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Description of uBank by Unibank

Manage your bank products:

• Real-time information about cards, accounts, loans, deposits

• Add cards of other banks

• Order a card with delivery to your address

• Order and instantly receive a Digital Card right in the app

• Statements on cards and accounts

Payments and transfers:

• Utility bills

• Government payments

• Unibank loan payments

• Loan payments of other local banks

• Transfers to Unibank cards/accounts

• Transfers to cards of other local banks

• Fast Money Transfers

• Creating templates for payments and transfers

• Car payments and car transfers

Additional Information:

• Operations history

• Card transaction notifications

• Location of branches, ATMs, payment terminals

• Currency rates

• Currency converter

• Live chat with representatives of the Bank

Bonuses are issued for the following types of operations:

• Making payments and quick money transfers

• Connect to u’Walk

• Invite friends

Earned bonuses can be exchanged for free coupons in partner networks

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More Information Of uBank by Unibank

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-23 Developer:Unibank CB

User Reviews


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Aydin Salmanli 2020-10-05

Garbage I tried to order Albalı card. Thanks to your app I paid 20 azn instead of 10. Never got my money back even after calling support. App never shows any notification and I never get any messages about my account. (OTPs work fine) Recently, all of a sudden the app started showing warning that I have a malware on my phone. It doesn\'t let me see my account. Total garbage.
Matlab Gurbanli 2019-11-15

New feature UWalk is awesome. You can exchange bonuses which you collect by just walking(!) for good rewards. Completely free
Ulvi Shukurzade 2021-01-23

You cant even change or reset your password. I am asked to travel back to azerbaijan just to reset my password. What an innovative mobile banking app. Edit: unfortunately it is not possible to reply to developer here. İ have already done that. They asked me to call hotline. Andd more importantly, it does not change the fact that, your app is not able to change account password. Ou you can do everything from home with one touch! What about password reset? Noppeee. Not possible. Absurdly funny :)
Tair Abdullayev 2020-11-17

Was working normally for 2 years and then recently stopped working with the message: \"Registration failed. Device has malware (root)\". Yeah, I know that my telephone is rooted, I did it myself to be able to make backups of my data. Why was your program working on my ROOTed phone for for 2 years and then you decided that you don\'t want it to work anymore? Garbage. I\'ll switch to Kapital bank after my card will expire. Their application is working without problems with rooted phones. I guess they don\'t rely on the telephone being rooted or not in their security department and use more advanced methods. I have to use my wife\'s phone for now and ask her every time when I need to access to your app. What a great and SECURE way to use it. P.S. There are no \"fake\" software on my phone. The root was _officially_ unlocked through HTC web site. The only thing fake here is the fake sense of security you trying to instill by using those primitive methods. Have been client of your bank for many years, I guess it\'s time to move on.
Nicat Həsənov 2020-12-10

The error has been eliminated. App is working great. But I would like to be able to change my phone number from the software without calling the bank.
Jomard Rustamli 2019-01-16

Bu kompaniya ən pis reklam bacarığına malik şirkətdir. Votsap səsli mesajı vasitəsi ilə havanın soyumasından istifadə edərək insanları onların mobil applikasiyasından istifadə etməsi üçün manipulyasiya edirlər. Yol verilməz haldı. Sizə olan inam və etibarımı öldürdü bu mesaj.
Turxan Badalov 2020-06-21

First of all thank you for the application! I appreciate your effort to make it better as well. However, I wold like to invite you to rethink the concept and the purpose of the application to make it really useful for users for reach experience. Honestly, right now it feels like a social network app which is really distracting and annoying at some moments. I would recommend to remove or adjust those tiny elements (like story-like icons) to make it feel less like a social network. Thanks!
Nuran Rajabli 2020-10-07

I used to use it without any significant problem, at least was accessing without any issues. But recently I could not and do not know why, though using same phone same app and keeping the phone secure and clean. Error message shows - registration denied , malware in the phone ..
Parviz A. 2018-12-01

Great work by Unibank. Hope this digitalisation trend spreads to other banks.
Muzaffar Abasov 2020-07-03

Works properly. Stable, reliable, fast, nice design.