you the option for text or email alerts. Was 5 🌟 now 1. I disputed some charges made from my card. They froze my account, sent me a new card which I can\'t use or activate. Have faxed all documents twice now and upload ID and selfie. It\'s been going on a month now haven\'t been able to access my money. Don\'t have electricity and fixing to have no water. Tells me it\'s going to be at least 90 days.
Frederick Bostain 2020-12-29

It\'s been a pleasure to use this app. It\'s worked great everytime. The updates don\'t take long and I haven\'t had an issues. The above was before the update. They\'ve gone completely in the other direction. I haven\'t been able to use my card in the last seven days. I can\'t look online due to it won\'t let me. I\'ve talked to five different associates and it\'s still not right. See Asia Burciago post
joel dycus 2021-01-20

If I could rate this negative I would. Worked fine 2 weeks ago (even though it says Dec 8th BS!) but a stealth update screwed it all up. Icon changed, info lost. Try to log in with credentials I KNOW are correct. Works sometimes, sometimes not BUT when it DOES work it wants me to \"register my device\" on the website. Red flag to me but I\'ll bite. So I type in credentials and they NEVER work. Even when they work in the app they don\'t work on the website. Even when I use copy and paste. SCAM!
Mar C 2020-10-20

It\'s a decent application. I only have one issue when with the app on Android devices and it\'s nit picky but important enough for me to bring up. In the beginning when I downloaded the app and began using it, I could not find the Logout button/toggle, etc, so I would back out of the application using the back button on my device. I didn\'t like it but did what I had to do. I only learned where the button was when I used an IOS (Apple) device. On Android devices you can barely see it. Easy fix!