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Daily Interesting, Informative and Weird Random Facts!

“Habits are powerful factors in our lives. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character and produce our effectiveness … or ineffectiveness” — 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

We all want to have good habits, but they are hard to gain. Often, we find ourselves struggling to stick to a plan we make and, let’s face it, give up at the end. And when it comes to learning, things get even harder…

So this is where Ultimate Facts comes in.

Ultimate Facts helps you learn something new and interesting every day by showing you random facts when you unlock your phone. Just set your preferences, like when and how many facts you want to learn, and leave the rest to Ultimate Facts. You will soon be building up your learning habit.

Ultimate Facts has hundreds of interesting facts in it and each of them is hand-picked, verified, pictured and reviewed by a team of professional editors. Besides, every fact has a detailed explanation and a source link for you to gain insight and learn more.

In this app, you will find cool fun facts, not only interesting but also informative, that you will like to learn. You can go with a specific topic, or just let the app present random facts to you. Besides, you are not limited to lock screen fact reminders; you can always enjoy reading all the interesting facts. And if you like one of them, you can bookmark it to have a look later on, and share it with your friends.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, is then, not an act, but a habit” says Aristotle. So isn’t it the time you began building your learning habit? Ultimate Facts is here to help you out…

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User Reviews


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Sajoie Samuel 2020-09-06

I like this app a lot. The information shared is really useful and valid. There is only one drawback of this app. Whenever I open the app to read some facts in my free time, the app always starts from the same fact everyday. I have to scroll down hundreds of pages to view a new fact. I had raised this issue as an email too. But got no response. Please look into this matter.
A. Wolf 2020-06-02

I love this app and just installed their Ultimate Quotes app because I like this one so much. Best two things about both: 1. Ads aren\'t intrusive. They\'re just at the bottom of the screen. 2. You don\'t have to create an account or enter personal info. The facts are 1-3 sentences and you can bookmark them. There\'s a button at the bottom to learn more and when you click on that, you get a little more info, plus there\'s another button that will link to the full article. Thanks for such a great app!
Bridget O\'Reilley Matthews 2020-08-27

What a great app! A positive feeling experience. I enjoy reading about the various topics. I often click on \"go to the source\" which allows me to learn more facts of a particular subject. It pops up randomly but does not seem Intrusive. If I\'m busy with something, I simply click out of it. The information will reappear later.. so you don\'t feel like you\'re missing anything. Once you click it open and read it.. then the app will cycle to the next fact. I really enjoy it... and recommend!
Ricardo Lopez 2020-07-27

Great learning tool! I love learning new facts everyday. Great app in general. The one observation I would make is that it would be great if when you tap \"Learn More\" it would take you to the extended fact in the app, instead of the general app home, where then you have to scroll to find the fact you just tapped. Hopefully this feature would appear in a future update.
A Google user 2021-02-07

I really like this app, but there should be a \"report\" feature. For the second time I\'ve found a mistake on the condensed version, although it does get corrected after going further with \"learn more\" it\'s still a problem. This time the mistake is about the size of the smallest bone in the body aka stable bone being (mistake) 11\" or 28 cm long when it\'s 28mm.
tichayn lerock 2019-11-20

When I select only topics i wish to see facts for, it keeps going back and rechecking topics that i had deselected. This is very disconcerting!
Lena Ann 2020-07-26

I personally love this app. It\'s not annoying or in the way. I can just press \"Got it\" after reading and continue on with my Dad unless I go into the app. Unlike other apps like this where they will send a barge of notifications hinting at facts you may like. I really enjoy waking up, and seeing a fact everyday (or multiple depending on how I use my phone.) In a relaxing way. Plus the facts are all interesting! Today I learned about a pigeon that saved an army! I love this app!
Cam Eron 2020-10-20

By far one of the best \'educational\' apps I have had the pleasure of using. Full of great, random facts (which can be easily corroborated at the touch of a button) and refreshingly ad-minimal that I am seriously considering getting the lifetime version of it to support the work of those who have compiled and put it all together. (I\'d give it a 11 out of 10 if it weren\'t for the very minor display issues with some names containing non-English alphabet characters). Keep up the great work folks!
Clay Call 2020-09-27

Dude I LOVE this app!!! I take screen shots constantly before I press the GOT IT button which will make way for the next awesome interesting, entertaining and informative fact. I share these facts with all my friends, only the cool ones appreciate them lol. I love the LEARN MORE option on the ones I am super interested in. It\'s like these facts are endless!!!! I have never upgraded but am thinking about it. Even if you don\'t it\'s a motherflipping Grrrreat app to have
Diana Rodwell-Allen 2021-01-08

Great app.lots of diverse and interesting info. I\'ve always been a person who is interested in bits and pieces of different kinds of info. this app certainly does deliver. You receive daily, easy to read facts on every subject imaginable. Great graphics. You can also control how many facts a day you want to receive. Any one who wants to be more informed will love this app. Give it a try for a few days and you will be hooked.