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Uber Eats Orders



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Description of Uber Eats Orders

Looking to order now? Find Uber Eats here: https://jme7v.app.goo.gl/u4Fw

Manage orders for your business on any device.

This app allows you to manage your business’s orders on Uber Eats in a single, centralized place. Whether you’d rather have a single device in your store or an app that all your staff can use on their own phones, Uber Eats Orders flexes to fit your unique needs! Here’s everything the app offers:

• Device flexibility. Run the app on any combination of tablets and mobile phones.

• Realtime syncing. Run the app on multiple devices at the same time, all your staff will be able to see and manage orders with no duplicates or missed orders.

• Control in the palm of your hand. Can’t be at your store all the time? No problem! The app lets you cancel orders, mark items out of stock, and turn your delivery capabilities off and on from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

• Order monitoring. You’ll be able to get notifications for each new, in progress, canceled, and delivered order.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:30.42.10000 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Uber Technologies, Inc.

User Reviews


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Awesome Rob 2020-09-23

Really hope you guys get better after acquiring Postmates. Their app is terrible. Both them and GH absolutely rely on data and GPS. Without those, the apps don\'t function. Seems this app sucks also. My account is there but sign-in says I\'ve stopped sms so I can\'t drive. I enable sms but the app sign-in still says I have disabled sms.
Lisette Carballo 2020-10-22

I\'ve been trying to log in and is impossible. It loads and it doesn\'t even changes the login screen. I have erease the app and install it again and nothing changes. How am I supposed to work without it? Is there anything that Im doing wrong or it is just a bad app?
Chamika Perera 2020-07-08

After opening app and log on to the account from mobile cant use any other app on the phone. If we do that notification not showing. Always have to open the app screen and when the display off again it will not giving notification . Cant you develop as a always running application which is running in the background and showing notification as high priority .
F.Fazeeha Firaz 2021-01-07

I don\'t get notifications for new orders. Missed couple of orders too. I can\'t be on the app 24/7, since I use it in my phone. I need to open other apps too. When I contacted the manager of my account, was asked to update. But no updates available.
Shahzad Anwaar 2020-12-05

Hi we are using UBER eats for restaurant business. i buy Epson M30 printer that also mention in your app. but i didn\'t show on app when its connected with Bluetooth. and even if i turns off the bluetooth and press search printer button on tab it keep searching and never mentioned that bluetooth not On. and if given email address not for help then remove from play store
Chinburn\'s Ripoff Recordings 2020-09-08

This app was better when they did not include tips into the offers. Now you must wait only for orders above $10 to make any money driving off this app, I used to make $20 a delivery when I started, now it is $3 plus whatever tip might be added on. I rarely accept any orders from here now, as mostly short runs to campus, which I try to avoid, since they never wear masks. Not worth the risk to my life to drive for this company
Nesar Alom 2020-06-11

Needs alot of improvements. Options to add customer offers ie. 20% off 10%off during quiter times to drive more orders. Option to add delivery area Options to adjust delivery fees There should be 2 list one for new orders 2nd list for order in delivery. Also when delivery is Finnished there should be a button to confirm order delivered and moved from on its way to dilvered. Please add these features like just eat have
Ang Gee 2020-03-31

Will NOT OPEN!! I can\'t even order from here!! During this Coronavirus -ish!! RIDICULOUS...off I go to an app that works :/
Petiry sipenuk Nithan 2020-08-19

Horrible, ever since I\'ve downloaded this app and tried to log in/sign up, it\'s been making my phone really slow. Never downloading again...
Leslie Weiner 2020-11-13

I am trying to sign up for Uber Eats delivery but the app takes me in circles! No place for the info and all info was originally given for Uber Driver!