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Description of Ultimate Cribbage: Card Board

How fast can you become the Ultimate Cribbage Pro? Test your card skills against increasingly difficulties and reach 121 points before your opponent!

Whether you are a Cribbage pro or an absolute beginner, Ultimate Cribbage will scratch that classic card game itch.

• Beautiful & intuitive. Easy to read cards and suitable for all ages & skill levels.

• Multiple difficulty levels! Can you become the next Cribbage Board Master?

• Cribbage Newbie? Automatic scorekeeping will help you learn the best card strategies to maximize your hand & crib points.

• Cribbage Pro? Play it the classic way and count points manually. Keep that brain sharp!

• Detailed crib, hand, and play score breakdowns every round.

• Choose between Classic Cribbage, Muggins, and Shotgun Cribbage variants.

• Ace our daily challenge for in-game rewards.

Enjoy the classic card game that friends, family and grandpas have been enjoying for decades! Install Ultimate Cribbage today!

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:2.6.6 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:WildCard Games

User Reviews


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Maine Coon Zivah Diva 2021-01-29

Love the game, and I understand about needing Ads, But after every hand? Then it goes to a page and freezes, like several times, per game? I don\'t mind buying an app, but, I buy the software, not monthly subscriptions. If they sold the game, I\'d buy it, I have a purchased cribbage game on my computers. I refuse to pay endlessly for a game or anything, I\'ll instead, purchase the program, not the app. Paying $5.99 USD weekly or monthly, is absurd.
Christina Doerksen 2021-01-16

I\'ve had this app for at least a year, no complaints. However, I don\'t know what happened over the last weeks, but I went to play today and there was an add after every hand, a huge amazon banner across the top of the screen, I couldn\'t read what was going on on the top of the screen, it was ridiculous. I mean holy fak I get that you need to make money but that was ridiculous, took me forever to get through the game, I deleted the game, seriously need to reconsider the adds. So dissapointed.
Graham Walters 2020-12-14

This game cheats like nothing else, you may win in bronze mode, but in silver it is nearly impossible. While you can emulate the scores in cribbage, it seems you cannot emulate the fact that the pack is never shuffled, prior to dealing, the pack is cut by the dealer, then by the non dealer, before being dealt. When I was taught cribbage an Ace was worth 1 or 11. Oh and the ads are a PIA, after every hand? Please, just too much. I uninstalling
Amanda Yee 2020-11-23

The interface and graphics are great. I understand that ads are necessary in a free game and wouldn\'t mind them between rounds, but forcing me to watch ads between hands ruins my experience. Honestly, with the barrage of ads mid game it\'s just not worth it. Edit: like I said, I understand ads allow games to be available for free and I have no problem with the ads, it\'s the placement of the ads that is frustrating. I\'d rather support an app with devs with reading comprehension skills.
Leanne Morrissey 2020-12-12

DO NOT BUY THE NO ADDS IT IS A LIE.I bought the in app no add took them 2 weeks to get back to me on why I was still having to watch the many many many many adds. And the lie of the no adds is just that a lie. They only remove the adds inbetween each and every game. STILL HAVE TO WATCH THE M MORE ADDS. to get the rest of the game. Not worth it. Waý to many adds and even upgrading will not remove the adds. I tried to play for 2 weeks but had to delet game way to many adds. Some inappropriat ads
Anne Henry 2020-11-04

I\'ve been here before, it\'s a good enough game as long as you don\'t mind the AI getting cards that match yours and the turned card perfectly hand after hand after hand while you fight for every point, it\'s a fun game. I\'m done though, sick and tired of being stuck in bronze level, despite what\'s in the FAQ, there is no advancement w/o paying; sucks any fun right out of it. Gave it a 2nd try, even worse on silver, giving AI better hands doesn\'t up the challenge, it\'s just a turn off and a cheat.
Liam Carroll 2021-01-03

The game is cribbage, nothing wrong with that. The reason its not a 5* is the ads. After every single hand there is an ad and most are not skippable. Also is the notification to play the game necessary whilst every single ad is playing? These things combined are infuriating. This is probably enough for me to uninstall shortly.
Crystal Zimmerman 2020-09-29

I have had this game for a while, and used to love it! I hadn\'t played in a couple months, saw there was a recent update and started playing again. There used to be ads between each game, now there are adds between every turn, ads across the top, and ads immediately after opening the app. Plus, after the ads play, the game freezes almost every time. Disappointing at best....
Shari Diemert 2021-01-04

Great game when installed. Then came the ads...... Banner ads, ads for a boost(understandable) and now ads after EVERY hand.... Not game but every hand... Too annoyed with having to wait for a commercial break every hand to warrant this game more than 2 stars.. 1 star for the challenges and 1 star because i love crib.... Nothing else
Peter M 2021-02-23

The game play is great. Well designed, nice interface. But adds after every hand? That is too frustrating. The ads have an x that takes you to the play store. Going back a screen gives you a different ad. First time I thought it was a glitch, second time it was annoying, third time closed the app and uninstalled.