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Description of UNest: Investing for your Kids

UNest is the money app for your kids' future. You can easily save, invest, receive unlimited gifts from friends and family, and earn more money into your child's account when you shop with the brands you love. Sign up in just five minutes and get peace of mind about your kids' future. Join the UNest community today!


Easy Setup - It takes only 5 minutes to set up your account!

Tax-Free Growth: Up to $2,100 of tax benefits every year on the earnings in your account. The first $1,050 in earnings are tax-free. The next $1,050 is taxable at the child's tax rate

Gifting - Easily receive unlimited gifts from family and friend into your child's account

UNest Rewards - Receive extra money when you shop with the brands you love

UNest Learn - All your money questions answered

Investment Options - Choose from five unique, advisor-guided investment options suited to your needs, including age-based portfolios

Low-Cost Funds - Low fee investment options with expense ratios ranging from 0.030% - 0.10% per year

Flexibility - Use the money for anything child-related and zero penalty for early withdrawals

Control - Guardrails to control how the money is invested and spent until the child becomes an adult

Easy tracking - Adjust your monthly contribution anytime, track your projected growth, and see the asset allocation for your account

Simple and Fast - View account balance, change contributions, and manage transactions with the touch of a button

Low Minimums – Start investing with as little as $25/month. Options for every budget

Secure - Bank-level security and the strongest encryption to keep your sensitive financial data safe


Traditional financial advisors often charge sales commissions and annual fees that eat into your earnings. That can add up to thousands of dollars lost over time. UNest membership is simple, affordable and transparent $2.99/month per account. We also offer a family plan and $5.98/month for families with up to five kids.


The performance results for UNest investment account is based, in part, upon certain hypothetical assumptions which have been compiled by UNest. Hypothetical [Model] performance results may have inherent limitations, some of which are described below. No representation is being made that an investment account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently significant differences between model or forward-looking projections and performance results subsequently achieved by following a particular strategy. These returns should not be considered as indicative of the skills of the investment adviser. Investments in the investment account involve risk including the loss of principal.


*Other investment charges may apply. Please refer to the Program Description for more details: https://unest.co/advisoragreement/

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User Reviews


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Shana Broussard 2021-01-24

So I downloaded this app to start saving for my son. My 1st deposit was made and I was able to open the app to see the amount. Then a few days later I now receive an error saying the app is no longer supported and it needs to be updated. Yet Google Play shows no update available. I sent an email to support regarding the issue. I did receive an email saying it would escalated but I\'ve yet to receive a response nor do I have access to the app! Either fix it or give me my money back!
Colin Edwin 2021-02-26

Been with them for 8 months. They\'ve invested 3 months but collected their fee every month. They take weeks to respond with solutions that don\'t happen. Garbage company and we\'re going elsewhere. Positive reviews have to be fake. Every month it shows a pending withdrawal AND I get a trade confirmation email. Every month, no money is invested. Also when you click the emails to see statements and trade confirmation it takes you to the app with none of this information.
Brian Makaya 2021-01-22

30% of the time, Unest app cannot connect to the server. Today , Jan 21, 2021, the app errors with \"This version of the application is no longer supported\". So I uninstalled the app and reinstall stalled the app to no avail. I have a Samsung S20 plus. The latest and greatest Samsung phone to date.
William Rice 2021-02-23

I have been unable to access the app. I have emailed support and called with no success. This will remain a 1 star till I get some help with this app.
Nikita K 2021-02-09

I\'ve been requesting assistance for over a month now by calling and emailing... phone message says to email. And email message says will respond within 2 business days..Have yet to receive a response and have sent numerous emails since early January. Has not allowed me to deposit money since December- I\'ve tried 5 times and it says to please allow 5 days... Yet no money has been deposited. Extremely frustrated
Jill Elligson 2020-07-21

I asked to cancel my account. I got an email asking to explain why and 2 separate times i did explain why and still asked to closed the account. Thinking it got closed looked at my bank this morning and they still pulled out the money causing my account to overdraft which not only cost me $30 more dollars, but i had to transfer money from another account costing me another $10.
tonie schnitzler 2021-02-09

Before this app, I had never heard of it, but this app is the easiest and most efficient way to start one. Makes saving money for your kids really easy!
Sabrina Bien-Aime 2021-02-04

Great app ! Good way of investing for your children. Saved nearly 3k within a year. Wonderful perks such as cash back rewards towards your investment with featured partners !
Tristy Hernandez 2021-03-08

very simple and easy to adjust the amount monthly. and most importantly gives me the estimated amount when I adjust to different amounts.
Earleen Jubyna 2020-12-09

This app is fantastic! I cant believe how much I have been able to save with Unesst. You get cash back rewards on purchases that go into your account, which help with saving further.