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Description of Ultimate Fishing Simulator

12 real fishing locations in a realistic graphic setting

6 cities from different countries, Warsaw, Paris, Hamburg, New York, Ottawa and more

A wide selection of fishing tackle and equipment

Many species of fish

Fishing activities

Fishing tournaments

For Android 8.x (Black screen problem) set permissions:

Settings -> Apps -> Ultimate Fishing Simulator -> Permissions - > Switch on all permission

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More Information Of Ultimate Fishing Simulator

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:2.34 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:PlayWay SA

User Reviews


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Brad Parker 2020-09-02

Enjoying it despite some imperfections. My views are summarised as below Pros: Feels more like real fishing compared to some other all-action simulators. Graphics and scenery are beautiful. Bigger fish take line before being subdued Flashes and shadows beneath water are a brilliant touch, adding to excitement. Cons: Fish appearance. Some look real, others like rubber models. Relative fish size in post-catch pictures – One of the great thrills of fishing is to look at your catch, observing its relative size. For instance, a 3kg and 30kg catfish, while being immensely different in the fight, look much the same in the post-catch picture. Small fish flying out of the water and fluttering in the breeze as though they were weightless. The bizarre body roll-motion fish do on retrieval. It just does not look real. - Take it from me, I\'ve landed a few fish in the real world and I\'ve never seen one doing this. The Irritating bouncing pyramid – wish one could turn it off. Related to the previous point – fish movement does not appear anywhere as ridiculous if the bouncing pyramid is not there. The apparently expansive waterways that turn out to be not expansive at all. If you can walk there or a boat can get there, surely you should be able to cast in all directions. To the developers, please consider my critique as being constructive. I’ve focused on areas for improvement, and could easily have listed many more good points. There is a great deal to be proud of with where the simulator is at this time, and it is still and indeed the Ultimate Fishing Simulator…. PS1 - Struggling with the tasks? Changing bait/lure/location is the key.... PS2: In truth, it\'s not a \"game\" as such, it\'s a simulator. There is a difference... PS3: Fishing is an activity requiring strategy, endurance and patience. In real-world fishing, success is hardly ever easy and the tasks do a good job at modelling this aspect. If you are impatiently expecting progress without really putting in some effort, this game and fishing in general is not for you….
Anon ymous 2020-06-11

So close to being perfect but it\'s thrown out by the stupidest decisions I\'ve seen in games. For one, the bait does nothing, but let\'s chalk that up as realism. Secondly, the big issue. You spend 20 minutes on the stupid tedious missions in areas where that fish hardly appears, then it just gets thrown directly out the window. There\'s so many other games I could be playing that I\'ll get something more than \"tough 5h1t\" after 20 MINUTES. In fact, it\'s a nice reminder I have time for better games.
DMminion Tech 2019-01-27

This game is actually really relaxing and fun at the same time. There are a couple of things that would make it better in my opinion, like when you are reeling a spinner bait and a fish bites, sometimes it doesn\'t register the pull to hook the fish because you were still reeling the lure.. But that is minor considering how good this game is.. The only reason I didn\'t give 5 stars is because I don\'t have $5 or credit to get rid of those annoying adds that pop up everytime you switch screens..
Smokeyy Joe 2020-05-24

This game is awesome and is just what I have looked for in a fishing game, realistic, easy to navigate and play and as long as the cost of items does not increase then I will be happy to continue purchasing extra items as they are affordable which makes playing this game all the more brilliant and even better than that is the fact that the adverts are pretty minimal ... bonus !! I love this game Please do not change the pricing or ads and im sure this game will exceed the competitors vastly !
alidmonkey 2018-11-08

Irritating.. gameplay is ok unless you get stuck trying to figure out a magic float hook bait combination for a target species.. reeling is annoying af.. and items are a bit overpriced. Overall, it\'s an ok simulator that tries hard for realism and fails miserably.
FervantJam 2020-10-29

Fun game, the controls are easy enough to master but reeling is liable to give you carpal tunnel. You get a 40 pound Pike on the line and you\'re fighting it for 10 minutes your thumb starts to cramp up. The gameplay gets a little monotonous. Basically the same challenges at every lake or river only being altered by the type of species you have to catch. The 20 grand fish sonar is useless. Shows you fish type, size, and location but changes every time you tap the same spot which makes no sense.
A Google user 2018-12-12

Very cool. You catch fish sell for coins to buy lures or other equipment. I have not figured out how to do a tournament that is why 8 gave a 4 star. The game has a lot more control like you would actually be fishing compared to others I have tried. Love it. Give it a try
Brandon Lindgren 2020-04-20

Good game in all but the update they did since i last played is not all that good you used to be able to play tourniments but they seem to have taken that out that was one of the best parts they also took out the level requirement for the equipment it kinda takes away things to strive for they also need to make casting a little more difficult. But with that being said this is the best fishing game that I\'ve played and even with the flaws i look forward to updates.
Edward Miller 2020-01-26

love the game. The save problem has been fixed I think but I feel as though I am being cheated. I am playing America and have to catch bass. The issue is that after months and months there is NEVER enough bass to win. I either dont catch any or I get all but 1 or 2 and then cant catch another till time rins out. So what\'s really going on? Why am I (and probably other playrrs) getting screwed? Love the game bu this makes me want to just uninstall. If this keeps up and IS NOT fixed I will change
EViLEMO 2019-10-22

Very bad and sad experience, this would be the 3rd time I start over on this game and it has been linked to google and facebook every time so Im done now I will be removing it after this post your wasting my time, every time I get a new phone all my progress is lost but the rest of you enjou it its a nice game just dont remove the game from your phone you will lose your boats, rods and everything else youve bought.