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Description of Umpqua Bank Mobile Banking

Umpqua Bank’s Mobile Banking app connects you to your personal checking, savings and mortgage accounts. Access all the features of online banking, plus tools specific to app such as mobile check deposit and Fingerprint Login.

Key features include:

• Securely send and receive money with Zelle® using a mobile number or email address¹

• Log in with Fingerprint Login

• Check account balances and search transactions

• Pay bills and deposit checks

• Transfer money between your internal and external accounts

• Set up balance and activity alerts

• Find your nearest Umpqua store or ATM

Are you an Umpqua business banking customer?

Search for our Umpqua Biz Mobile app, created to work with Business Online Banking.

Have questions or feedback?

Contact us at 866-4UMPQUA (866-486-7782) or CustomerService@UmpquaBank.com.

Your mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply.

¹ Email and mobile payments require enrollment and must be made from an Umpqua Bank consumer checking account to a domestic bank account. Recipients have 14 days to enroll to receive money or the payment will be cancelled. Dollar and frequency limits apply.

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More Information Of Umpqua Bank Mobile Banking

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.7.22 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Umpqua Bank

User Reviews


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Nick Vellios 2020-04-16

App and website are both super buggy. You never know what you\'re going to get when logging in. One day it says your password isn\'t correct (it is), another day it says your accounts have been closed (they have not) and other times it just times out when trying to login. Worst mobile banking experience of my life. We are about ready to switch back to B of A. So sick of it.

This is the worst banking app I\'ve ever had to deal with. It is tedious & clunky especially if you make any kind of minor input mistake. The biometric identification shuts you down immediately if it doesn\'t read the print right. This has happened on all three of my devices. It\'s tech support folks are nice but front line is poorly trained. I love the bank otherwise but this part of it sucks.
Javier Mendoza 2020-03-28

This app is the worst for checking money status. It\'s the most delayed and need a major overhaul. It takes me a while to get to the section where I can make a deposit with my camera. It\'s very confusing. Been seriously thinking about switching banks! (P.S. you have no one to help on the phones when I get off work in the evenings and weekends...)
Patrick A 2018-11-02

Just like everyone else has said, the update ruined this app and your R&D department should actually make sure their updates, you know, ACTUALLY WORK.
Scott W 2020-04-06

Worthless for mobile banking, installed this app to limit exposure during coronavirus pandemic, cannot make mobile deposits, unable to read routing code on check after 12 tries with 2 different payroll checks, gives error code \"cannot read try refocusing\", yet image shown is clear, the \"terms of service\" are insane some 50,000+ words that no normal human could comprehend when you install app, all from the \"greatest bank in the world\" , very disappointed and frustrated, waist of time and effort
Tiffany Petersen 2020-09-23

Giving this app a one star because, 9/23/20 update the app is still stuck on an infinite loading screen when i try to log in then it tells me my connection is too slow(itsnot)but its gonna keep trying then i get a network server error i have tried using my phones data, 2g wifi and 5g wifi uninstalling and reinstalling nothing seems to work and I use this app to deposit my checks. Id really like to be able to use my own banking app but this recent update is awful. Hope this app gets fixed soon!!
vanessa driver 2020-10-07

Used to work great. Ever since the latest update it rarely works. Tells me loading is taking longer than expected and that it cant connect to the server, even though all my other apps still work just fine. Super frustrating!! I used to do all my banking online but now that will have to change I guess.
Tamara Ross 2019-05-13

I love being able to access my accounts as well as mine and my sons joint account all on 1 screen almost anytime. And being able to transfer money to my sons account instantly haa come in handy quite a bit. I have had a few unpleasenr experiences but customer s e rvices has always bern able to help me dix any problems ive had.!
Epiphany Laws 2019-11-11

App doesnt work 90% of the time. Fingerprint log in is accepted and then it returns me back to log in screen with no message. Tried up 10 times in a row. Or screen never stops \"loading.\" Same with username. Occassionally will get some server error message. Dont like using browser because it always requests 3 different confirmations no matter how many times you choose the \"remember me\" option. Should not have to deal with this much bs to see my bank account.
Skip Russell 2020-02-03

I\'ve had a lot of trouble logging on. App used to be great, but massive amount of problems the last 6 months. Money transfer is slow, sometimes almost a week. My other bank is immediate. Umpqua itself is still good, but the app is almost useless.